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Mother's Mini-Messages - Part 1

von Mother/Source, gechannelt von Christine Burk und Kathryn May, 03.06.2015

Mother's Mini-Message #1

Open the Love Spigot

Oh, my dear children,

I am so delighted to be with you in this way today. I will be bringing you what I am calling Mother's Mini Messages on a daily basis for a while. Now, of course they are mini in length, but they will not be mini in the walloping impact they will have in your life when you let them in.

Let's talk about that. How do you let us in? How do you let in love, how do you let in the company of Heaven, your Higher Self, your Twin flame, your Mother and Father?

Since this is my first Mini-Message, I will get right to it.

You may be surprised, even shocked to hear this, but at all times, day and night, all of the Love, the adoration, the tenderness, the support, the resources, the care are pouring down on you at a maximum rate. If you like, you can feel it now. I will help you. Take a chance. Say to me, "Mother, I would like a sample of that please," and I will help you bypass your own invented limitations for a moment so that we may be joined in an exquisite vortex of Love.

Now, let's discuss why you are not experiencing this at all times. Are you ready? I'm going to reveal to you how it works. When you descend into lower dimensions, you invent reasons and beliefs that slow the flow of goodness that you would experience naturally, if you were in higher dimensions - the 5th dimensions and above.

Imagine this. You have your hand on a spigot, like the one your garden hose hooks up to. When you turn the valve to open, the HoneyLove that your Father and I are always pouring on you flows down into your being. In this state, there is no lack, there is no need for external resources. Everything you desire from your divine will that is aligned with our will is infinitely present and available for you.

Long ago, when you descended into the lower dimensions - the 4th dimension and below - you easily remembered that you had a spigot and that you had sole control over the spigot. As the long eons passed, and the experience in the lower dimensions became more arduous, you forgot all about the spigot.

Great news. It is there, you have complete command over it, and even more great news: Father and I and your beloved Company of Heaven are on standby to help you recall how to open your spigot and turn on the waterfall of unending adoration and nourishment for your body and soul. There I have encoded it.

Before I end our first Mother's Mini-Message, I want to encourage all of you to read Archangel Michael's recent message. Father and I have prepared and wrapped a present for you, so follow the treasure hunt. Read the message and get the gift with your name on it. ( The link is below.)

I love each of you. It is time for us to be close. I speak for Father as well, of course.

I stand together with your Company of Heaven. We are not even a breath away. Please my darlings, open your spigot and let in our endless Love.

It is time.

I am your Mother.

Channeled by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 3, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #2

Time to Finish the Lower-Dimensional Hokey Pokey

Good day Bright Stars!

Did you know that? Did you know that you are the brilliant Stars that Light up Father's and my sky? Every precious one of you do. Yes, you too. Every one of you is the most treasured. Every one of you receives all the love we have to give, which is an infinite and ever expanding amount. As we get better and better at loving, because we are always growing too, we turn and give it all to you. That is why our Love is always fresh and abundant, so open your spigot! Here comes a new batch of HoneyLove!

Now that's the way I like to begin everything we do, covered and smothered in love like a hot fudge Sundae. I mention ice cream just now especially for our Sananda who is here by my side as I speak this to you today. I have asked him to be here to help out with today's Mother's Mini-Message. Sananda likes ice cream very much; he likes about every kind of ice cream. We all have favorite treats from when we have incarnated on Earth.

We want you to get to know us like that now. We want you to know us, Father and I and your Company of Heaven, personally and familiarly. We want our bond with you to be warm and close, our communications to be frequent and full of laughter. Again I tell you that we here in the Company of Heaven are not different from you. We think of our differences as only a difference in capacity. In this infinite moment, Father and I have more capacity to love, and that makes us more capable of all things. That is truly the only difference between us - capacity. And yours is always growing. The rest is just perspective. I will give you an example.

A long time ago, we all began this Project. We can use the Project's formal title, The Earth Project, or for today's Mini-Message we can also just call this Project the Hokey Pokey. You know that dance you did as a child? Well, it could be said that all of us are at varying stages of finishing the Earth Project dance, the Hokey Pokey. Some of us, like our Sananda here, are personally finished dancing that dance. They have put all their parts in and taken all their parts out of the Earth's lower dimensional Matrix. Then, they come Home to Father and I in between lifetimes and "shake it all about" because that is what it's all about. It's all about the lessons and the love.

Many of you are caught on a first line of the song, as if your record is skipping and stuck there. You put your heart in...you put your heart in...you put your heart in... but you haven't taken your heart out. You have left your battered heart in the values and beliefs of the Matrix, and yet you wonder why it feels broken. You put your brain in... but you haven't taken your brain out, so your thinking is still grooved into the dark and diabolical programming that always leads you astray. You put your will in and you gave it to your lower ego, which certainly does everything possible to stop you from taking it out, so you live a life based on superficial gratifications rather than the everlasting fulfillment of aligning with our Divine Will.

