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Von Richard Presser

Father God Daily Message 28

Today is Saturday, May 15, 2010 and I'm here to take Father God’s message for today, and he is saying;

I wish to come forth and provide an update on the oil slick off the coast of the United States, and I wish to take this opportunity to announce that the leak has been stopped. I anticipate it has not yet reached your news sources or perhaps even the awareness of the producers, but the oil leakage has been stopped. It has been stopped by those spiritual forces that are able, in cooperation with humanity to make great changes upon your planet.

And as most of you listening to this message will know, a conference call was held http://www.the2012countdown.com/Gulf_oil_slick_call.php which involved Gaia and Jeshua coming forth and working with a group of people who came forth to assist with this; and so we had this corporation. The spiritual forces cannot act without permission and without the support of elements of humanity and so what we had was that perfect combination - spiritual forces seeking to make change and willing to make change and a group of humanity willing to come forth to bring their intention together to seek change. And that change has now come forth. The oil leak has been stopped and we are working on cleaning up the slick. You may have noticed from satellite photographs that the slick has been you could say corralled. It has been kept offshore. It has been constrained in a way which is limiting the damage. As it is light crude, much of its content will simply evaporate with time and this is happening quite quickly. There are other processes that we have put in place which will also assist with its rapid removal.

And so when that conference call was held, it was said that this leak had been allowed, because humanity needed to have a wake-up call. And now I say to you that wake-up call has been heard. But in addition, what was not said at the time was that this was also allowed to enable a spiritual message, you could say to be delivered to humanity, so that humanity could understand their power and the power that they could bring forth if they cooperate with those forces of spirit which are available to them. And so it is the evidence that’s coming forth now which is perhaps the most powerful, because the result is in place. The leak has been stopped and the damage is being minimised.

People will be amazed how little damage is caused by this slick and that is because the efforts have been put in place in the ways that humanity can do to limit this and to ensure that it is corrected as easily and with the least disruption as possible; and this is what you are witnessing now. So it has been both a message to humanity about not allowing this kind of drilling to continue, a message about the need for alternative energy sources to be allowed to come forth because they have existed for a long time. They have been stopped by, as I have previously said and others have said, by what is termed “Big Oil” and other similar interests. But they exist and they can come forth.

And the second message is to understand the power of who and what you are, because that is the message in what is unfolding in this moment - the stopping of this leak and the rapid cleaning up of this spill in a manner which is minimising the damage to that very sensitive ecological environment in Louisiana and all of the animals and sea life and so on which could potentially have been devastated by this slick.

And so this is my message to you today; a message of great hope, a message opportunity, a message of great power, a reminder to you of who and what you are. And so it is.

To listen to this message, click on this link Message 28

Father God Daily Message 30

Today is Tuesday 25 May 2010 and I'm here to take Father God's message for today, and he is saying;

I wish to come forth and discuss how it was that the message I put forth about the oil leak being resolved proved to be inaccurate. I recognise the importance that this message has held; importance because it spoke of something tangible in your dimension in terms of change, of positive change yet that change did not come forth in the timeframe that was discussed. And many have speculated what the reason for this was. Many have speculated that Richard was not actually bringing forth messages from the one he thought he was bringing messages forth from and I assure you that is not the case. Others have speculated that there were distortions; there was interference in the message that Richard brought forth, that even though it was ostensibly coming from me, it was distorted and it is certainly a very powerful tactic that those of the dark have used with many who bring forth messages from those of the light. This did not occur either. I can assure you that, because of the nature, you could say of the link that Richard has to me or I to him, that this type of interference is not possible and I will not go into detail as to why this is so but I just mention it for your understanding. And so this leaves us with Richard taking a message from me which proved to be inaccurate; and I have been as disappointed about this as many of you have and both Richard and Carolyn have been quite upset by this experience, because of the standards that they set for themselves in the work that they do. So I felt it only appropriate that it be me that came forth to explain how this has happened.

