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Spaceflights to Earth Began When Planet Cooled

First posted by Norma Hickox on February 18, 2010

The ball of fire blazing in the distance, which was to become our earth, was visible at all times for hundreds of thousands of years until gradually it began to cool. Many more eons went by before the flights to planet earth began from the Andromeda galaxy.

The first day mentioned in the Bible referred to the first ships from the other galaxies. The Andromedans made the first two trips. The first trip was the discovery of the amoeba; on the second trip they discovered that it had progressed into the upright animal form. These would be the first two days Biblically speaking.

The travelers from the Andromeda galaxy watched the cooling down process. Their space ships traveled to it before it even cooled enough for landing. It had cooled to a solid but the gases were still curling up off of it and lava would bubble up everywhere.

They stayed with it until the discovery of the amoeba. This ended the participation of the Andromedans, who came from all the inhabited planets in that galaxy, taking turns sending expeditions.

Having discovered the beautiful shaping up of this amoeba, the Andromedans turned the watch over to the Pleiades galaxy, which was responsible for the third and fourth days Biblically speaking. By the time of the fourth trip the animals had truly progressed past the ape stage into a different form. The Pleiadians carried it to the stage where the animals started walking upright, when it was possible to mate the animals with evolved life from other planets.

When this was discovered the Pleiadians then turned it over to Sirion and others in the same galaxy, the Milky Way as we know it. The different galaxies watching earth's progress had superior knowledge in their particular stage of the watch and, for instance, when the Andromedans turned it over to the Pleiadians, they (the Andromedans) took on the watch of the next planet, which is almost in the amoeba stage now.

As given the Pleiadians, in turn, gave the watch over to other planets in the Milky Way galaxy, of which Sirion and Venus were the main two. They were responsible for the fifth and sixth trips (days).

At the time of the fifth trip the true form had altered from that of the animal. They had been watching for this alteration to appear before they began their experiments. The animals still had their tails at the beginning of their experiments, which they quickly lost. The original experimenters were from Venus. The animals were left to bear their offspring for two generations. This would be the fifth day.

On the sixth day (trip) they were again inseminated with their genes, artificially. It took four generations for them to lose their tail to the point where it was a stub of six inches, and it took three more generations for this stub to disappear.

The formation of the Biological Kingdom was an involved process. As the one cell amoeba split, the ones that did not split were growing and forming into all different kinds of animals. The ones that did not split had the double stomach intestinal tract, totally different from the ones who did split.

Keep in mind that the ones that did split were forming into a very different kind of animal, one that started standing up on its hind legs; one that had a different internal make-up, the cave man stage. Then came the split into the bisexual animal and finally the split into those animals that were able to pull energy from the atmosphere.

When the evolving animals were found to be standing upright, they were huge in size, what would be termed a giant in today's world. At the same time that they were inseminated with genes, they were also miniaturized to bring them down to the approximate size of the spacemen. The process took several generations. The other animals were also large, but were not miniaturized at that time. Therefore they continued to grow, but the ones who were of the ape family, that had been inseminated, continued to get smaller.

All these other animals continued developing, along with the group of animals that had been miniaturized. This group was now standing up on their hind legs. They were beginning to group together, taking cover from the huge animals. These were the results of the split of the amoeba.

They were more refined; they actually were to the point of where they could think. They had this awareness, this instinct of self-preservation honed to a sharper degree than the big animals of the animal kingdom. The more they began to separate themselves off into their groups, the greater the difference between them and the animals became. They gathered together to find food and for protection and they began to form a group consciousness of taking care of each other. They also began banding together against the antagonism of the big animals.

They were thinking on a certain level, to the point where they could plan ahead, perhaps to put food away for the hard winter weather. They had a realization of the cycles of nature. They seemed to understand what caused babies to be born. They had a rudimentary mind working on an instinct level of procreation, self-preservation and instinct survival.

Earth was then left alone for a lengthy period of time, until the first animals started standing upright. At this time the insemination experiments were begun that would carry the evolution on the planet ever forward. (These experiments are the "days" referred to in the Bible.)

The story of creation covers many generations of experiments. Passages in Genesis were still dealing with the experiments of the space people in getting a line of more highly evolved humans started; not only started, but controlled as far as having anything further to do with those coming from a more pure animal background.

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