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Cobra and Alexandra Meadors Transcription on Listeners Q&A

A. Meadors interviewt Cobra Anfang Juni 2013

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ALEXANDRA: Hello Everyone. Today is June 4, 2013. I have Cobra with me today to review a bunch of questions that were submitted to www.galacticconnection.com. We are trying to review a little bit of May’s events and the questions. Bear with us. We may have to do this in 2 segments. There is a lot to cover. Cobra is being kind enough to have this interview in Hawaii in the midst of the other Goddess conference that they are having with Isis.

Hey cobra, are you enjoying HI weather. How is it going over there?

COBRA: Weather is great, amenities are marvelous and everything is just perfect.

ALEXANDRA: Cool. Did you have a major breakthrough?

COBRA: There is another breakthrough after Irvine, Laguna conference and the opening of the portal. There is another breakthrough happening right here, not only here but there is a major transformation taking place between the Resistance movement and the Galactic Confederation. I will post more about this in my blog.

ALEXANDRA: Fantastic. A lot of us are noticing that there has definitely been a shift since the May 25th Portal opening. (Yes) I mean a huge shift. We all are feeling it.

COBRA: Yes, This is the purpose of the portal when we did it. Now we can harvest the good effects from it.

ALEXANDRA: Good, that’s great. I’m going to start out with some questions first because a lot of people are anxious to hear your feed back. How exactly is the Agarthan network going to play a role in the time of the event. Will they be the first ones to visit us or will it be the Pleiadians.

COBRA: That is a good questions because there are big changes happening right now. The Agarthan network is a very old network of light which existed underground for many many thousands of years. The Resistance movement is a fresh impulse of light from Planet X just a few years ago. There was a certain process of the integration of the underground resistance movement and the Argarthan network. Right now. . as a consequence of opening the portal on May 25th there is an another integration processes taking place between the reunited Resistance movement, the Agarthan network and the Galactic Confederation. I would say that the sub surface portions of the planet is being integrated into the galactic society. More will be on my blog. When the event happens there will be a gradual exposure of those different races, elements and societies.

ALEXANDRA: Wow, so you’re really saying they have gotten the go-ahead to start arriving, extrovertedly around the planet?

COBRA: I will explain part of it now and part of this in a special release on my blog when I have the right moment to do so. At the event the mass population will only be exposed to surface based operatives. I will say White Knights. There will be no direct exposure between the mass population and any of the exotic races, even the Resistance movement, even the Pleiadians. This will come gradually after the event. Soon after the event the disclosure files will be released. By disclosure files, I’m saying the official government documents of existence of other ET races. And this will fast prepare humanity for the existence and reality of other races. When that happens it will be a gradual process that will take a few months until the first contact. The event itself will be outwardly, a purely human experience. Humanity is not ready to receive any type of ET contact before The Event happens, before the exposure of the cabal, before the transformation of the financial system and before the government files are released. When this is done, humanity will go through a certain transformation, a psychological adjustment period and after that there will be a gradual appearance of more and more direct contact leading to the official first contact.

ALEXANDRA: Interesting most of the contact through the white knights, would that be mostly directed to the star seeds on the earth.

COBRA: The white knights will contact anybody who is capable of assisting in the process of the event. Yes most of those people came to this planet a long time ago from other star systems whether they are remembering or not. This is not so important. What is important is their willingness and capability of assisting in the process itself, in the actual managing the event itself.

ALEXANDRA: That makes sense. That leads to this other questions. People are asking how can they be part of the Resistance. You’ve already addressed that at the conference. How can they be a member, volunteer or recruit?

COBRA: We are creating a part of the surface infrastructure for the event. You are not becoming a member of the Resistance, but a member of the surface ground crew I would call it. At this conference we have created a certain task force which you will be able to join, we are creating a website with various subgroups. You will be able to join those subgroups. Each of those subgroups will be focused on their certain task in providing the internal infrastructure for the Event. For example the Financial group will assist during the period when the Banks are shut down. The new renaissance group will provide new forms of art to awaken the masses and so on and so on. I hope this web site will be running and operational soon, so I can release further instructions from the resistance about the whole thing.

