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Richard Presser

Practising Discernment

28. Sept. 2010

Many of us spend or have spent quite a bit of time reading the information that flows around the Internet about the time we live in, what’s happening in 2012, Ascension and so on.

If you have been reading this material for a while, you will have begun to see how so much of it is in conflict with other material that you read. After a time, most of us begin, on some level, to ask what is true and what is not? This situation also causes a basic conflict within us as, in some way we have been taught to believe what we read; yet this clearly is not the truth of the matter.

Unfortunately, many of those who bring forth messages from the other side of the veil (channel) are interfered with, so that their messages are either not coming from who they believe they are coming from or the messages they are bringing forth are subtly interfered with so that untruths are planted amongst what is otherwise truth.

So how do you make sense of this?

Quite a number of people send me articles or links to material and sometimes ask for my opinion. I would rather see you all develop this skill to discern truth for yourselves, to develop your own discernment as it is essential on this journey. This is a subject that Lord Metatron spent some time on back in 2008/9 and I have found what he taught us then to be invaluable. He gave us several answers to questions and articles that you can find in the newsletters at http://www.metatronminutes.com/past_newsletters.html and also some of the articles at http://www.metatronminutes.com/articles.html .

Here are some samples of his words;

Truth will manifest itself. Truth will not come close to manifestation and then turn away, come close to manifestation and turn away, come close so that it is almost within your grasp and then like a wispy cloud it is not in your grasp at all. And when you have a set of circumstances that operates in that manner you can be pretty sure that this is the dark. Taken from his article on NESARA.

In channelled messages, the vibration, and we are discussing a vibration, which contains the thoughts of the advanced master or higher being goes directly to this center. There must be a translation of this vibration into sounds and then words that makes sense or places an understanding of the message into the brain center.

Before the vibration can be translated, it must pass through a filter. This filter holds the attitudes of the person receiving the message and it must resonate with knowledge that the individual already holds in their awareness and understanding. An example of this would be if the advanced master wanted to give information about chemical formulas for instance, the one receiving would have to have a general knowledge of such a science, or it would cause confusion in the translation.

At this place of translation there is an opening. It is a space that would appear to be similar to a sparkplug. And the process does indeed appear to look like a spark. The synapses of the brain are working with this opening and therefore there appears to be a spark as the synapses work to receive, translate and then give meaning to what was received.  From his article on channelling.

Which means in a lower dimension the person’s consciousness exists longer and in a higher dimension there’s shorter space. So in that shorter space it is as if you are holding onto your consciousness for a shorter duration. And it is in between that blinking on and off – where the shorter duration is - that the dark is able to move in between that sequence. Now they can move in between the sequence at a lower rate but also the person, the individual who has experienced reality in that lower rate is more conscious, can become more conscious of a change. From his article on the dark interfering with the well intentioned.

Be wary of messages that lead you away from your own inner knowingness. Run these messages through your own antenna to see if what you read agrees with how your physical body feels when you read. Some call this discernment, but many do not understand exactly what discernment is.

In my viewpoint, discernment is an energetic connection to someone else’s thought and that thought contains the energy of the thought and in that energy there are markers that connect to your energy body. You might say you have a filter to measure the truth of the message against what your body understands to be truth.

Your body understands truth because it is connected to your soul through the emotional body which is connected to the spiritual body in the subtle bodies. When you meditate upon the message these two subtle bodies and especially the spiritual body, if the message is spiritual in nature, recognizes the signature in the message that lets you know if this is a message advancing truth, or if it is a message that holds some factors of dark energy. From Newsletter #1.

It is with a heavy heart that I send this message as it will be a clear shaking of confidence in not only channelers as such, but those who are your space brothers and sisters. There have been some energies that have been sent to you and I might add they were not always by those of the light.

You see my beloveds, there must be more discernment as there will be messages that will be taken up by many, but will not hold the truth. The reason for this is that the particles of your space time continuum are breaking up to be rearranged into a new paradigm. From Newsletter #2.

I share these snippets with you so you have some sense of the number of articles he shared with us on this subject. Discernment is a skill that we can all learn. An aspect that I would add to what Lord Metatron shares is to develop a list of things that you know to be true and then look for evidence of these in what you read. For example, that soul known as Marietta, the first soul created after the cherubim and seraphim angels and the soul that sent us Jeshua, is known as “The Radiant One” across the cosmos, as his soul gives off so much light because it contains so many particles from its Creator. So when I see this term applied to other beings in some form, I know it is not coming from an accurate source. Another is the colour of Jeshua’s eyes, which anyone who has seen them in the etheric will tell you are an unforgettable blue; so when someone says they are brown, I know this is not a source to be trusted. These might sound trivial, but I assure you they are not.

One way Carolyn has gone about this over the 20 years that she has been bringing forth messages from the other side was to look for corroborating evidence on the Internet and elsewhere and she has done this extensively for all of her eBooks and other material over many years. The other thing she has noticed is that the material she has been given over the years has built upon what has gone before. It has not contradicted it.

So I encourage you to read all of the material from Lord Metatron on discernment. Practise the skill as he teaches it and build a list of your own truths, so you can assess the truth of what comes to you. In Lord Metatron’s view, most sources are being interfered with and do not know it, so it behoves you to master this skill. And please apply it just as strongly to anything Carolyn and I put out. Become your own reference point for the truth.


Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

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