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Von Galactic Roundtable

Metatron~After Announcements 31 Jan 2010

Channeler: Beth Trutwin

Metatron, Please tell us, what will it be like AFTER the Announcements, Decloakings, and Deliveries.
The biggest change you will see is in young people. The Youth of the World, seeing the Old Guard gone, and their Galactic Families here, will be THE most effected. They will be triggered to remember their Galactic Beginnings. Many remember now, they often don't tell anyone. It will be an end to silencing youth.

Young people will go on the Ships to learn their advanced training. They will be joined by the New Children.
They will not only ask for changes in the World, but design them. In many ways, the children will know better than the adults, what the Highest changes would be. The Elder Indigos have long been fighting for change. The younger Indigos have a stronger imagination in place as to what a Better World would look like. They have not spent their hours wrapped up in thinking, they are closer to the Dream.

It is hard to imagine now the Shift as old structures dissolve and new communities are formed. It is hard to imagine the landing pad "out back" as Shuttles come and go. SO much of what is routine will be gone, garages with cars, garbage collection, furnaces, the old things will no longer be used and will be recycled.

The children will have on their minds parks, forests, the magical Beings, and restoring large portions of Earth as it should be, a veritable Garden of Eden. The children will delight in the sentient computers and adapt to them immediately. The young ones cannot remember computers so big they take up a room. They will get used to the new fun that will be had. Their lives have been schedules, history and science, boredom in school, knowing they were learning that which is backward and ancient. They will be thrilled to understand they may now learn meaningful things, real science and math, based on a multidimensional world.

The New Children will encourage the Young Ones here to venture out to the Stars and visit magical places, like Neptune and Pluto. Wondering where your kids are at this late hour will take on a whole new meaning. The difference is, you will be with them. The days of working at a job will be gone. The new technology with new ways of communication and travel will make it possible to get your New Work done and still have time to spend with your family. Everything will be in harmony. You will have time to stay in touch with your family and friends, time to do your Mission and time for leisure. As you think it, it will be done.

Children learning history will not be limited to what someone wrote in a book, you will take them there: To Broadway in NYC, To Yellowstone, To Stonehenge, you will take off and go. Limitations will be gone. That part may be the hardest to get over. It may take time to forget thinking with limitations in place. Some will take to it quicker than others. Is someone in your family a daredevil? You may not see them as much after this. You'll be able to reach them, by computer, but they will not be sitting around, they will be out exploring the new potentials.

As we settle down from learning everything that is new, then we will start to form together for different projects. Each person will have their own part in this. There will be new avenues to explore as we walk through new governance, new money exchange and unlimited possibilities in bringing love back to the Planet. We are entering the next Golden Age on Earth and the years to come will be about focusing on that.
Beth and Mark www.GalacticRoundTable.com

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