ALEXANDRA: yes, we are working on that a lot.

COBRA: Yes. Many people are very active and dedicated and this is a great time and a great opportunity to become a part of this. Very shortly instructions and info will be given to the mass population. I will release certain things. As soon as the web site is ready we can step into action.

ALEXANDRA: This is really exciting. One person was asking about our full consciousness coming forward through the chambers somewhere in Agartha. Do you agree with that and would it take 3 days within these chambers to receive our full consciousness or not?

COBRA: There was a lot of disinformation about the chambers, fear, misinformation stating that the chambers are not of the light. Actually, those chambers are very advanced light technology, organic, integrated technology that assist us in reaching our full consciousness. There will be a gradual introduction of those chambers to the surface population at a certain moment around the event. I would say around first contact. They will will be used individually to those advanced light workers that are ready for them before the first contact, but after the event then more massively after first contact and as we come deeper into the full ascension process.

ALEXANDRA: OK. Wow. This is so exciting.

COBRA: Oh yes, we are almost there.

ALEXANDRA: You can just feel it. It really did shift after May 25th.

COBRA: Yes, this is why I was issuing the call for as many people as possible to join us in Laguna because the more people join the portals, the more effect we have on the planetary situation. This is something else people can do: when the portal arrives, when any of the activation arrives, gather together as many people as possible to reach critical mass. The third thing is the Sunday meditations. The more people get together on Sunday to help liberate the planet the more we can be efficient and help speed up the process.

ALEXANDRA: Yes. That is definitely true. We want to speed up the process. A lot of people that are new are asking you to describe the event. You do it so eloquently. Can you go over that again?

COBRA: 1. all the info about the event is on my blog. If you search my blog you will find everything there. 2. I will create an e-book from the information on my blog. It will be available when the time is right, when I have some time. I have so many things to do, with in the next few months. Everything will be in the e-book. Now the event, the moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and non physical. On the non physical plane there will be a big wave of light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet. On the physical plane there will be the arrest of the Cabal, the res-set of the financial system, the release of ET information, the beginning of a new fair financial system. The awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non terrestrial races. Introduction of new advanced technology. That is a short over view. There is much more to it.

ALEXANDRA: I have the 41 page compilation of Cobra’s conference in Nov. It is available on my website. Click on conference for 2012 in the mean time. (www.galacticconnection.com)

ALEXANDRA: A lot of people are asking about the money. Not only have they heard it from you but elsewhere to take their money out of the banks. Where do you recommend you put it.

COBRA: Put part in precious metal, part in land and and part use it for your enjoyment of life. Money is not meant to be stockpiled but enjoyed. Put part of your money in the project that can assist the planetary liberation to further speed up the process.

ALEXANDRA: I hear you there. That brings me to the next topic – Dinar. People are getting a ton of info that things have shifted, Dinar has been re-valued. What is your take on that? You’ve been very adamant in the past.

COBRA: It’s not happening. The whole idea is not exactly correct. The RV will happen at the event and it will not be as drastic as some people hope. Yes, people can invest some of their money into this and they might get a little bit of profit from this. This is not the purpose of the transformation of the financial system for only some of the people to get their speculation. It is a more of a global transformation of the rules of the game. The Dinar thing is not the main financial tool. It is not the main issue here. Most of it is dis-info because people are expecting it and it is not happening. People are expecting this every day, every day, every day.

ALEXANDRA: That has been going on – that is such a C.I.A. tactic – they did it with Omega and the Prosperity funds and it brought people completely to a halt in their personal life.

COBRA: There were some prosperity funds that real and valid and they were taken over by the Cabal and literally stollen the money and many funds were fake. (yes) We need to be careful with those things. There were over 70 of them.

COBRA: There are many programs and the major investment programs not available to the masses. They have been in the hands of the cabal. There are some White Knights trying to get access to those programs and transform them. The main things will happen at the time of the event. The whole thing will be shut down and re-set.

