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Hilarion & The Rainbow Scribe

February 21-28, 2010

Beloved Lightworkers,

I want to speak with you about the continued application of your intentions for a new way of Being upon this World. You are each creating this new World in each moment and you are all in the thick of it right now. Each of you have gone deep within and have temporarily disconnected with the outer happenings around you and so you each feel as though you are in limbo and taking actions of any kind at this time requires great effort. Our advice, Dear Ones, is to ride this wave and not worry so much about it, this too shall pass. It is a process of redefining yourselves and your World and what it is you truly want.

The next step for each of you is to start manifesting what you internalized during this process into outer manifestation. It is time to practice your co-creatorship and create, create, create! This is how you come into your Mastership, this is how you create the World you want to experience. Become focused and clear on what it is you want to create, have, be and do, and make it so. Do not rush this process, make it an adventure each day. Play with it and have fun with it. Start each day in joy and gratitude for life and the grand opportunity that is before you. You are supported and loved in all your aspirations, dreams and desires so do call upon us.

The World around you is moving along, seemingly with the same activities and motivations as before but we tell you that this is an illusion those who are losing ground are desperately trying to maintain and it is well that you are not giving these attempts any credence or attention, for as these attempts to distract and disempower you continue unabated, those who are just Awakening are beginning to see through these ploys and to see these claims for what they really are and that is good news for all. For all that is really needed by the people of this World is to stay calm and at peace and not react to the stories that are being perpetuated continuously and then the stories are instantly replaced with more and become more and more laughable to those who can see what is really going on.

We see that there are many underground movements occurring to bring about great reforms in government and other institutions and that this will continue to grow exponentially as more and more people will join in these movements and add their voices to the demands for positive changes to start taking place. All over the Internet that touches across your World, people are banding together in common purpose and creating these movements for change, for change is upon the face of the Earth in every facet of it. Practice deep breathing each day and accept the changes that are happening. Life is teeming with infinite possibilities and probabilities at this time and choices are being worked out through your connections with your Higher Selves.

Trust that the Universe is unfolding all as it should and that you are supported on your journey, for as Lightworkers, you have been key to what is now unfolding all about you. Continue to stand in your Light and maintain your centers, seek that connection within your heart space in your alone times.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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February 14-21, 2010

Dearest Lightworkers,

Much will be transpiring in the next few months and you are all prepared for it. You have been taking part in meetings beyond your sleep state and each of you knows your part in the times to come. Many revisions have been and continue to take place because your intents to create changes from any predictions that have been made continues to come into effect. In other words, Dear Ones, you are creating your World as we go along. This is a wonderful facility that you have been developing, for as you read of trends and predictions, you effect changes to counteract that which has been given and the World Is a better place because of it.

There are some Earth changes that might take place and it behooves each of you to stock up on essential items for your daily needs as there could be a possibility of supply routes being blocked for a time. We are not advocating running out and buying up everything in sight, what we are saying is that you anticipate what your needs would be during temporary shortages and take steps now to ensure you are taken care of, in the event that this should be necessary. It is amazing how little you really need during times of shortages, only that which takes into consideration hygienic needs and basic food stuffs.

The World is poised on the brink of several events that will remove forever that which has been holding Humanity as a whole back from their rightful places in the Universe and the overall scheme of things. It will come as a shock to many people that they were enslaved when they thought they were free and sovereign, and this will be a quick and rude awakening but will leave no lasting effects and will not be harmful. Life upon your Planet is ready to move to the next step and all is in readiness for this occurrence to take place. The energies that have been coming through your atmosphere have been preparing Humanity for this next step. You have all been receiving energies that have enabled you to be able to withstand what is to come forth.

We have been working with all of you and some of you are beginning to remember instances of this. Know that you no longer go into any situations with blinders on, for you are consulted at every turn in the direction the Divine Plan and its many facets takes. There have been and will continue to be revisions made to stay on track and on task to Creator’s true purpose and intent for the times ahead. All is working accordingly. Nothing that takes place is by accident, all is by design and Divine Intent.

