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    The time "window" within which the 9.2 earthquake predicted to shake the Sierra Madre Occidental range in Mexico has passed. It is safe to say that such a Great Quake will not occur there now. Thus, many lives and injuries were spared, and loss of homes and other buildings averted. For this we can all be grateful, whether Mexicans, Americans, or citizens elsewhere in our world.

    An interesting additional development is the actual reason WHY the 9.2 Quake did not occur.

    It was not a matter of any shortage of great stress along Mexico's Western Sierra Madre. There was plenty. Rather, it was that tremendous seismic stress was alleviated by special helpers who worked with the stuck and stressed tectonic plates under the Sierra Madre Occidental there to "bleed off" the stress through a combination of  special intervention to increase the lubricity where the plates meet so that they slide past each other more smoothly, and a series of pressure-releasing, very-moderate-magnitude "mini-quakes" at the northern end of Mexico. The seismic pressure-releasing work done to avert the Great Quake was done by a combination of Altimarian and other Star Visitors at work, along with a work force of one of the Inner Earth Peoples.

    The Inner Earth race which was involved were the Oskgiliad (Osk-gil-iad). They work with the nervous system of Gaia, (Earth's grid of connective energy lines).

    Two Star Races were involved in helping. The first was a contingent from the 12 Altimarian environmental scientists volunteering here to work on environmental remediation of damage to Earth's ecosystems, including Tom, the Altimarians' Earth Specialist. The second star race helping were the Ogula. They are the Star Beings who are of a crystalline structure. It is my supposition that because of their crystalline structure they would both well understand the physics of tectonic plate rock, and would tolerate better the tremendous pressures of working at depth in the Earth.

    The 9.2 Quake was indeed originally going to happen, (around May 14). When my close associate Wendi relayed the warning she received from Star Nations about the foreseen quake to me, I did research on what the likely effects of such a great quake could be. I have spelled those foreseen possible consequences in my original quake advisement. That warning reached around the world on the Internet and in a Mexican radio interview. It was at that point that the Altimarians decided to mobilize to help avert that quake. The Ogula decided they could help as well. The Oskgiliad Inner Earth people also decided to pitch in and assist.

   Some may say I was an unnecessary alarmist, because the Great Quake didn't happen. But Wendi and I would have been blame-worthy if we had that pending 9.2 Quake information and sat on it and did nothing, and just watched it happen May 14. Personally I prefer to be the one who decided to sound the alarm, which mobilized the Altimarians, the Ogula, and the Oskgiliad to intervene and take palliative actions, so that the terrible effects I foresaw from a 9.2 Quake did not in fact happen. Let the cynics and nay-sayers throw verbal rocks at me. We live in a "Damned if you do, and damned if you don't" society presently.

    It looks like there are published reports consistent with pressure-relieving measures which the Inner Earth people, and the Altimarian and Ogula star people did. There have been 22 quakes in the Baja California area at the northern end of the Gulf of California during the Sept. 13-15 three-day "window" in which the Great Quake would have occurred. These represent a great relieving of stress through a modest series of manageable quakes in the magnitude range of up to 4.3.    

    In the region of the Sierra Madre Occidental itself, Mexico's Servicio Sismologico Nacional (National Earthquake Service) has no report of earthquakes during the Sept. 13-15 "window, (although there have been multiple quakes in the southern portion of Mexico far away from the Sierra Madre Occidental.) What that seismic "quiet" seems to indicate is that the Inner Earth People, the Altimarians, and the Ogula have managed to induce sufficient lubricity into the "stuck" tectonic plates that stress is being relieved, including possibly draining of the stress in the northern part of Mexico through a series of modest, non-damaging quakes.

    The Mexican people have always accorded the Star Visitors their famous cordial Mexican hospitality, including townspeople standing in the squares of some Mexican towns when starcraft loitered overhead, with the populace waving and shouting greetings.

    It looks like the Star Visitors have returned the favor with a gesture of good will themselves. Viva Mexico!

     in the light,


Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC



President, Star Kids Project, Ltd

Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009 USA

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