ALEXANDRA: He’s very consistent in is answers regarding that.

ALEXANDRA: This is a very interesting question – there has not been basically any crop circles in 2013. (Very few) why is that?

COBRA: The purpose of the crop circles was to awaken a certain part of the human population and get their attention. Now the purpose is to awaken the next segment. People will start asking why they have suddenly stopped? It is a plan for crop circles to reappear again sometime this year but not until people start asking questions like why there are less of them.

ALEXANDRA: Interesting. It’s another way to get us pondering and reflecting.

ALEXANDRA: What is your take on another solar system traveling through ours?

COBRA: It’s not happening.

ALEXANDRA: Is that because of Galactic Intervention?

COBRA: There are simply people disseminating strange ideas that have no basis in reality. I would recommend people get basic understanding of science, astronomy and of how things work in this universe and they will be better able to discern what is true and what is not.

ALEXANDRA: OK. There is fear-mongering regarding the cataclysm of the planet and there is confusion within the community regarding the waves. Do you agree there will be a time where if people have not chosen to ascend with the planet, will the old 3D planet experience a cataclysm?

COBRA: Most of this is dissemination of fear. The Galactic Confederation has technology to stabilize the planet and has been stabilizing the planet for decades now Without the assistance of the Galactic Confederation we would have massive cataclysms now. The process of planetary ascension will require planetary transformation at some point, but is not now, not yet. Definitely not before the event. Humanity will not be harmed in the process (COOL) . Nothing to fear. Everything is guided. There have been so many times when things could have gone wrong. There was no nuclear war, no massive cataclysm. And it will not happen.

ALEXANDRA: You feel safe. If you tape into it you feel safe. (YES) I don’t have that feeling of the sky is falling.

COBRA: There is a certain idea of a global costal event this month and it’s not happening. Relax and focus on more important things. These different tactics are to divert people and keeps people from taking action.

ALEXANDRA: So, It’s a diversion. Jumping back to money question. People around the world that are using diff currency than the US dollar. Are you feeling that taking the money out of the bank applies to everyone? Are you feeling some currencies are safer than others at this bridging time?

COBRA: ALL banks are tied to central banking system of the Rothschilds. Same conditions apply anywhere in the world. I would suggest everyone take their money out regardless of where they are. If you keep your money in the banks you are lending and financing their war operations.

ALEXANDRA: I AGREE and you are prolonging change over. (yes) This guy says it’s not safe to carry cash at all in his country, so he is wondering what he should do.

COBRA: If it’s not safe to carry cash you can hide it in certain locations – Transfer it in land. buy gold. Money is not safe in the bank anyway.

ALEXANDRA: Yea, no it’s not. Didn’t they seize a bunch of safe deposit boxes about 6 mo ago?

COBRA: Safe deposit boxes are not safe. The first thing that will be seized. Cabal will seize thee if they get panicked.

ALEXANDRA: They are already prepping us with the executive orders.

COBRA: Yes one aspect of it, yes.

ALEXANDRA: This question has come up quite a bit, do you feel the military underground facilities are kaput, definitely gone? Are people not being held in cages and being sexually and psychologically abused by the cabal in these locations?

COBRA: ALL underground facilities have been completely and absolutely shut down and cleared. There is nothing down there. There are no more underground military bases. There is nothing wrong happening there anymore . There is nothing wrong happening down there any more. There was drastic interventions to clear those things. Everything that was wrong is happening on the surface.

ALEXANDRA: Were the reptilians involved in this? Were they taken off planet?

COBRA: Many reptilians were killed in the battles when those bases were liberated. the reptilians w/o their bodies were taken to galactic courts. Those that crossed over to the light have joined the Galactic society and the rest went to the collective central sun.

ALEXANDRA: Flip-side. What about all those being tortured, imprisoned, experimented on, what happened to those folks?