The solution is easy. You just need to finish the dance. Whatever you put into the Matrix, you need to take back out. You do this by reestablishing your divine will, reclaiming your heart, and taking possession of your own brain.

You must reclaim your will to direct and manage your own life, your own thinking, feeling and behaving. No one has the right to own you. You are not simply a leaf in the wind, being buffeted about by external forces. If you believe you are controlled by the dark elements in your life, you have put your whole self into the Matrix, then you insist you haven't - you are just responding to "reality," and you have forgotten to take your whole self out.

This is the solution, of course. First you must be courageous enough to "shake it all about." Everything. Your pet ideas, your precious beliefs, your opinions about yourself. Leave nothing unquestioned, nothing unexamined. Let nothing slip by your conscious attention. Be attentive as you have never been before. Allow yourself to apply the strength of your own divine will to polishing the sheen of your own self-love, and you will be able to look at anything, change anything.

Now you are ready to really do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around.

And that's what it's all about.

I am your Mother

Channeled by Kathryn E. May and Christine Burk, June 4, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #3

Working the Program: When a Salad Is Not a Salad

Hello Dear Masters, our children, come close.

Imagine you have just made a big salad for dinner with all kinds of goodies in it, and you set it on your dining table. Then I come to you and ask you to take the salad back into the kitchen and un-make it. Perhaps you say to me, "But Mother, I am hungry, and my salad is all ready, and I took time in my hectic day to make this salad, can't I just have some first?" I then say to you, "Please trust me."

So you galumph back into the kitchen with your prized salad and begin to take it apart. You start with your least favorite bits thinking, "Well, I didn't really want those in there anyways." The whole time you work, you are questioning and doubting, which is causing you to move quite slowly and sluggishly. You are giving off an air of begrudging compliance. You pick apart the ingredients of your salad and move them into separate bowls, and as you reach the midway point of your project, you stop and ask me, "Do you want me to keep going? I trust you Mother, but this doesn't really make any sense to me. Why am I doing this?" I send you a wave of warm encouragement.

Once you have everything in separate bowls, you turn and ask me if that is good enough? I gently point out that everything is still covered in salad dressing. You respond with a forced smile, but inside you are grumpily complaining, "That was my last bottle of salad dressing, what am I supposed to do, rinse it off of everything?"

Once you are finished rinsing, I ask you to look at your accomplishment and tell me what you see. You think, "I see two hours wasted. I see I'm hungrier than ever, and my dinner is ruined. I see a useless demonstration. I see nonsense." Outwardly, you simply say, "I see that I did what you asked."

I ask you if you would like to know what I see? You perk up a bit and say "Yes, of course." I remind you of your recent request to have a healthy body, a clear mind and a loving disposition, and I say that you have now taken a big step to accomplishing those wishes. Well, this makes no sense to you. After all, weren't you already striving for the same thing by having a salad, which took too much time to make in your already stressful day, instead of what you really wanted?!

Before I illumine another way to view your dinner salad, I give you a wink and encourage you to keep a bit of humor in your bearing, so that you may more easily see a clearer view, without self-incrimination. Mildly, I speak, "You were distracted and forgot to wash the harmful toxins off your greens. Many of your vegetables come from genetically modified seeds (GMO) that are extremely dangerous to your brain and body and cause you to be emotionally volatile as well.

The dressing you used is made of high fructose corn syrup, which re-programs your brain to crave sugar. The tofu you chose is not organic, so it has been soaked in hexane, a petroleum byproduct. In an effort to cut down on meat, you only added bacon bits, which are full of nitrates and chemicals and, sadly, came from animals that had extremely tormented lives. When you eat their meat, you ingest their antibiotics, their growth hormones, and their misery."

Love Yourself as I Love You

You see? In an effort to "do the right thing," in order to be "healthy," "skinny," and "spiritually correct," you created a new, equally damaging program to replace the old one, and you top it off with feelings of deprivation and righteousness, as if you are "giving up" something. It's like the heroin addict who spends hours in the gym drinking synthetic vitamin drinks.

Now, please understand, I am asking you to care about yourself as much as I do. It hurts me to see the damage you have all taken on, and the damage you continue to inflict on yourselves, your dear planet, and your families.

You didn't set out to be belligerently self-destructive. You have a loving heart. I only ask that you use it to love yourself and your precious body and soul. To do that, you must see the truth. You would not think of drinking out of mud puddles, but you drink out of plastic bottles that are more chemically dangerous than the puddle.

You have not accepted the simple truth that if it kills a bug, it will kill you too.