Stay true to yourselves and let all your decisions be made from the area of your heart space. You will know that this is the right way for you to go by the feeling of lightness and rightness that you experience and feel. Your Higher Self is always guiding you to make the right choices in Divine timing. All unfolds as it should for your particular part in this Plan. You are exactly where you should be and you are much needed there. As the great Light Beacons that you are, you are the anchors for the energies of Light and stability that is required at this time. For those of you who have been wondering why you are where you are, this is the reason, even though you have felt alone and unsupported by those around you. This will start changing in the times ahead and you will become more valued and you will no longer feel as though you are invisible.

Your input will be sought by those around you and all of a sudden, what you have stood for all these years will begin to sink in to those around you and you will begin to go into action for your part in the Divine Plan. Know, Dear Ones, that there is nothing to fear but fear itself and that you are ever walking a Path of Light to the next step in your unfoldment. Keep ever onward and forward and all will be revealed in the fullness of time. Seek inner counsel each day and you will stay in peace and harmony throughout the coming times. You have but to call on any of us and we will assist you. Know that you are, each of you, beloved of the Ascended realms and that we work together in unison.

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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February 7-14, 2010

Beloved Lightworkers,

I want to speak about the deep work that each of you have been doing within yourselves. We see so much cleansing and the purifying of your minds and consciousness occurring. You have come to the point now of greater unification with your Divine Self. Each of you have been spending more of your time each day in great contemplation and unification with all aspects of yourselves that are coming into alignment. This is excellent for it means that you are all firmly committed to your Ascension process and will dedicate your time and efforts and focus to this.

On the World scene at this time, much is being played out and life on Earth continues to unfold all that must come forth and be brought to the attention of each Human heart and as this happens, the heart opens to the greater Light and realization that you are the Creator manifesting upon the Earth and if not you, then who? For it is you who is creating the great changes upon the Earth by each choice and decision that you make, by each action you take, by each breath you take and each thought that you think. It is beginning to sink in, that along with the opening of your spiritual gifts and talents, comes the self responsibility to create the highest and the best for all concerned, so that all may enjoy peace upon your Planet and also take part in the joy of life in expression.

All about you life moves forward, even though it appears to be the opposite. Underneath all the seeming opposites a greater union is taking place and Oneness is occurring. At the levels of spirit, all hearts are uniting and working in concert, it is now only a matter of time before greater Light within all hearts explodes within and encompasses all within its radiance. The wheel of life turns as all is brought to Oneness of Life, and a greater understanding of this is now coming forth. There is a connection that exists beyond all time, all borders, all beliefs, all races and the threads of Light are coalescing into a greater and greater Whole. The radiance that emanates from the Earth is reaching further and further out into the Cosmos and the brilliance of spaceship Earth is becoming brighter and brighter in the Heavens.

Each of you is being guided to what you need at each moment in order to facilitate greater growth so that your heart opens in ever greater unfoldment, like the petals of a rose, a beautiful rose of purity and impeccability. All that used to hold your attention is now falling away and you are beginning to discern that which is of importance on your journey and focusing more and more upon that. We have noticed in the past week, a great determination and focus upon that which you want. Each of you has been contemplating and refining your ‘wish list’, even if you don’t think so at this time, to we of the Higher realms it is readily apparent, because, Dear Ones, of the brilliance of your Light. We understand that growth is not always pleasant whilst going through it, but in retrospect, the value of it is seen and understood and appreciated and so it is with this process.

The Planet Earth has opened up to the whole Universe and all of Creation rejoices and celebrates this momentous occasion. There are ceremonies of joy and celebration taking place within all sectors of this Universe and beyond. There is much happiness and thanksgiving within the hearts of all who have waited for this time through the eons. Humankind has once again joined with the rest of the Universe and much that was not known will be coming forth. That which was a mystery will be coming forth for enlightenment, clarification and completion. This will be an ongoing process and filled with great excitement for all, for when Humanity begins to understand the enormity of what has transpired, the greater Awakening will occur and so, life will become enjoyable and meaningful and sacred to all once again. This is a glorious time for all upon the Earth and indeed to all of Creation. The remembrance of the glory and majesty that you are will now come forth in trickles that will build to a great stream of consciousness and will bless the Earth and all upon Her. Your places in the annals of the history of this cycle are clearly written and you are each honored, appreciated and admired for the great work you are doing.