COBRA: Those folks that were in those underground bases and have been abused have been liberated. Most have received a healing and support from the resistance, then transported to mother ship for additional healings. Some are waiting on mother ships for the planetary transformation of the planet. Some went to other planets. Very few of them have returned to the surface planet because most of them refused to return.

ALEXANDRA: OMGosh. Do you feel there is a major increase in death at this time?

COBRA: Not agree with this at that time. There is a segment of population that exit’s more. generally it’s all about the same.

ALEXANDRA: I thought maybe the older feel they have a better option – getting out of here.

COBRA: Not yet.

ALEXANDRA: What do you feel about the space debris surrounding Gaia. How do we dispose that? Are we looking at shutting down a computer system because of it?

COBRA: What’s going to happen after the event is the Galactic Confederation will clear all that. It’s very easy, it’s a 15 minute operation.

ALEXANDRA: Oh Wow, seriously? Wow. You said at the conference everybody’s is ready to role. Everybody is in stand-by.

COBRA: Yes. Everything is ready except the surface population. That’s why we are building an alternative surface infrastructure for the event. Of course the Resistance has their infrastructure, White Hats, Positive military, they have their own network I’m not allowed to speak about in detail. We need to have an alternative infrastructure, as many people as possible. That’s why we’re building it right now.

ALEXANDRA: OK. I agree. This is an interesting question. What do you feel about the the yogi’s and mystics spending years and years sending peace and light to the planet. They hang out in the caves and forest in India and Tibet. What have they contributed to this new earth and transition?

COBRA: They have held the vision when everyone was ignoring. They held the light for the planet and held the portals open and part of them. Some belonged to the star and Agarthan network. They held the vision and assisted in stabilizing through this transition until this point.

ALEXANDRA: Do you have contact with these people?

COBRA: I have certain contact with brotherhood of the stars.

ALEXANDRA: Amongst many others.

COBRA: There are so many contact. Most of them are needed. I need as complete puzzle as possible to coordinate things here.

ALEXANDRA: Regarding the portal opening, you mentioned on your site that the entities have been confined to 30 meters layer around the surface of the earth.

COBRA: 30 meters up and 30 down – total 60 meters.

ALEXANDRA: Has this shifted since the portal opened?

COBRA: No. It is confined to 30 meters and is staying there. It is getting less and less dense. More and more light is penetrating through that layer.

ALEXANDRA: Because it’s a smaller layer, where they roam, is this more of a problem for humans, they clinging on to us more fiercely?

COBRA: I think it’s the same. Not more of a problem because they have been desperate for quite some time. It will still be intense. There are still many that need to be cleared but we are getting closer to the breakthrough.

ALEXANDRA: I’m very curious – do you feel the earth is expanding?

COBRA: No – it is not. Same diameter, and same diameter will stay.

ALEXANDRA: Bummer. I was hoping you would have something cool. Drunvalo said there is a good chance that there will be 1-6 months w/o electricity, communication and internet. Very high chance from from April – Sept this year. do you agree?

COBRA: I do not agree with it. The event itself, the whole transformation of the event, the critical moment will last maybe 1 or 2 weeks but not longer. This is why we are making all the plans and it’s why taking so long. To ease the critical moment. In most cases the electricity will stay in tact, the network will stay intact. We might have internet during the transition.

ALEXANDRA: That’s good, it’s only 7 – 14 days.

COBRA: Should not be longer. Extremely unlikely that things would go wrong.

ALEXANDRA: You heard that. Everybody’s been talking about the final liberation and taking the Archons off planet. They just can not wrap their brains around why has’t there been the ability to get them to stop when there is less of them, more of us and more light?

COBRA: Most of the surface population influences are by the non physical Archons. They dictate 70-80% of human behavior. If the event happened they will go crazy. First clear archons so humans are by them selves. And then we will trigger the event.

ALEXANDRA: Is vortex energy less powerful without the meditation you’re promoting?

COBRA: Meditation specifically designed to help liberate the planet. The purpose of this meditation is to spread around the world and get critical mass to do the same thing. If people do their own thing at the meditation they decrease the power. (Garbled) This meditation is to reach critical mass and assist and speed up the transition.

