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Von Wisdom of the Light

Simplicity is the Truth by Master El Morya

Channelled Through Natalie Glasson

I extend my abundant love and blessings to all on the Earth and to those who are receptive to my thoughts now. I have been asked to come forward with a special message by the Creator and the higher vibrational beings of the cosmic level to share an understanding with you as you exist on the Earth. I, Master El Morya, am the chohan or overseer of the first ray of light and it is my purpose to collect, decipher and anchor the will of the Creator onto the Earth, so that every soul experiences the guidance that they need with perfect timing to accelerate along their spiritual path. The will of the Creator helps us to understand what we need to achieve in order to accomplish our goals and return to a strong and complete unity with the soul of the Creator. While anchoring the will or guidance of the Creator for humanity, my soul attracted me to a very special consciousness held within the Creator’s light, I would like to share this consciousness with you now, it is a simple but powerful message and reminder I believe.

Simplicity is the key when wishing to advance spiritually on the Earth, when you take an action or hold an intention of awakening to your spiritual path and all the glorious realisation it may bring, you must first ask yourself why you are awakening, what are your reasons for the change in your beliefs or outlook and what is your ultimate goal. These are very important questions as they help you to realise what you must achieve but also where your mind set is or the level of growth that you are naturally awakening into because of previous life times. Allow me to explain this a bit further, I hear the prayers and thoughts of many souls on the Earth asking for assistance in awakening their being to the light of the Creator in order to develop and realise their spiritual abilities and skills. This is all very well but I feel that greater thought must be placed in your ultimate goal, which in my belief should be to become united as one with the Creator, to act, react, think, speak and exist as and within the light and consciousness of the Creator. This is by no means a judgement; it is simply an understanding that I have gained from working with the consciousness of the Creator. Spiritual abilities, skills and enlightenment are simply the result of aligning with the Creator; the more you focus on becoming one with the Creator the more you expand your spiritual skills and inner abilities. It is almost a result or by product of your devotion to the Creator, because as you align with the Creator’s energy you accept the Creator’s light and so activate the almighty Creator presence within you. It is very similar to beginning a career path on the Earth, if you have a desire to become, for example, a doctor, then you may be achieving this for many reasons but the ultimate goal is to become a doctor to assist people. In order to become a doctor you would have to devote yourself to your studies, you study to become a complete doctor with all the knowledge that you need to assist the health of others, not to understand one procedure and to continue to practice this one procedure for the rest of your career. What I am trying to explain is that your efforts and dedication are to become a manifestation of a complete doctor rather than a doctor who can only assist patients with similar problems. When you awaken to your spiritual path, you are not awakening to become a healer, a medium, channel or anything else, although this is a path that you may need to take to lead you to the Creator, you are awakening to realise yourself as the Creator once more. This is an understanding that I wish for you to hold in your mind as it is an essential thought that will assist you in progressing further and driving you forward to gain unity and oneness with the Creator.   Remember your ultimate goal and let it fuel everything that you achieve on the Earth.

A connection with the Creator is one of the most wonderful things that you can achieve, to feel, to sense or understand the Creator’s energy, love and light flowing into your being will ensure you are always supported, protected and travel along the correct path for you. To focus on increasing this connection is a simple technique that you can practice to accelerate your spiritual development. When awakening many people get tangled up in their new understanding of their guides, the presence of ascended masters and angels. There is a whole new world to explore with so many light beings wanting to help you that it can become confusing and distracting as you try to discover new names, energies, techniques and beliefs. This is when you can forget your ultimate goal and neglect your direct connection with the Creator; it is almost becoming wrapped up in the glamour of having high vibrational guides and ascended masters assisting you. It is always important to bring yourself back to your centre and focus on your direct connection with the Creator.

This can simply be achieved by sitting peacefully and asking the most appropriate vibration of light from the Creator’s soul to flow into your being. You can also just sit peacefully and chant the word ‘Om’ which is a word holding the consciousness of the Creator. Both techniques are simple and will attract the light, love and life force energy of the Creator into your being. I would be honoured if you would take a few minutes each day to practice this, imagining a direct link of light between your heart chakra and the mighty Creator soul in the universe. If every soul on the Earth was to achieve this we would see a tremendous shift in energy on the Earth. If every person was to stay linked into the Creator’s energy throughout their day the changes would be inspirational.

I wish to express to you that the ascended masters, angels and your many guides are with and near to you to help and guide you. By connecting with their energy and consciousness you are linking with the Creator’s soul at the most appropriate vibration for you and you are accepting needed and essential consciousness, but while you continue to works with your guides who are needed in your life now, do not be distracted from your direct link with the Creator by the labels, titles and names given to and through your guides. Remember your ultimate goal and use the presence of your guides and their love to assist you in achieving your ultimate goal.

Through simplicity you will find the truth of the Creator, continue to explore and discover yourself and the inner planes but remember your ultimate goal.

From the Creator Presence within me,

I am Master El Morya

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