Children, of course we are not speaking of salads and water bottles. Again I say, "Come close," and I gather you to me. These examples illustrate the depth of your layers upon layers of programming where with your good intentions you replace one program with another. Do not seek a new set of behavioral rules or philosophical standards. Do what your father and I invite you to do. "Take apart your salad" means to take apart your programming, which consists of your thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs. Put them in separate bowls on the counter. See them for what they are. Walk around them, poke them, prod them, see what they're made of and where they came from.

In the light of day, do they still seem so appealing and important? Once you have done this all-important and indispensable step, then and only then, turn your shining face to your Father and me and let us fill you with real nourishment. Then, we will begin to co-create your new life and our new world. There will be no going back. We will meet you on the other side of this Salad Project.

I am Mother (and of course Father is here with me).

Channeled by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 5, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #4

Peace Is Declared on Earth - Our DNA Is Upgraded

Good day treasured children!

I do not call you "children" to suggest vulnerable or immature, but rather to alight the place within you that knows and cannot deny that you are our precious, wanted and beloved children, always. You were born in love, and it is time to come Home to be loved until Love is all that exists in your being once more. You are Father's and my child, and we adore you. We wait holding our breath to see if this will be the moment you come into our arms. Let us immerse you in our tenderness and cover you in kisses, so you may quickly and easily finish your healing for the wrap up of the Earth Project.

My scribe is giggling because I arrived to awake her this morning for this message wearing a Peace shirt and a tool belt. I wore these things to alert her of the theme of today's Mini-Message and because I love to hear her laugh. She laughs easily and often; it's one of the reasons we in the higher realms can effortlessly communicate with her. She twinkles with laughter, and it allows her to see me within, in her mind's eye, you might say.

You can do this too!

Ask Father and me to come, and we will. We will support and enhance your valiant efforts to heal yourselves as you seek out and truly see where you changed your loyal alignment from us to a program - a program that is not the Source of Light, so it can never ever accomplish its deceitful promises of fulfillment to you. In bright contrast, your choice to re-connect with Father and me will Activate the DNA upgrade we have just released (explained on Kathryn's show - see the link below). This will help you to open, purify and fortify the channel that is the core of Light running through the center of your being, your Pillar of Light. You will be better able to receive the constant stream of messages we - along with your Higher Self, Twin Soul, Galactic Federation healing team and other members of the Company of Heaven - are beaming to you.

Here is big hint for better communicating with us. Turn off your inner editor. When we send you an image and a feeling or some words... let them stand as they are. Do not think, "I must not be seeing this, after all, Mother God would not show up wearing a tool belt and Peace sign, and carrying a L-O-V-E sign." Of course I would! And just wait until you see the endless parade of fantastic outfits Archangel Michael has in store for you!

I come to you today with thrilling news of a magnificent event that has occurred last night. Two of your Lightworkers, who are diligently working on a Peace Project for all upon Earth (more to be revealed soon!), approached the Council and asked that the Council mark the moment and officially declare Peace On Earth. Indeed a collective Light quorum and quotient (enough people at a high enough level) has been reached upon Earth, so this factor, along with the success of many of our Lightworker boots-on-the-ground are having on their Projects at this time, freed us to be able to grant this request and... declare official and lasting Peace.

Exactly what does this mean? The vibration of humanity is rising and holding steady at higher levels. Pods of Lightworkers are quietly accomplishing their tasks involving NESARA, Safety, Prosperity, Peace, Landings, The Temple of Light and so on. When you begin to hear about the details of these Projects, you will surely be amazed at what has been going on behind the scenes. It means that Peace is now the overriding value and culture of Planet Earth. Wars, panic, domination, engineered lack, poverty and debt slavery will peter out for lack of support and involvement.

If you choose to participate in any thought, feeling or belief of lack, fear, doubt or selfishness as this shift in consciousness comes fully into fruition, you will be delaying the inevitable glorious arrival of the peaceful New Golden Age. Decide now where your allegiance lies because you will be accountable for the results of your actions.

Peace is a refusal to take part in any kind of violence, ever.

Peace is not a passive state. Peace is readiness at every moment to engage with Strength, Love, Balance, Independence, Unity, Compassion, Generosity, Clarity, Humor and intense steadfast Divine Will.

Peace is Light. Peace is your Father and me.

It is our Destiny.We love you without end. I am your Mother.

Channeled by Kathryn E. May and Christine Burk, June 5, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #5

We Are The Great Central Sun

Beloved Lightbearers, our own darling children.

Today I will tell you one of Father's favorite things to say to our dearest children of Earth, especially whenever you come to us seeking relief from the conditions of the often trying circumstances of your lives.

Father says...