ALEXANDRA: Do you feel there are still negative aliens, Reptilians, Grays, Nephelim, in the physical form on the earth, or just the astral?

COBRA: Some of them are incarnate in human bodies. They look like humans. For example George Bush younger is a full reptilian in human body.

ALEXANDRA: Yes. You can just tell with him. Are you familiar with Tolec? (YES) He’s been talking about the event – entailing massive catastrophic earth changes. Something to do with the old time line. What is your take on that? I feel like Everybody has bits of the puzzle but we’re missing pieces in being able to see the time lines and how it plays out.

COBRA: ALL negative timelines have been erased. As we opened the portal on Dec 21st last year. No cataclysmic events at the time of the event.

ALEXANDRA: Cool. What about all this fear-mongering about concentration camps popping up around the US. People are freaking out about it. There’s a lot of video coverage, a lot of movement of tanks, purchase of ammo. Fear based tactic as part of the cabal. We physically see it going down in the US.

COBRA: The cabal is building those facilities and or has been building those facilities for decades. It is good people are aware. They will never be used. It will not be allowed to happen. The cabal will never be able to use those facilities or use the ammo. It’s sitting there in the warehouses. It will not be allowed. It will not be permitted. (COOL) If they try to do it, the event will happen immediately as a precaution to stop it. If they would try to put people in there, the event would happen and it would speed up their own arrest.

ALEXANDRA: You’ve never said that before, that’s awesome.

COBRA: It’s part of the plan. We have covered everything. No martial law. No F.E.M.A. camps. It will not be allowed. It will not be tolerated.

ALEXANDRA: Question about HARP – a lot of people have read and seen very convincing videos in OK tornado’s on May 20th. Sid HARP influence that situation? Was that was compelled by the cabal? Was this part of their last efforts to affect the portal opening?

COBRA: They could not influence portal opening. There is an etheric HARP that can to a certain degree influence weather. It is not physical technology. It is etheric technology. All weather is heavily influenced by the etheric plane. Most people don’t know that. The scalar waves propagate through the etheric plane. The non physical Archons still have that technology that they can use sometimes. But our meditation can influence.(Garbled) even if a tornado or hurricane is forming, a global mass meditation could decrease it’s efficiency and even dissolve it.

ALEXANDRA: So now we know why meditations are so important.

COBRA: If hurricane forming, we can form a global meditation and we would be able to change the destiny of the hurricane.

ALEXANDRA: Good idea – what about sandy? Did you feel that was influenced by HARP?

COBRA: Influenced from etheric plane. (Garbled) (Connection spotty) I’m not exactly in the middle of civilization, no internet, just a i-phone and Skype.

ALEXANDRA: I didn’t hear about sandy and HARP. Could you repeat.

COBRA: Influenced from etheric plane with etheric HARP. It was part of the event from the cabal to frighten population.

ALEXANDRA: A lot of people are asking about the current g-7 meeting. Do you have any intel on what came out there?

COBRA: In a few days, not yet.

ALEXANDRA: Have you heard about Chris Thomas? (NO) He’s very interesting. He’s a tele-porter, remote viewer, really heavy stuff within government to be able to retract on what they are doing. He says there is a race called the Velons. Ever heard of those? (YES) Annunaki have infiltrated the Illuminati. They’ve become more powerful. They embody themselves in human body and supposedly they were destroyed. He’s saying that the world population is around 3.2 bill not 7 bill. What is your feeling?

COBRA: The world population is around 7 bill. Yes there was many infiltrations into the Illuminati. This is diminishing. There are a certain number present on the surface but are being cut down and removed.

ALEXANDRA: What is the true story in Benghazi? Is it true that Hillary crashed in a plane and that is the reason she disappeared and they tried to kidnap her?

COBRA: There are so many stories around this. It’s all a diversion tactic to put too much of your consciousness into this.

ALEXANDRA: What is your take on the current Obama and staff members. What do you feel he is doing at this point. Is he starting to see the light, starting to communicating with Galactic Confederation? Is he holding a bridge for the old and new society?.

