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New Light Messages

May 30 – 31, 2010

Greetings. Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle, this gathering to hold the Light. Yes, it is as given: Our presence will become indeed greater known; the time does draw near, you see. We now have many, many with which we do share communication. Yet there are many who turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, and for this reason there has been a very slow pace of awakening to Higher Consciousness among you. The time now draws near when awakening must be forced, though we would choose otherwise. Yet far too many choose to remain closed in heart, mind, and in fist. Too few offer themselves as you do in service and in shared commitment as you gather to fulfill the vision of the Time of the Purple Sun.

As given often, now the pace [of the Great Awakener] quickens. Many innocents become drawn into the storm. Yes, as given to this one [Shamaan], it is for this reason we have often requested frequent prayers for your oceans and all waterways. For it is so: That which is the fate of your oceans is also the fate of your world. Know this: We shall stand between you and the ultimate destruction of your planet’s resources [i.e., water, soil, air, etc.]. We shall assist in every way to avoid irreparable harm. Know that though a great deal of harm has already been done, more will follow when this cleansing becomes the quickening [and the awakening comes in the ‘twinkling of an eye’]. You must continue to reach more multitudes, more. For the children of Allah and the children of Jehovah are ONE!; the children of Ra and the children of Oya [Africa] are ONE. May the Creator, The ONE, be called by any name, any name – it is ONE in the same, as it is for us. We do share the same beginning, yet we must see to it that we do not share the same end. Those among you who hold fast to the Light and hold fast to the Eye of the Storm serve far greater than your world. Your efforts reach beyond even your galaxy, you see. And for this reason your efforts are critical, and must be maintained.

Know this: As you do see, the Great Awakener quickens and does extend the reach. It was, as given: Those who have lived in comfort and considered themselves far removed from upheaval and disruption do now, and shall continue to, find themselves touched by the hand of the Great Awakener. None shall be untouched. Yet, you may choose, choose. For that same touch that does bring disruption and despair may bring healing, an opening of that which you do call HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, indeed, an activation, you see, of the Divine Heart, which is reflected in your 13 cells within brain. These 13 cells are indeed your inheritance from your beginning among the stars, and they align with the Divine Heart which emanates unconditional, nonjudgmental love. It is indeed that same love experienced by this one [Shamaan – in an encounter with members of the Star Nation], and it is that love which will turn the tide and begin the long climb out of darkness into the Light of the Spiritual Sun. You must remember this time known as the Kali Yuga is NOT FIXED! Probability may easily be transformed into possibility if all comes together in line with Higher Will.

Hope is not blind. It may indeed see clearly the challenges. Yet, through hope it is known, known we do say, that challenges may be met and transformed into opportunities in coming months. Those forces that shall ricochet around your planet may be seen and felt as extremely difficult and challenging. Know this: In one hand the Great Awakener does hold challenge, struggle, difficulty; and in the other, opportunity of opening to Higher Self and, YES, TRANSFORMATION. This transformative power may initiate the soul on its true path. Truth has always won, as you do say, yet the choice is yours. But it must be made moment by moment, day by day, for the fluctuations you face will be immense and intensely felt by all. Embrace that which comes. Willingness is your key to the time of the Purple Sun. We ask that you do remember this. For far too many it does take catastrophe to bring realization to the forefront of consciousness. Even so, often catastrophe remains focused upon damage done to human life; it has not often enough [included] the broad damage done to all life. For this reason it is still necessary for the Great Awakener to extend the reach to include greater numbers and, indeed, all strata of groups, regardless of status. So it shall be. Many shall weep. We do request that these tears be for other than self; then it might be the beginning of healing your world.

We do say again: Those who manipulate the Blue/Green Serpent, who foul the skies and waters, shall find their efforts bringing consequences far afield from those intended, wreaking greater havoc than intended within your atmosphere.

Increased intake of water is now helpful – especially those known as electrolytes. Re-aligning frequencies by touching the earth, laying spine against a tree, will also bring greater health. It is most important to frequently re-align your energy centers referred to as charkas. This may be done through that which is the Light of the Starseed, the Blue Light, you see, and that light of dawn and dusk. These things we do request your full participation and focus upon, for you are critical. For at this time there are not sufficient numbers holding forth the Light in the Eye of the Storm. You must remain as centered, cohesive, you see, within your energy fields as possible, whatever difficulty may mediate that effort. Recall that which has been given.

The coming full moon shall bring extreme fluctuations of emotional nature; mental faculties may seem topsy turvy, as you do say. Be aware that these fluctuations may pass through you and not become you. We do depart at this time. This one has been with us from the beginning, and we shall continue to be with this one, as with you, as we are with others. We request that you remember that the Light of the Holy One is always in you, with you, upon you, and around you. Go in the path of the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

The Lady of the Blue Light

Yes, now you do see why she weeps for the innocents and calls for your prayers. Your tears are a balm to those who suffer as the great cleansing goes on. Pray that those whose hearts are closed to the cries of those who suffer – whenever, wherever, and in whatever form they may be – shall be opened, and through the compassion that pours forth, the soul cleansed. And your beautiful world will be returned to harmony, balance, and beauty through love. It is done through love.