"When you don't have cake, eat bread.
When you don't have bread, drink water.
When you don't have water, sit in Peace and meditate."

Father's words are encoded with uplifting frequencies of Light and Love to help you perceive and embody the profound and caring meanings embedded in what he says. What we say to you is always a transmission of energies perceivable on many different levels.

To gain the most from what we say to you, it is best to just relax and choose to let us in... we will always come. We will soothe, elevate, inspire, reflect and Love you, in order to support your valiant efforts towards being loving and for your Ascension preparations.

Father is encouraging you to be flexible. See things as they are. Let go of rigid beliefs and binding expectations. If you dare to fully follow Father's words in body and spirit, you will have instant, deep and lasting Peace. He shows you the doorway to Prosperity. Father shows you how to run free in the breeze through the meadow by the sea - no matter what is going on around you.

Your Father and I offer you this ease in many ways now. It is up to you to embrace what we offer, so you may come fully into the time of laughter and grace. This grace is the fulfillment of all you have experienced and learned. As we have been showing you so often in recent days, the portal from the old and decaying Matrix to the threshold of your New Earth is your willingness to see and release the dark and damaging programming which has kept you upside down and inside out.

Walk outside and turn your face into the sunshine. Invite the rays of The Great Central Sun to flood your body and warm your heart. Your Father and I are the Light of the Great Central Sun. Let in the sunny rays which are comprised of uplifting codes, DNA upgrades and restorative love.

Bask in our warmth.

Be flexible, patient, kind and ready.

Your Father and I love you so dearly.

I am your Mother.

Through Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 7, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #6

Animals Are Mighty Masters, Showing You the Way Home

Many Animals Are Respected As Powerful and Steadfast Lightworkers!

Beautiful day sweet children!

It is me, your Mother. How long I have waited to be able to speak with you in this close and familiar way. Thank you for you deep and diligent inner-work - your efforts to raise up and shine like the jewels you truly are. It allows us to be close in every way.

Today my Mini-Message will not be "mini" because of its length but as a tribute to the stature of some of the mightiest mini-Masters on Earth. I will use as many words as needed to explain the courage and triumph of these great ones who live among you and who serve with devotion, constancy and pure love. They have been forging the way for and with you to transcend the thick blanket of destructive programming that has covered Earth.

Today I will be naming names - that is, I will be using specific examples of some of the Masters from this esteemed group of Lightworkers - the Ascending animals - because they are the brave leaders who live among you, showing the way. Yet, I want you to know that I could be speaking about any one of the millions of pint-sized Masters you all come in contact with every day. Have I piqued your interest?

BamBam, the Energy Super-Scrubber

Let's begin with little BamBam. BamBam is a cat who lives on the New York farm with Kathryn, Christine and Jade. She has been with Christine since she was tiny. She and her sister Pebbles are a lot like you; they have Missions, contracts and special gifts, just as each of you do. BamBam knows her best ability. As she calls it, she is an "Energy Super-Scrubber." This means she knows how to transmute and clean energy in her environment.

BamBam takes her job very seriously, and she works diligently around the clock to keep the home clear of energetic toxins, dark thoughtforms and entities. She works with her own team of Angels and Guides to maintain a pristine environment for her family and for all who visit the Temple of Light.

Christine, Pebbles and BamBam have always practiced their family Mission, which is to emanate Love, together. All three sit on the bed or sometimes just join in their minds and their hearts, and they send out waves of love and healing to the world and to the Unified Crystalline Grid of Light. Pebbles and BamBam have always called this special family effort "Trinity Time." Like all of you, BamBam also has her own personal lessons and Mission.

Before incarnating, BamBam chose two important Missions. Firstly, she asked and so was assigned to be a helper, healer, supporter and Super-Scrubber for our dear Christine. BamBam knew that Christine was to have a challenging Mission, and she wanted very much to come to love and assist Christine. Little BamBam knew that Christine, like so many of you Lightworkers, was taking on a Mission that would help with the Ascension of Planet Earth. BamBam wanted to help too! All of your pets consciously chose to be with you, to love and support you as well.

"Primal" Is Not Natural, It's a Program Whose Time Is Up!

BamBam's other Mission is very important to Earth. She is on a team of animals from across the planet who are working hard to help heal and end the Primal Programming.

Just like the animals, your true nature is peaceful, joyful, relaxed and loving. Our beloved Masters and channels have explained to you that any other emotion including fear, anger, impatience, confusion, jealousy, selfishness, depression and sadness is NOT your true nature but something you are doing, experiencing and expressing separate from your true nature, like a suit of clothing that overlays who you really are. These ill-disposed emotions and qualities are the result of the negative programming you have all taken on while living in the old Earth Matrix. Your job now is to see how you have been saturated with this programming and extricate yourself from it.