COBRA: I will put it this way, the truth of Obama will be released at the event and it will be a surprise.

ALEXANDRA: I thought you might say that. What is the role of Arcturians at the time of disclosure? Are they the keepers of star-gate, ascension portals or corridors?

COBRA: The Arcturians race has been working on the planetary energy grid for quite a long time. It is one of the key races to keep the portals open in this sector of the galaxy. At a certain moment after the event, the Arcturian race will step forward and they will assist in the mass ascension process. This is not yet, this will happen quite some time after the event.

ALEXANDRA: They will not be one of the fore-front type races. More like Pleiadians and Argarthans?

COBRA: There will be one part of the operation where the Arcturians will be involved – the dissemination of information. Releasing of the truth. This will be their role. They will assist quite a lot.

ALEXANDRA: What is your feeling of the re-calibration of D.N.A. What is going on with our bodies, the DNA changing and us becoming light bodies?

COBRA: Not just about the physical D.N.A. We also have etheric D.N.A. Etheric DNA should we should have fully activated 12 strands. They have been messed with in the past. Now the energy from the light from the Galactic center. Now the energy of the light is recovering them, realigning them, so we can awaken our higher psychic abilities. It’s a gradual process. Even now this gradual process has been interfered with from the etheric plane with the technology of the Archons. This process is not yet happening as it should be. But it will be after the event there will be many spontaneous awakenings after the event as a result of the DNA alignment.

ALEXANDRA: When the ascension takes place, actually we’re in the midst already, but when the mass ascension happens, do you believe are we are already in the 4th density or not?

COBRA: The 4th density or dimension is the astral plane. We are in the process of transforming that. It’s a great purification. Before the real ascension process can begin there is a mass purification process of humanity that is happening right now especially the last few years. When this process is over at the time of the event, then and only then can the real ascension process start.

ALEXANDRA: People are ragging on the word ascension, because they are talking about it being an inside job. What is your feeling about ascension per se? Are we going to wake up one day in the 5th dimension and go “Wow, We’re in a different place, a different body”. What is your opinion of that?

COBRA: It is a gradual process that will culminate in the final transformation. Before we get there there are so many things that need to happen and will happen. We’re not yet at the point of the actual ascension. We are preparing for this to start. It starts at the event. The galactic energies will increase and lead us to the transformation at a a gradual process that will culminate in ascension at a certain point in the future.

ALEXANDRA: Neal Keenan. Is he doing a lot of work with the physical gold he’s always talking about? You are adamant that the gold has been taken off the planet or hidden in various locations. What do you think about Keenan’s role? Is in watching over this supposed gold and being a mouthpiece to get this done?

COBRA: I would put it this way. There are many people working on this and they are not public. What he is doing, I will not comment on what he is doing. But I would say the process that is taking place and it’s not about Neal Kennan. It is about so much more. It’s hard to comment on this because there is a certain part about this and I can not disclose at this moment, so I will not answer this.

ALEXANDRA: One more question – is our pineal gland an archon implant to keep us mind controlled and we’re supposed to move beyond it?

COBRA: No, it is a natural gland and it’s purpose to bring in the light. The implant has been in the head area since Atlantis to block, to shut down the pineal gland.

ALEXANDRA: We have a little bit of time to go over May at this time. Before we do, is there anything you want to say about May from an energetic point?

COBRA: The opening of the portal that was successful that triggered a process that will assist us to get us to the event and further than that.

ALEXANDRA: We really feel like we are moving forward.

ALEXANDRA: It feels so good. I wanted to go through a couple things first. We will probably run out of time. Cobra will do another review with me at the end of the week. He’s traveling right now. There is a lot to go over about May. One of the things I wanted to ask you about you follow Ben Fulford?

COBRA: Yes, I am familiar with his work.

ALEXANDRA: He talks about how Benjamin Netanyahu has been threatening Japan to destroy nuclear reactors if they didn’t write off all the US debt. I wanted to see what your opinion was about that. What do you see going on?

