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The psychic abilities which Star Seed adults and Star Kids have can often be put to social benefit.

An outstanding example of this is the remote-viewing work below which my close associates Wendi and Fran have been recently engaging in the past few days.

They have foreseen that about 9 days from now, there will be an enormous 9.2-magnitude Great Quake along a 1500-mile (2414 km) stretch of north-central Mexico.

The Quake will be situated along the Sierra Madre Occidental, a very long ridge of mountains which forms the Continental Divide in much of Mexico and is the defining mountain range of western north-central Mexico, (much like the Sierra Nevada mountain range is in California.)

That monster earthquake zone will extend from the US-MX Border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico, southward past east of Hermosillo, and past east of Culiacan, loops around Durango, (the Epicenter area, as much as you can call this monster having an epicenter), and extends southward past Zacatecas and down to where the Sierra Madre Occidental range crosses MX Hwy 70 (between Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi), where the seismicity peters out according to my energy signature readings.

At 1500 miles (2414 km) long, this has to be one of the largest earthquake shaking zones on record. It exceeds the shaking zone of the largest earthquake in recorded history, the Great Chilean Quake of 1960 (9.5 magnitude), whose shaking zone extended 840 miles north-to-south.

This upcoming Sierra Madre Occidental (SMO) Great Earthquake is of the same strength (9.2) as the Great Alaskan Quake of 1964, (second largest recorded), which caused land to move vertically 40 feet!

This Quake will also almost certainly cause large tsunamis in the Gulf of California, 300 miles (482 km) west of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Across the Gulf of California from mainland Mexico, cities on the Baja California Peninsula such as La Paz and Loreto could very well experience damaging tsunamis.

On the Mexican mainland near the Sierra Madre Occidental, there could be multiple ruptures in, or failures of, large dams with potential disastrous flooding of cities downstream. These include: Presas (Dams) Angostura, Rodriguez, Alvaro Obregon, Mocuzari, Boquillo, Torreoncillos, Sanalona, Calles, and Santos.

The mouth of the Colorado River at the northern end of the Gulf of California experiences one of the highest tides in the world, about 33 feet (10 meters). If in addition to the up-to-200-foot (61 meters) estimated wave-height tsunami action from the SMO Great Quake, the Quaker occurs when there is a high tide in the Gulf of California, then it is conceivable that a Super Tsunami exceeding 250 feet (76 meters) height could sweep up the Colorado River and northward over the land to where it slopes down to the Salton Sea (below sea level) in California, causing flooding. Cities in the path of any such potential wave action that might occur include Mexicali, MX, and Calexico, El Centro and Brawley, CA.

The SMO Great Quake will not trigger an additional quake along California's San Andreas Fault. Rather, the damage in the southern region of the San Andreas Fault will be due to its being nearer the northern end of the SMO Great Quake, and thus receiving its share of the shaking, any land rising or subsidence, and tsunamis which will be caused by the Sierra Madre Occidental Great Quake.

When I asked Fran how definite the Friday, May 14 date for the great Quake is, she replied, "Depending on the circumstances of Gaia's movements it could very well be a day early or a day later."

Thus, persons near the Sierra Madre Occidental range in Mexico and along the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California will want to maintain vigilance for earthquake and any resultant tsunami from Thursday, May 13 through Saturday, May 15.

This very large earth movement is part of Gaia's natural process of rebalancing and compensating for damage sustained. Thus it is not appropriate to mount any effort to stop it from occurring, (such as a Joint Psychic Exercise).

But lightworkers can prepare to send healing and balancing energy to Gaia in that zone, as well as prepare to send supportive energy to any persons affected by the Quake when it occurs.

I will be sending information about the Great Quake to U.S. authorities, with the request that they relay the advisement to their Mexican counterparts, so that they can make preparations.

in service,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., COE

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC

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