Firstly, it's important for you to understand that there are differences in dimensions, that events unfold on many levels you could say, concurrently in many dimensions. There are expressions of the same event in many dimensions you could say, at the same time, and as you realise I'm not actually in your physical dimension. However, the dimension that I can see is quite close to your physical dimension and it is normally the case that when I see something unfold in the closest dimension that I am able to see, that it comes forth in the physical; and so I spoke with great certainty you could say, when I gave that message to Richard. And yet it proved to be a long way from what has actually happened.

So it is important to understand what has happened here from many perspectives. So let me explain. As you are aware, there are those beings that have sought to control reality, you could say of that level of consciousness upon which you live, and that is the three-dimensional existence of planet Earth, and we often refer to these beings as the beings of the dark; those beings that have chosen to live, you could say contrarily to the divine blueprint for creation. They wish to control creation. They wish to prevent Ascension on Earth. They wish to claim the planet for themselves, and I would say that their approach is so extreme that they are willing to destroy the planet rather than have it not be theirs. They are that extreme in their view and indeed many of those that walk this path upon your planet, their souls came to this planet a long time ago as a result of them having destroyed their own planet. And so you could say there is a pattern of this behaviour for them, and they were allowed to come to Earth because it was believed that they would mend their ways, that the strength of peace and love amongst those that were resident on the planet was such that they could overcome these elements and that proved to be inaccurate. (See Earth History - Past Present & Future at www.the2012countdown.com/Carolyn_E-Books.php )

And so I explain this a little for you, so you understand that these beings are the reason that there has been this large gap between what I spoke of emphatically and indeed what unfolded. The beings of the dark acted to prevent the coming forth into your reality of all that I spoke about, the shutting down of that leak and the coming forth of the clean-up process. And as far as we are able to tell, the key reason that they did this was because it was a step forward for humanity to begin to understand and to reclaim their power, their ability to control their environment, you could say and this was certainly a very significant part of what Jeshua spoke about on that original call that was held to take care of this slick and the clean-up process. And even though the ongoing leak and damage has far greater consequences for the planet, the agenda of the dark is such that they were far more interested in keeping humanity shut down than protecting the planet.

As I have said before, they were more interested in having things their way or not at all than seeing the planet preserved or protected; and this agenda has driven much of what they have done upon your planet. They simply wish to take advantage of everything that is available to them for their own benefit, even if they destroy what it is they are working with, and so it was this agenda that prevented what I spoke about coming forth. And it was not just me that spoke about this. Gaia also spoke about it, not directly to you but certainly to Carolyn and Richard, confirming that these changes were coming forth and I would say that even though she is, you could say resident within the Earth, even she has a level of disconnect between the actual physical expression in your dimension and the dimensions that she can view. In a sense, she is in a very similar dimension to me, so this is how this can happen. And as I say, usually there is not a gap between the two, but because of this interference this gap existed.

And so what of the future? How is this going to change? And I say to you that if you listen to the message that Jeshua and Mother Mary have given for this May 2010 full moon, you will understand that there is a shift in energies; you could say a change in consciousness coming forth, beginning with this full moon. The return of the Christ Consciousness to the planet. And as Jeshua said in his message, this will see some limits placed upon the actions of the dark and this will become much, much more clear-cut with the energies of the June solstice. And so in this moment, I am optimistic that there is sufficient power in the energies coming forth with this full moon to see their interference brought to an end in regard to this leak and the clean-up process. And I would add that there is a small risk and I do say a small risk that we cannot resolve this until after th e June solstice; but I assure you that the energies coming forth with the June solstice will ensure that this interference will be brought to an end. And as I said, I am very confident that indeed the energies coming forth with this May full moon will be sufficient to see us be able to actually bring forth into your dimension what I spoke of in that message. And yes, as a result of the ongoing leakage you could say, the degree of damage is far greater, the consequences are far greater but I will say to you that the clean-up work that we committed to will also apply to the extended damage that has occurred.