Yes, brace yourselves – there is more to come through. It need not be. Grace may intervene where hearts are not lit by the fire of compassionate love. The Hand of Grace extends to you and all who choose the Light of Love. Be strong, be loving, be the voice for the innocents – they need you. Yes, my Lady, thank you.

So many homeless. The earth is rumbling, shifting land masses. Muddy waters, flooding waters alternating with dry, dry, dry pastures. All this can be swept away [changed] if only those who gather to shout in anger in the wrong direction would awaken and turn their shouts into loving compassion [could be a reference to the Tea Party people]. All pain, suffering, would be swept away to become jubilation! War turns to peace; fallow fields become green with fresh growth; dying animals are reborn in radiant health. It’s possible if you can see it. It can be so, says the Lady of Light, the Blue Light of Grace. [Help make it so.]


Oh, life so very imbalanced, one-sided. What, by chance does he have to do to get you to dance? Always work and such serious faces – yes, he knows there’s work to be done, but of joy there are no traces. Where’s the laughter? Gone to the hereafter? Oh, that can’t be! He will never let you alone, because you see – dancing feet can make life sweet!. Yes, dancing feet can warm your seat and send the energy upward till it pops out the top of your head. Then that energy will spread.

Dancing feet,

Can warm your seat,

And send the energy upward till it pops out the top of your head,

And you will spread joy instead

Of such sad and serious sighs.

Just one song a day, one song a day. That’s all you have to play is one song a day, and move those feet, warm your seat and send the energy upward – right through the crown – it will turn your mood around. He must go – time to dine – have a little wine and laugh – some of the time. Roundhead stands facing you with his right toe turned inward and holding a single stalk of asparagus with both of his hands in front of him – “Please, for me? A dance or two – or three for me? Okay [laughs]. If you were sticks you’d be in a rut. Much better to have a glowing butt. One end lights the other, you see. You can find how enlightened you will be if you will just dance with me! Oh, dance with me.

You’re never too old to play, never too old to play. Your feet aren’t made of clay. Too many forgot his song! That’s what’s wrong – you’ve forgotten the most important song – what is that?


Egypt. Oh my, first the land of Emerald erupts in rumbling, quaking. The land of the Amethyst [Brazil] now follows. The arc between the two has been activated. The elders of Tibet and the elders of the Andes now participate with the Great Awakener as the mountains bring to bear a force that will indeed shift much in the Earth’s energy field. The poles slide more quickly. The crystal skull speaks. Soon all will hear its message.

[Shamaan related this vision from the past: While I was holding the crystal skull (the Mitchell Hedges skull), I was transported far out into space. I was looking down with whomever it was coming into this plane bringing the crystal skulls to the Earth. Down below I could see buildings, and the light was very different, like the early days of Earth’s beginnings. I could see the ocean. The water had a different color than it is now – very deep and bright blue/turquoise – very pristine. I was bringing the crystal skull to this place, not myself alone; I was aware of many others coming behind me. Then a sudden falling sensation overwhelmed me and I came back to ordinary consciousness. I came back with a deep assurance that the crystal skull had something significant to say, but I came back before it spoke.]

Pray that Turkey does not turn to radical Islam. Pray that Pakistan reclaims its soul. India can help by leaving its pride at home.

The Hungry Dragon [North Korea]. A fearful hungry dragon is dangerous – it fears everything.

Roundhead is sitting at the top of a very tall tree. He says, “I told you it would be a breeze, when you are among the trees. The wind can change from a tornado or a hurricane to just a breeze. He’s grinning.

I heard a sentence: Pray that the Descendent of the Pharaohs gets out of his head and into his heart so he can make another start.

Italy. The banks of Italy will be next [like Greece].

See to it that all you do strengthens the Light that is shining through.

Glacier calving – glacier, big chunk breaking off.

The Star Nation

Those who fear what we bring do not fear the loss of power – they fear the power of love. For only with love all things are possible. With power only conflict. Then each one seeks to become the stronger power, yet there is only one power, which is love. This is the essence of the teachings of the Christ, the Buddha, the Prophet, and all the masters who have walked the path of the Holy One.

[Morning of May 31, 2010]

[This is from the ‘Star Nation’.] Many do wonder why we have not come in physical form into your world. The answer is simple in the extreme: we have not been invited yet. Conditions that besiege your world require that we now exercise greater involvement in directions and choices taken. We are greatly saddened that we are not allowed to do more to relieve these conditions. We await invitation.

If we are invited before the Great Dryness that is being created begins, much, much suffering can be avoided. We do beseech you through your prayers you may help open the door to our more full participation in assisting your world to avoid unnecessary suffering. It is so.

They show me that a world-wide drought is being created by the manipulations being done to the atmosphere – having the exact opposite effect they are trying to prevent. Nuclear catastrophe will be easier to avoid, but the great dryness, once it begins, will take a terrible toll, everywhere, everywhere.

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