The animals and other Kingdoms of Earth are in the same position as you. The true nature of animals - all animals - is peaceful, joyful, generous and loving. The main dark program that animals harbor is the Primal Program, which contains beliefs and behaviors such as: It is natural for animals to hunt, eat each other, be aggressive, defend their territory, and so on. There are human and animal Lightworkers across the globe helping animals transition to higher dimensional living as Father and I flood Earth with our Light for your Ascension.

It may seem impossible to you that a predator who has fed itself and its young by killing and eating other animals could possibly survive any other way, but I tell you, the animals of Inner Earth and many other higher dimensional planets do just that. They enjoy a vegetarian diet just as their human counterparts do. You remember our promise, do you not, that there is a Paradise coming to Earth. The lion will truly lie down with the lamb.

Our devoted BamBam is helping to end the Primal Programming for all felines. She works very hard, and her colossal efforts are endearing to us. When BamBam is outside and she feels overcome with the urge to hunt, she interrupts the program by interrupting herself. She will force herself to come indoors for a while, or she will sit under a big tree, where she receives waves of helpful, calming energy from the tree. Sometimes she will call out to the family, who then encourage and praise her. BamBam is conscious and diligent in her efforts to carry out her Mission and heal this programming, and she is willing to reach out for help if necessary.

Please realize that you have been programmed to believe that primal behavior is natural and immutable. Father and I tell you now that this is not true.

Angel, the Wonder Dog Overcomes the Program "All Attention Is Love"

We all know and love Meg, Kathryn's co-host and our darling daughter who is forging the way by unsnarling herself from some of the most heinous programming of the old Matrix. She is also caring for Angel, the wonder dog, on her farm in Atlanta while Jade and her family do their work up North. Meg and Angel joined forces to identify and leave behind an insidious program that defines attention - all attention - as good. Within the Matrix, even torture or hatred, followed by admiration, becomes equal to love.

For Meg this meant that whether she was treated poorly or not didn't matter. For little Angel, frenetic, aggressive and threatening behavior was the norm. She would bark relentlessly, until her hyper behavior was annoying and grating to those around her. All Angel cared about was getting attention, although she was never actually HAPPY demanding attention in negative ways. This is a draining and obnoxious program that we have all experienced at one time or another in ourselves and others.

Once Meg had taken a long look at this programming within herself, examining it closely to see where it had come from and how she had engaged in it, she came to Father and me for support in ending it. We asked her to make a long list of the things she has called Love. She wrote a whopper list, which we will share with you at a later time, and she came to the conclusion that Love is not attention. Love is LOVE. Bravo!

Truth is what unravels programming, so with this truth in their hearts, Meg and Angel began to work to help Angel overcome this programming for herself, and so she could lead the way for the Animal Kingdom. Meg began to celebrate and adore Angel for her big heart and crackerjack personality.

Angel became aware of her demanding ways and worked hard to change them. With Meg's attentive care and warm love, Angel made conscious choice after choice to change. Now, Angel is a calm pleasure who interacts with respect and awareness. We beam praise to our little Angel for her tremendous accomplishment in fulfilling her agreement with us and overcoming this intense programming.

Animals Communicate... Are You Listening?

Father and I would like to make you all aware that it is now easier than ever to communicate with animals. Everyone has the capacity to do it. We also send a special blessing this day to all of the animal communicators who work on behalf of our treasured animals. Meg, Kathryn, Christine and others in the family have an animal communicator who we simply adore. She is a Master in her own right, and her service is impeccable. If you ask your Higher Self and guide team, they will help you to communicate with your animals better and to connect with one of the many talented animal communicators who can open doors for you.

Pebbles, the Sonic Wave Healer

Pebbles is an elegant and mature cat who is also consciously working to undo dark programming for herself and for the Animal Kingdom. Her special gift, and a large part of her Mission, is to sit calmly, connect with higher dimensional energies and emit them in waves into the environment around her. As she knows, her job title is, "Sonic Wave Healer," and she is excellent at it. She often works consciously with the cetaceans for training and coordinates as a liaison with them to anchor and emit their uplifting emanations to help Earth and all life upon her.

Through her team of guides and Angels, Pebbles routinely receives assignments from us. Recently, her Higher Self agreed to take on the challenge of overcoming the dark program, "I didn't mean to do it (therefore I am not responsible for what I did)." Miss Pebbles went outside and caught a snake. Christine immediately intervened.

Christine scooped Pebbles into her arms and began reminding her that we never hurt other living beings. Pebbles replied, "I didn't mean to hurt it." Christine explained to Pebbles that her declared intentions did not match the results of her actions. Christine looked deeply into Pebbles eyes, and Pebbles understood. She asked Christine if she had made that little thing leave her body? Christine said that she had not, but that Pebbles must think deeply about why she would hurt another being.

