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Ashtar & Quan Yin

Restructuring of Ascension Groups/waves is now done

Channeler: Beth Trutwin

Mark/Beth's Questions on Restructuring of groups: Nov 24, 2009

One of the concepts, about the recalibration of those ascending/not ascending, are three different groups:

"Go Alongs/Not Go Along/First Wavers/Second Wavers/Third Wavers."

Do we have a three zone process going on here?

What is the New structure? Are there 1,2,3,4 Groups?

Ones not going to Terra Nova: that will happen with the arrests, they are leaving, the 13 families are leaving, most if not all of the Royals are leaving.

Will there be a breaking off of the Crust of the planet, from the Terra Nova part, or will there just be a frequency barrier? They wouldn't be able to cross that.

Where will the groups that need more time in the illusion go? The citizens of Terra Nova and the other Earth; The Helpers and the Helpees--Helpers being the indigo children choosing with compassion to stay behind to help the others come up to speed--or will there be anomaly bubbles?

How long will it take?

You told us some weeks ago that the Watchers on 172D have restructured the Ascension Groups. Please tell us the current arrangements.

~Ashtar Answers:

The Ones Going with us are about 70% of Earth's population, about 4.7 Billion will join us in Terra Nova.

About 2.9 Billion will be 'walking in another dimension', on a different TimeLine.

Of those 2.9 Billion, half [1.4B] will be leaving immediately and permanently.

The other half, about 1.5 Billion, will have a chance to join the new timeline, within a period of time. After a certain point, the other timeline will be too advanced for them to join anymore.

The Other Dimension of Earth where these 2.9 Billion will go, will be an innerdimension of Earth and they will not know anything at all has changed. They will carry on life just as it was before.

About a Half Billion of those [Indigo-Crystals] will be called Helpers. Almost all voluntary helpers are Indigo-Crystal Children who will stay back in the innerdimension of Earth to help wake up as many of the other 1 Billion remaining behind as possible.

They will have a time period of current Earth years in the hundreds, but not the thousands, to join with us again.

This is a 4 Tier system:

1) Those darkhats leaving immediately to carry on at Herculobus, or leaving permanently to go beyond the void.

2) Those walking on the innerdimension of Earth that will stay there hundreds of years, about 1.5 Billion, they will never rejoin Terra Nova, but will go on to do their own thing.

3) Those who are helpers, with the potential to rejoin Earth, plus the one's who decide to wake up and go with them (between 0.5-1.5 Billion).

4) Those who decide to stay behind, after all, they will continue their path with those from Tier 2.

Remember! We have done this before. We have run these scenarios through the computers at the 172nd Dimension, and we are working with the Lords Most High Governors Council to retrieve this data. These numbers are changeable, but these are close estimates with little chance of changing much.

Every soul has been accounted for. Every soul has been reviewed and has been given a choice.

Every soul has been shown alternate choices and each one knows that their decisions are binding. We treat these souls with compassion and love which is beyond measure. Each One is a spark of the Divine and each one is considered in equal measure with the others.

~Quan Yin

It is at this time of profound Planetary change that I find my work the most challenging. I am on the Team of Galactic Workers who ministers to the Souls who have contemplated going or staying. They must weigh their ability to change and accept new ideas, as well as overcome the blocks in place by their programming. There is the whole range of individuals falling into this category.

There are affluent people who carry ignorance and prejudice in their heart. There are those living in war torn areas who have been treated as slaves. There are those who have less education and less self-love than needed. There are unfortunate ones addicted to substances or thoughts which block their growth.

I go out to the Earth daily as a Galactic advisor and overlight these souls as their options are weighed. This is a very tough job, because each soul is loved more than words can say. It can be heart breaking, but it is done from a place of neutrality.

I work with Anubis. Anubis weighs the soul {he has a balance scale and places a feather on one side and the soul on the other}, and in doing so, determines the options available in each individual case, and alternative choices are offered, when available. The utmost care is given to each case.

We ask that you view this part of Earth Ascension as something very necessary.

Mother Sekhmet works with her Team to see that each one of her children receives exactly what they need. This is the most equitable way to continue with Planetary, Universal, and Cosmic Ascension. The computers at the 172nd Dimension take in all the information to help determine the best outcome possible for All That Is.

Please continue to think of these Ones, in each Tier, and Bless Them as they continue down their next appointed path. Use Ho 'opono pono in every situation where it is helpful, to yourself, and to others.

Forgive all that has happened, and forgive YOUR reaction to these events.

Self-Love is the starting point for all Love, and loving detachment is a Divine Truth which all ascended Masters use as a Guide Light on their path. Love these dark ones even more.

Continue to weigh these Truths and raise your thoughts to a place of loving detachment.

Know the information and re-center your joy, your bliss, and your excitement in the imminent changes. Lift up your thoughts, for as you do this, you light the Path of Ascension and more and more and more will follow in your footsteps.


Quan Yin

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