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

Permission is given to share this message in other forums, and blogs,  as long  as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and  Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.   www.therainbowscribe.com

Email: therainbowscribe@gmail.com 

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January 31 - February 6, 2010

Welcome back, Dear Ones!

This week I want to discuss the rising energy levels of each of you. Most of you have been feeling these energies lately and also feeling rather emotional at times as you perform your daily spiritual disciplines. This feeling that you are experiencing is the answering downpouring from the Higher Realms in response to your Calls and petitions to the Ascended Host. This feeling will continue to manifest in each of you and it indicates that your heart chakras are opening more to the greater energies. This is a very good sign, for when you feel more in your heart, you then also encompass more of your psychic abilities and gifts, the gifts of intuition and inner knowing and that means you are listening and following your own heart. This downpouring from we of the Higher realms is a way to indicate to you that we are beside you and supporting you and increasing the intensity of your efforts for the Highest good of all.

There are so many diverse energies playing out upon the Cosmic fields right now, so many infinite possibilities and probabilities and the golden gates of opportunity and miracles are wide open, but each of you must daily make your calls and set your intentions for the magic and miracles to come forth into your life and the lives of all upon the Earth. Your work as Lightworkers has become even more crucial and important than ever before, your choosing the Light yet again, each day, reinforces the strength and energy of all the Lightworking activities of the collective community of Lightworkers and together this energy is a mighty force to be reckoned with. Your combined Light is countering all that is not of the Light. The Light that you are bringing and anchoring into the Earth is creating more of the Awakening energies in those around you and thus, more Light radiates out. Truly, exciting to behold.

Work with the energies of Mother Earth each day also, Dear Ones, take time to establish a grounding connection to her. This helps Her, and also yourselves and you have yet to realize the tremendous good that is being accomplished. The Light you are generating and releasing each day enables and empowers those who are working to bring great reforms and positive changes to your new World to be enfolded in that Light and protected in their endeavors. You are noticing how this is playing out in your everyday lives now. Nothing can be hidden from the Light of truth any longer, all is being illuminated, all is being ferreted out, all is being released for transmutation. You are all making excellent progress, for you are highly motivated to bring about the greatest changes within yourselves and as you do this, you also bring about great changes in those around you. Your Light is being sought by others now who need a place of sanctuary that resonates with their new rediscovered greater Selves and will become a mighty seeking force in the near future in your time of reckoning. The third dimensional World is no more in the energy fields around you, it is only being held now in the consciousness of Humanity, who are poised to awaken to their great potential. Once this happens, much progress will take place in every facet of life upon the Earth. Sweeping reforms will rise to the surface of the visions of Humanity, and Humankind as a whole will take up the reins of self responsibility and self sovereignty in their everyday lives and activities.

There will be more questions brought before all Leaders in the World that will require truthful and open answers. Gone are the days that truth can be hidden from the majority of Humanity. The impetus from this awakening of Humanities consciousness will revolutionize the World as you know it. Humankind will take back their personal power and will understand that all power lies within themselves and of the constant connection with their Creator and with the World on which they are manifesting. The limited thinking of previous generations is being opened up to the tremendous possibilities and unlimited potential that exists everywhere in the World and Universe around you. The changes that are taking place are coming fast and furious so we implore you to stay grounded in your physical bodies so that you are fully integrated and can serve as the stabilizing force while great changes take place.

Finally, once again, we remind you to call upon us. Together we can literally move mountains or hold them in place, whatever is appropriate in the days to follow. Every effort each of you makes for the Highest good of all concerned is multiplied by tenfold from the higher dimensions. So it is that we change ourselves and as we do this, change our World.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff


Permission is given to share this message in other forums, and blogs,  as long  as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and  Scribe's credit, copyright and website is included.   www.therainbowscribe.com

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