Pebbles quarantined herself to the scarf basket for two days to think deeply. Of course Christine covered her in kisses and encouragement during this time. Pebbles re-joined the center of the family once she had finished working through her task. She overcame the shame by acknowledging her mistake. This made it possible for her to make a decision about her own character and how she would behave in the future.

As we cheer and beam for your accomplishments, we also feel deep love and admiration for these Masters as they come through their assignments, challenges and Missions. Did you know that the animals around you were working so diligently to do their part to learn and to raise Earth into higher dimensions?

Pound for Pound, the Mightiest Kumara of Them All, Dr. Che

Che is Kathryn's little dog. He is a mighty mighty Master, who has recently really come into his own. When the family asked why Che had been making such leaps and bounds in his abilities, we explained to them through their beloved communicator that Che had needed two things to expand his talents. First, he needed safety. In the past, as part of his preparation, Che had been exposed to other programmed animals who were unpredictable and aggressive. This had temporarily made him a bit anxious and unable to focus on his deeper qualities. Second, Che, like all young Masters, needed loving encouragement so he could stretch his wings and fly - and oh, has he ever done that!

In Che's home family members are currently going through an arduous physical healing process. Working closely with Sananda and with the warm praise and overflowing appreciation of his family, Che has become a remarkable healer. We all call him Dr. Che. Every day, he scans the family and their various conditions. He organizes his day to ensure he fits everyone in for the healing they need. Then, he will go from family member to member offering long sessions of healing in which he curls his body next to theirs and emits frequencies that repair and smooth weary systems and painful conditions.

Che is tireless in his service. Some days, he spends up to 16 hours healing the neediest. He is quite a Master, for he remains in perfect harmony and balance as he allows Sananda, Archangel Michael, Father and I to come through and give healing. Che works closely with the Arcturians and the Galactic Federation medical teams.

Che has been given the title "Doctor" by us because this mighty little snuggler now embodies all a true doctor is meant to be.

I have taken great care to bring you these stories today. I verify the validity of all these colossal Masters have accomplished and are still consciously attempting. Sometimes they get a little frustrated or feel limited by the programming and the evolving nature of the bodies they are in. That is when their family reminds them that they are much more than just their body or their temporary primal nature - they are mighty Masters of Love here to help Earth and all her Kingdoms Ascend.

Let these Masters be an inspiring example for all. How they are going after their programming in order to transcend is exactly how you can and must go after yours. It is the way to freedom. Love is the way.

I am your Mother.

Transcribed by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 9, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #7

The Trouble with Pleading Innocent

Today I will give you just a small taste of a subject we will be studying together in the near future. It is a key to your freedom, a mystery door that was closed eons ago. I urge you to walk with me, venture forth into unknown territory, and risk losing everything you have ever found annoying, infuriating, hurtful and irreconcilable about missed communications with others.

I am about to open a subject that has been supposedly settled ages ago, and I intend to make you question everything you thought you knew about human nature, forgiveness, and peaceful negotiations. I hope I have you interested. I will begin with a poem from Kathryn's book, Who Needs Light. It illustrates a particular personality trait that is all too familiar:


Oh my, did I spill that?
How clumsy of me.
Your new suit, your briefcase,
All sopping with tea.
I wish I were suave and
Well-ordered like you.
I just stumble along
And - oops - step on your shoe.

You're competent, worldly,
Not fearful like I am.
You're brave and secure,
You go forth like a lion,
While I'm so distracted,
My mind's left ajar...
Oh, yes, did I tell you
I totaled your car.

Oh, I'm so hopeless,
You'll hate me, you see,
I locked out the children
And misplaced the key.
But the neighbor was lovely,
The police were so gracious,
Now, where is my wallet?
I guess I've displaced it.
I'll just have to borrow
A wee bit of money.
I'm so glad I could help
When you needed me, Honey.

It is funny, except when you are brought back to incidents in your own life that left you frustrated, angry and stonewalled by a clever acting job that was intended to convince you that this person is truly helpless, mentally unhinged, and completely unaware of her/his actions and the frustration they cause others.

Here is the truth: She/he has perfected the Insanity Plea: "I didn't know what I was doing." "I didn't intend to do it." She will probably apologize, but her apologies will sound inane and shallow, and yet she is often described by those who know her as having "a big heart." They probably remind each other that in spite of her many "accidents" or "mistakes," she deserves to be forgiven and tolerated because "she means well."

Nonsense. This manipulator is clever, calculating and conniving - a Master of human vulnerability and dark programming. She blind-sides people all the time because of the program that is running in them behind the scenes - one so pervasive that it is invisible in plain sight.