So I bring this forth to you for your understanding and I bring it forth with some embarrassment, you could say and some disappointment that I was party to such a misunderstanding being brought forth, because I do not wish to have this happen for any of humanity. This is a special time in which you live and great changes are coming forth upon your planet. But we are not yet free and clear of all of the games that those of the dark can and will play to endeavour to stop all this unfolding. But let me assure you, it will all unfold. The energies of December 2012 will come forth and Ascension will occur at the March 2013 equinox. Make no mistake about this; and the preparation work that is necessary before that December 2012 date will occur. It will unfold, however it has taken a much greater effort to limit, indeed remove the interference of the dark in this process than any of us ever imagined; and what you are witnessing here is but an example of this ongoing interference.

And so it is.

This is Richard, and Carolyn and I feel it is appropriate to comment upon this message from Father God. He has said that he is very confident the issue will be resolved with the full moon energies and is categoric about it being resolved by the energies of the June solstice. We have worked extensively on issues relating to the activities of the dark over the last couple of years and if there is one element that stands out very clearly, it is the tendency of those of the light to underestimate the creativity, inventiveness and ability of those of the dark. Father God’s message #28 is a perfect example of this.

Those of the light come from the perspective of love, joy, peace, truth and honesty. They do not think like those of the dark. It is somewhat like a security system being designed to keep a thief out, whereas a thief is looking for a way to get in – quite a different perspective. In Carolyn’s monthly conference call with Archangel Michael this week http://www.metatronminutes.com/join_conferences.html , he commented upon how refined the human analytical skills have become, far outstripping the expectations of those of the light. It is our experience that the skills of the dark include these skills.

Looking more closely at what Father God is discussing regarding what he is able to “see”, it is relevant to consider some of Mother Mary’s words from her message for the May 2010 full moon:

We reside in a place where we can see into the cosmos. Actually, our view of the cosmos is more precise, more delineated than some of the hard particles on your planet. On your planet, we are able to see into the NOW, and what I mean by that is that subtle body that you carry, some call the etheric body. There's more spaces in between those particles and they’re not as condensed as the physical body, so we see that. We see the energy and the particles of that energy, the vibrations also surrounding mountains and flowers, animals.

Some of these denser figures we do not see precisely as you see them. Part of it is the distance and another reason is they are so dense. Details hide from our perception…

Another way to view this is that those beyond the veil are unable to see into our 3D world, the world of the Present, our linear time experience and our world of hard physical particles and gases. Indeed, if you reflect upon what psychics are able to see and how remote healing works, this is also working with the layer of NOW consciousness close to the physical 3D world. So one place the dark have interfered is with the flow of consciousness from the NOW into our 3D world.

So whilst we are not saying what Father God has said is inaccurate, we feel it prudent to raise the possibility that those of the light may have underestimated the creativity and deviousness of the dark once more. We do not doubt that the energies coming to Earth with the December 2012 solstice will achieve the intended outcomes, since this is the will of All-There-Is . Short of that, we await the evidence of demonstrable proof in this dimension, a stance we take with anything told to us by those of the light in relation to this dimension – and perhaps you can begin to understand our stance.

We also wish to comment upon the nature of this oil leak. If you consider the geology of the area www.prisonplanet.com/rumor-secretary-of-the-navy-wants-to-sink-a-battleship-on-top-of-the-oil-spill.html (disregard the battleship bit and focus on the geology) and the complexity of the situation, you may begin to realise the oil company’s attempts to block this from above are very likely to fail. It is very likely that the leak will simply find another path to the surface. It serves to illustrate how irresponsible this kind of drilling is, how unprepared that BP has been for a potential accident in these difficult conditions and how uninformed the approval process has been, ignoring the likelihood that those doing the approvals are likely to be in the pockets of the oil companies to begin with…

To listen to this message, click on this link Message 30

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