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Von Richard Presser

Energies of the full moon of Feb 28th, 2010

Richard Presser schreibt:

Below are the messages Carolyn Evers and I took from Jeshua and Mother Mary regarding the full moon [of february 28, 2010]. You would not describe either of them as subtle... I encourage you to take them to heart.


This is an important full moon, and perhaps you could say they are all important full moons in this time and this time leading right up to the end of 2012, because the energies which are coming forth now are very intense. I recently gave a message to Richard in relation to the increased level of sunspot activity, and you may or may not be aware that you are about to complete a month where there has not been one day where there has not been sunspot activity, and this has not occurred for a considerable time; some years.

And so this level of energy coming forth onto your planet has accelerated dramatically in 2010. However, as I said in that message this does not mean that these key gateways; the full moons, the solstices, the equinoxes will not continue to be used for key events, you could say, key transitions as we work our way towards the end of 2012. And so this full moon is consistent with that picture.

The energies associated with this full moon will accelerate the emergence of the preparation work which is being undertaken to assist humanity to prepare for that alignment with the Galactic Centre, indeed that alignment with Cosmic Centre which occurs at the time of your December solstice in 2012; and the particular focus of these energies is to, you could say, lock in the progression, the opening up of the work which needs to be done to bring forth karmic clearing and rejuvenation for all of humanity who wish to participate in Ascension.

There are many beings who have worked long and hard to prevent this coming forth and we have given a number of messages to Carolyn and Richard in regard to energies coming forth to support this emergence and some of those messages they have not shared, because they insisted on awaiting the evidence and that evidence has not come forth because of the efforts of those dark beings who have worked exceedingly hard to prevent this event.

Few of humanity understand as yet the significance of this Ascension event upon your planet for the rest of the cosmos. Mother Mary has come forth in the past and explained that consciousness, in one sense, can be viewed as a vase and you could say consciousness rests on the base of that vase and planet Earth, as the lowest vibration at which you could say soul level consciousness exists represents the base of that vase. And so if that consciousness is lifted up, then what follows is a lifting up of consciousness right throughout the cosmos; and the beings of the dark understand this.

They also understand that it was decreed that the date that I referred to at the end of 2012 was the date upon which the cycle of the dark would come to an end and they have applied every tool, every effort that they could find to ensure that this cycle did not come to an end and Ascension did not come forth upon your planet. But I am here to assure you that those efforts have been and will be futile. Steps have been taken to ensure that this unfolding occurs and it occurs now and one of those steps is the energies that are being sent forth through this full moon.

These energies will lock in place in ways that no member of humanity can understand. These energies will lock in place this unfolding. There is no way that the dark beyond the moment of this full moon will be able to interfere with this process. And so I say this with clarity and with some power, you could say, because it is indeed a powerful moment; a moment that many have worked long and hard to see unfold, and those that determine what energies are sent forth through any particular gateway have decreed that this will be so.

And so it is.

Mother Mary

Carolyn - Mother Mary has stepped forward. The beautiful lady, one we have come to admire and respect, one that we know cares greatly for humanity and one who has been given great power and responsibility for the entire Ascension process. And so it is of great interest to her to bring forth information on this topic; and she is saying this:

You are correct. I have a great longing to see humanity rise to the next highest dimension, the soul encased in the body so that the body itself rises to a higher vibratory level. And for those who understand some of the facts surrounding this statement you know that rejuvenation will occur, for most people will go back to the age that they expressed physically at 35. If you make a plan to be younger, you will appear younger. It depends upon your intent as this is a planet of intent. If that were the only key feature, being able to rejuvenate the body and live in a higher level of vibration, perhaps everyone would wish to attain this result.

But that result is one of the most, shall we say, startling appearance to the human frame. It means a level where you can begin, where one can start to materialize what they want in their lives on a level that is unheard of today, meaning the souls start to remember how to take energy and turn them into hard physical evidence of what they desired. You might think that that is utter nonsense; how can you do that? But if you stop and think about it, it happens all the time in your plane, in the physical world, not so much the human world, but in the physical. And you learn these things from science and accept it quite readily because your scientists proved it.

We have photosynthesis, where plants make food simply by using the Sun. They bring forth a result from energy. And there's other places that we can look for that too, where in your world energy is converted to something that is solid, something that can be traced, something that can be proven. So you know that exists. What you don't know is that after one ascends, you will be able to do those things. You will be able to take energy and turn them into hard building block foundations that's controlled by the efforts of the mind only. And even though these seem like things that are far-fetched, it is simply a demonstration of the abilities that you might say mimic your Creator, and this happens because your soul consists of particles that came from your Creator.

So what seems impossible on a lower plane is actually very accessible on a higher plane, simply because you've already been programmed to do that. You were programmed to do that the moment that your soul came into creation, and that is because you received particles from the Creator and they came directly to you. Therefore the abilities that the Creator have came to you; true, in a diluted form but nevertheless they're there.

So if finding, you might say, the waters of youth again and keeping the physical body at that level of youth, keeping the physical body in a state that it does not need to face what you call death, transition, if that is not enough to encourage you to do all that you can to work towards Ascension, then perhaps in addition to that being able to create with energy would be another reason, why you would do all that you can to be on board when this, you might say, availability to move into this new state presents itself to you as a human being; you would want that for yourself for your families, for your country would you not? And yet we find even though the results are so startling, as you might say in your dialogue, so mind blowing, yet people are so complacent we don't understand it. They are so complacent as to even start to take some of the steps that are necessary to obtain these results.

And I pause here so this thinking can sink in. All the money that you spend on products to keep you looking young really, as you know, only have a temporary enhancement. Nothing is really permanent to allow the physical body, especially the face, to look young yet we say to you, you can really turn back the clock; not temporarily but permanently. And I pause again so that this thought sinks in. What is being offered by this cycle that we call 2012 perhaps should be called an opportunity to create using nothing but energy and to obtain eternal youth. Would you then think of Ascension from a different point of view?

That, my friends, is what we're really talking about. Actually we're talking about a whole lot more than this. We are talking about many other skills, the abilities that reflect the Creator's abilities that we choose not to go into at the moment, because we feel that if these two benefits do not attract your attention so that you are willing to do what is necessary to walk through that doorway of Ascension, then nothing will attract your attention. And so I stop at these two things and I say focus on that. Are these two events important enough to you that you would stop what you're doing for a few moments and listen to the real, you might say, workings of Ascension and what it means to you? And so I say no more. I say let the possibility of this be the tool that will open your eyes to what lays before you in a few short years. We are not talking about a lifetime away; we're talking about just a few short years, and if you haven't begun in this planning you need to do it now!! Now!! And that's all that I have to say on the matter.

You can download and listen to these messages and download a transcription from the bottom of http://www.the2012countdown.com/The_2012_Time_Line.php.

Richard Presser

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