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Final exam

Channeler: Sheryl Pedersen

Q. Why are there so many challenges for us at this time? I feel lost and confused and disconnected from everyone. What is going on?

A. There are so many changes happening energetically that it would be difficult to describe all of what is going on so I will simplify this and say a LOT is going on with the spiritual energy surrounding every being and the earth itself. These changes are unlike anything that has happened within your recorded history which is why many call this a new phenomena.

In fact, it is not new, just new to you. This is part of an energetic shift that happens every 26,000 years and causes massive changes in the energy systems. Indeed this is not something new that is occurring, but something old that is repeating. The only difference being is that the change is occurring more rapidly that usual due to the energy work that so many have been doing to heal themselves and the planet called earth.

I come to you today with a sort of warning to help prepare you for what you know as coming days for the intensity of what you are now feeling may get stronger for a while before the energy becomes more familiar to you. It is like you have been plugged into a higher wattage of energy than you are used to and it is blowing some of your circuits, which are rapidly being repaired and you are being rewired so that you can hold this wattage. It is like going from being a 50 watt light bulb to being a 100 watt bulb. This is a big shift that is occurring because you are ready for this to happen.

If you are reading these words, you are one of the beings who are being rewired in this way. It may feel like the bottom has fallen out of your world for a while or you may feel like you are on top of the world or you may swing from one state into the other in an instant. This is only a symptom of the change that is occurring. It does not mean that anything is wrong, but that everything is right.

We know that many have felt disconnected for the past while, but this is a temporary disconnection and you will soon be hooked up again in a new and stronger way. For what you are experiencing my friends, is a merger with your own soul, what some of you call your higher self.

This is what ascension is, to be able to experience the world around you from the perspective of your soul, your higher self, your god self, your divine spark, or whatever term you choose to understand this process. You are reconnecting in a new way to that part of you that knows itself to be god, source, all that is. You are having this light energy fully anchored into your bodies at this time.

This process will be different for all of you and it is important to know that all that is not healed will come up for healing so do not feel that you are going backwards in your ascension process when you face a familiar problem, just know that it has come around once again so that you can heal the last remaining remnants before you fully let it go.

It is a cleansing of your soul and ego that is occurring, a finishing up of all the karma you are here to balance and lessons that you have come to learn. This is like going through your final exam before you graduate.

This process may be a challenge which can be eased by calling on your guides, angels and your avatars of healing to work with you. This will assist with a smooth transition to becoming the light beings that you really are. We walk with you and celebrate the important work that you are here to do at this time.

Just imagine how bright your world will become when you anchor in your own brilliance into your physical form and shine brightly. What a difference that will make to the planet. What a difference that will make to the world around you. What a difference that will make in your life.

Go through this time with grace and ease knowing that this indeed is the final exam for your soul during this incarnation on planet earth, and this is just the beginning of what will indeed be a splendid journey into a new life for each of you.

I am here to assist in any way I can. Feel free to call on me and I will send energy of love and healing to you all.

Blessings my friends.


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