COBRA: That information is correct. Benjamin Netanyahu was a part of that network that has that gold. Actually, it was a jesuit operation. He was just a executor of that operation.

ALEXANDRA: Interesting. He (Fulford) mentions that if the American people are free the military must come up with a temporary take over of the key centers of power. You did discuss this a little bit at the conference. What is your feeling about that?

COBRA: The Military will not take over, but will assist and support the civil authorities. It will be a legal operation. It will be completely aligned with the Galactic and even the actual laws that are valid. It’s not a take over, it’s a liberation of those places.

ALEXANDRA: I just think it’s so difficult to wrap our brains around that.

COBRA: The Cabal occupies those places and this needs to stop.

ALEXANDRA: How about George Soros. There are large figures in the pubic and they are not being so public any more. Kind of disappearing, George Soros, Matt? Rothschild?

COBRA: He is misinformed. They are still appearing in the public. Yes, Mason? has been seen in Bulgaria, or Romania or some place. They are quite alive and they are here. They still have a little bit more time, but not much.

ALEXANDRA: Can you clarify who the sabbatean mafiosi?

COBRA: Certain segment which was created that they actually worships the other side. This is a description of that Jewish sect. Many members of the cabal belong to that ideology. Distorted ideology that I completely disagree with.

ALEXANDRA: Don’t they worship – big owl?

COBRA: The symbols they use are good symbols, but distort them and misuse them. The owl is a symbol of wisdom, an ancient symbol of wisdom. They take the symbols as well as many others and distort them. When they do that they twist and distort the energy current that goes through the symbol. This is how they keep their negative energy network running.

ALEXANDRA: Thank you for that. He’s(Fulford) also mentioned that Asian financial leaders have agreed to generously finance non military western ventures once the financial stand-off ends. Has that already begun?

COBRA: Not yet beginning. The eastern alliance waiting for the green light to happen. Not step into action before the event. They are cautious. They have good intentions. A little bit afraid for this to fail. I agree with that.

ALEXANDRA: Too many lives on the lines. (YES) probably never heard before – a story that 1million refugees will be looking for a place to go after they leave the US. Propped up repeatedly in sources that there is a genuine belief that 1 m will leave when the truth comes out?

COBRA: I will explain a little bit about this one. There were about 2 million that were forced into the satanic cult. Ritually abused. They don’t belong to the cult by their free will. After the event they will need healing. There was some negotiations for those people to go to North Korea. Those negotiations failed because this is not a part of the plan of the Galactic Confederation. Most of those people forced into those cults are genuine innocent people who were forced to do negative things. A small percentage of Cabal that organized this will be held responsible for this. No mass exodus of people taking place. Some talks in certain circles about this. Those rumors are correct, but this will not happen.

ALEXANDRA: 2 million people?

COBRA: Yes, about 10% of the people.

ALEXANDRA: I read the book: Transformation of America. Did you read that?

COBRA: It will be good to inform yourself about it. It is not easy to digest.

ALEXANDRA: No it is not. What do you feel about Blair – He’s been singing like a canary.

COBRA: Members of the cabal have been interrogated for a short period of time. They have been detained questioned and released. Last year in Feb. another one in May. A few people have been detained for a couple of hours and questioned.

ALEXANDRA: Is there an audit in the Fed Reserve? Is that being affective? Is that happening?

COBRA: The cabal is trying to slow down and interfere with the process. Many blockages and interference taking place.

ALEXANDRA: Yes, trying.

COBRA: Yes, they are actually doing it but there is lots of opposition about that.

ALEXANDRA: I asked about this at the conference. He’s (Fulford) saying that the takedown has already begun. Firing of 26 generals has started and now the I.R.S. is being taken down as well.

COBRA: OK when the 2nd election of obama happened there was a certain clean-up that started in November. Yes, there are certain people that have been arrested, certain people have been taken down. But this is minor compared with what needs to be done.

ALEXANDRA: High level crime syndicate – redistribution of assets. Where is that going to go?