There is a simple idea without which this whole program would crash and burn. It is this: the belief that people are so stupid, so out of control, so lacking in introspection or empathy for others that they really don't know what they are doing much of the time. The scaffolding that holds up this concept rests upon a second equally absurd idea - that anyone who professes innocence by reason of unconsciousness is making a noble gesture, and deserves to be forgiven, especially if they apologize. To refuse forgiveness would be uncharitable and unfair. I say, nonsense again.

Now, I challenge you to identify the Big Lies in this program and explain why they have served to destroy trust, undermine good will, and make a mockery of integrity. They reward dishonesty, disguise malevolence as kindness, and deprive the victim of any hope for real justice. Are you ready? Here they are:

Human beings are afflicted with a deep and unfathomable "unconscious" which controls their actions, against their own true feelings and beliefs. They can't help it. It is an honorable and praiseworthy effort when a person apologizes for their hurtful actions, even if they were "unconsciously" motivated.

Now I invite you to examine your own life, your "accidents" and those inflicted upon you, and prepare a small analysis or essay with brief examples, which you are invited to share with us on Kathryn's radio show tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 8 pm EDT. (http://tobtr.com/s/7685269)

Show us how this single booby-trap completely precludes Mastery, and why using it in your own defense will prevent your Ascension, drive your loved ones crazy, and create a wedge that will destroy close relationships.

Together, we will dismantle one of the most insidious programs the Anunnaki ever created and imposed upon humankind. Join us in the Temple of Light, where we will begin to untangle and de-construct this insult to the Creativity and consciousness of humankind.

I am your Mother, looking forward to our Ascension work together.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, June 9, 2015

Mother's Mini-Message #8

You're The Last To Know

Congratulations. Strike up the band. Let the balloons fly.

It's not just that the battle is over, or the war is over. The entire struggle is over.

Dear Lightbearers, you have done it! The last important step is for you to comprehend that you have done it.

What have you done? The new day has already dawned on Planet Earth. Love wins.
The light has risen. You are being restored as we speak.
The momentum has been reached and sustained.
Light floods every corner of your Earth.

It is as though a surprise party has been carefully planned. The guests have all arrived and found their hiding places. The food smells delicious. The punch bowl is full and presents are piled on the tables. Everyone knows about the celebration and is laying in wait to jump up, flip on the light switch and yell, "Surprise!"

The only one who is yet unaware that it is time for the celebration is you. But there is great news. You are standing at the door with your hand on the knob. Fling open the door! Let go of the old ways once and for all. Step into the party where we will pat you on your back, lift you on your shoulders and call your name with a great megaphone. Together we will celebrate for evermore.

Children of Earth, pods of unstoppable, undaunted Lightworkers such as yourselves work alone and in small groups, like camp fires dotting your globe.
If you could see what we see, your laughter and relief would fill the heavens.

So, your Father and I come to tell you now. We know this home stretch has left you exhausted. We see that you have clung with all your heart to your mission, and we tell you now, you have succeeded.

Stay the course but a moment longer. You have done it. We have done it. In the next breath you will begin to see the grand results of your long efforts. Hold on, Children. Shine your light, sing your heartsong. We are there. We are there.


Transcribed by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 10, 2015

Listen to the BlogTalkRadio show where Mother introduced this perspective to us. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2015/06/11/mother-talks-about-our-programming-and-how-she-will-help-us-break-free

Mother's Mini-Message #9

Where Your Foot Is, That's Your Path

Did you know that cats, whether living wild on the plains of Africa or curled up in your basket of socks at home, have individual and group assignments? Many cats have the responsibility of walking the Earth when they are frolicking outdoors to help clear and energize the ley lines that are the meridians of Earth.

Of course, as I have shown you, many cats also have personal and individualized lifetime assignments and projects and missions as well. For instance, a cat may also be entrusted with helping their human who suffers from seizures to be alerted when a seizure is coming and to remain calm and safe when it happens.

The same may be said of Lightworkers. At this important moment in Earth's exciting story, ALL are entrusted and trained to bear the Light that is to carry and emanate the Love of Father and me throughout every occurrence of their lives.

Of course, you know that Lightworkers have individual assignments, projects and missions as well. I come to you today to tell you with absolute certainty that at this current moment, you are carrying out and fulfilling your personal and collective mission, whether you are consciously aware of how it will play out or not.

Let's say you are working in a pub, serving alcohol and questionable meat products. You might feel conflicted about taking part in marketing and providing things you feel might be unhealthy. You could wonder whether you should be doing something in service to humanity instead.

Let me assure you that you are serving an important purpose when you interact with your customers in a way that lifts their spirits and makes them feel welcome. Your Light is who you are, and it has an enormous effect on those you come in contact with all day long. Do not think you are missing out if you haven't joined the Peace Corp. You are doing Light work no matter what your daily activities might be.

You are not by accident or happenstance in the job or community or family where you are now. You are the vital ingredient that is enhancing the circumstances around you to help everyone prepare for their Ascension.

Father and I tell you now, you are fulfilling your mission. Each of you is a Most Valuable Player (MVP) in life. I mean this in a very specific and personal way that applies intimately to you. The more you align your mind, heart and will with Father and me, the more elegantly you experience the fulfillment of your Life Plan. A life mission is not dependent upon a to-do list or an ideal location to perform it in. No matter what the external circumstances may be as you make your unique contribution, the truth is, you are succeeding. Remember: Where your foot is, that's your path.

We can offer you this nugget: The days of being cautious about who you talk to and what you say are over. It is time to bloom, grow, glow, shine, laugh and create sparks wherever you go. Be bold, be daring, be joyful and spread your Light with exuberance. This is your essential mission. Everyone is ripe for the good news that life is truly changing, and Love has won the day.

We love you, our beloved children. Your Mother and Father

Transcribed by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 11, 2015

Listen to the BlogTalkRadio show where Mother introduced this perspective to us. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2015/06/11/mother-talks-about-our-programming-and-how-she-will-help-us-break-free

Mother's Mini-Message #10

Evil is Pretending You Don't See Evil

Tonight we will speak briefly about a topic that has become taboo to even mention, as if the mere mention carried some mysterious and prophetic power. Father and I are here to debunk this unfounded myth. We will now name this topic, and then we will briefly speak our piece on the matter. Once it is addressed, we will be able to proceed in the coming messages at the speed of light into the next phase of your de-programming and Ascension.

The topic of tonight's abbreviated message is EVIL.

Evil is the absence of LOVE. It is the basest level of consciousness. It is the level of consciousness that is found in parasites who eat their host and then each other. It is the form of consciousness that states, "If I can't have it my way, no one can have it at all." It is a maniacal commitment to Lose-lose scenarios. It is unbridled selfishness.

Evil is simplistic, dressed up in tacky clothes to try to pull off something it can never achieve. It is all about domination, control, imitation-creation, and monotonous schemes of hoarding and war.

Evil is to plan and carry out the extreme suffering of as many as possible. Evil is not a quality that exists above the 4th dimension, because it is a highly delusional and therefore temporary experience. Evil is always fleeting, self-serving and insane.
It is an intentional assault against Father and me, and it is a purposeful onslaught against Cosmic Law. Father and I are here to say now - evil will no longer be tolerated.

We are already dealing with most of you in private, and this is our final curtain call for you to drop the fantasies and the roles of pretending you are important or in power simply because you demonstrate cruelty.

Imbedded in the programming you are each inundated with is some form of the belief that evil is power, and that it makes you powerful to feel it. This is the lowest form of experiencing emotion, and has nothing to do with the coming Golden Age and the destiny of Earth and all upon her.

E-V-I-L is an anagram for L-I-V-E. Because every one of you has a soul, you carry the living spark of your Father and me. Therefore, you always know when you are indulging in evil thoughts, emotions and deeds. You are capable of ending this charade forever, in any moment.

Many of you have literally fallen in lust with evil. When you decide to release this gluttony, for superficial and self-gratifying addictions, then you will lay them down and turn to the sunlight once again. It is this simple. It is up to you. We encourage you to end your own suffering by choosing now.

For those of you who are imagining that this does not apply to you, we will be clear. Evil is an unchecked flair of anger, evil is a nasty comment, designed to hurt or shame another, evil is a jealous plot to diminish something that belongs to another. Evil is self-indulgence, evil is blind expectations, evil is the attitude, "I didn't mean to, therefore I did nothing wrong."

Evil is pretending you don't see evil.

The next step in your Ascension may not be completed until, with maturity and care, you look honestly into the face of evil and recognize it for what it is.

Be brave, dear and cherished children. All of your efforts are seen, and matter.

We are here with you, in love.


Transcribed by Christine Burk and Kathryn E. May, June 12, 2015

Listen to the BlogTalkRadio show where Mother introduced this perspective to us. (http://tobtr.com/s/7685269)

Michael's encoded message: http://www.whoneedslight.org/cm-english/2015/5/31/you-are-cherished-beloved-safe-and-called-to-unite

deutsch: Ihr werdet geschätzt, geliebt, seid sicher und aufgerufen euch zu vereinen

DNA Upgrade from Mother and Father - Saturday, June 6, 2015 Blogtalk Radio Program: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/channelpanel/2015/06/06/your-presence-requested-invitation-by-mother-and-father-sat-2-pm-edt

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