COBRA: There is a certain restructuring taking place. All the mafia’s were connected to the Cabal. Some of those organizations are trying to break off. There is certain restructuring taking place all around the world.

ALEXANDRA: Wow, there are so many changes taking place. Asia, China, So. Korea, Japan and Us in forcing the regime change in No. Korea. Can you expand on that? How is that affecting us. How is that positive?

COBRA: No. Korea is the most isolated country on the planet. It’s like a big concentration camp. This has to change.

ALEXANDRA: Wow, i didn’t know that.

COBRA: I would ask people to become more aware of the situation in No. Korea. People on brink of starvation all the time. It’s the continent with the the worst living conditions on the planet. It’s good to be informed about that. This needs to be spread around the media all the much more. The situation is not nice.

ALEXANDRA: Is that because they have been presented to us as warmongers?

COBRA: Again, so much dis-information in the mass media so people would not be aware of the situation.

ALEXANDRA: Wow, That’s quite a wake up call. Wake up call for me.

COBRA: They are suppressed. It’s much worse than any other country on the planet right now.

ALEXANDRA: There has been a ton of info on China and apparently they’ve been hacking the Dept. of Defense. Was the Resistance behind that?

COBRA: No, no, no. (separate item). They have very skillful hackers there.

ALEXANDRA: Yes, that’s true. Ben Fulford says Russian, Indians and Japanese who all share the borders of the Chinese have already formed military alliances making it very clear that they are not going along with the Cabal plan to offer another world control through China. Any comments?

COBRA: They are in the process of shifting alliances. Lots of connection and talks with the military of those countries talking. China, India, Japan and Russia in all those countries. There is talking all the time. Shifting as the situation shifts. The general, underlying note of all of this is they are trying to create a unified front against the Cabal. This alliance has not stabilized yet. So the changes and shifting of alliances is this is taking place from month to month.

ALEXANDRA: Do you feel the BRICS alliance is a great portion of that?

COBRA: Yes, it is connected to that. So we have military people and financial people working on the same goal.

ALEXANDRA: Who was behind the whole GMO destroying of the corn? Monsanto was hit really hard this month and a lot of people have been protesting worldwide. There has been rejection of GMO corn and wheat was rejected by Japan. Apparently Monsanto will not be able to sell their GMO foods. It goes on and on. Monsanto has really been hit hard. What is your perspective on that?

COBRA: I will say as much as I can. There is a certain small positive group that have planned to do this a long time ago. They have been working hard and it’s a coordinated action to break down the monopoly and the power of Monsanto. The results are here.

ALEXANDRA: I really agree with that. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like to see them go down.

COBRA: Yes, this is part of a long long operation. A lot of hard work, a lot of dedicated people and coordinated effort which was classified a long time and sprang into action.

ALEXANDRA: I have so much more to ask you. I think we will do another session just to cover more of the events. In the meantime as we tie this up, do you have anything to say about the conference in Hawaii?

COBRA: Yes. We have anchored the goddess presence as the portal was opened. This was very much needed. Integrate and balance the male and female aspect. We are forming Goddess groups. More info on the blog when the time is right.

ALEXANDRA: That’s good news. That’s a great idea. I want to thank all of you who sent in their questions. Some of them may have been repetitive for you but there are a lot of new people that need to hear them.

COBRA: I would just say, go to my blog and read all of them. You will get a lot of information and understanding. There are over 200 posts.

ALEXANDRA: Go to www.galacticconnection.com. Talk about info. I’m over 6,000 posting of news around the world.

ALEXANDRA: Thank you cobra

COBRA: This is my first interview in the car – first time.

ALEXANDRA: Blessings everyone. Keep the meditations going. We will keep you posted. We will keep you posted on the New Society and All that information. We have so much going on. So when the levy breaks we are prepared.


ALEXANDRA: Have a great day.

I want to thank DaNell Glade for her assistance and speedy delivery of this transcription. She has offered support with love and enthusiasm! Thank you DaNell.

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