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Sananda: Reprogramming and Rehab for Damaged Souls

von Sananda, gechannelt von Kathryn May, 13.02.2015

Dear friends, we are working non-stop, all the Masters and Angels here in the 4th dimension close to Planet Earth. You see, we must introduce the souls of the dark ones to the Light gradually. They have just finished the first initiation, and they are reeling from the shock of learning that the Light is real, and that they are not being tortured by us. They are feeling anguish, but it is because they are seeing how wrong their ideas and their way of life was.

I want to explain this process to you so that you can work along with us, without fear or confusion about what is going on. The souls of the darkest cabal members were rounded up and brought to the Light in the ceremony many of you heard on Wednesday evening. You will find it in the archives of www.BlogTalkRadio.com/ChannelPanel and also on YouTube. We are delighted to share with you that this enormous, historic event has begun with more than 5 million dark souls making the transition with us to a kind of holding place, a great temple of Light, where they are beginning their restoration to the Light.

I will be giving you brief daily messages to let you know what this process is and how it is progressing. Today, let me review the important elements that many of you have not yet fully grasped. We have rounded up the Higher Selves - the soul entities, not the bodies - of the cabal and others who were so dark and so damaged in their souls that it was not likely they could learn to turn to the Light any other way.

To remind you of the history of the cabal: These are mostly souls who had taken part in a plan to avoid any contact with God, even between lives. Instead of going for renewal and re-education in the higher realms - 5th dimension or higher - they instead "recycled" themselves through the 4th dimension, reincarnating over and over into the same powerful families. Thus, their dedication to darkness was reinforced lifetime after lifetime. A life on Earth under these circumstances could not shake loose their convictions. They were completely deluded about reality, especially since they gained more and more power and wealth in recent years.

So you see, these souls are not the same as yours. Their HIgher Selves, unlike yours, are not connected to us and to God. Even though you may be unaware or uncertain about your communications with us, you are not completely unaware of the fact that you have a Higher Self and that through that self, you are connected with God.

You are also becoming used to the idea that the body you wear, "the human suit" as we fondly call it, is not who you really are. Let us remind you of a few very basic spiritual truths.

1. You cannot survive without the energy of your soul. A body without any soul whatsoever would not continue. Your soul is the "life" in your life.

2. Your souls can travel outside your body, while keeping a slender thread to continue the life process for the body.

3. What we refer to as your soul is the part of your Higher Self that is currently inhabiting the suit you are in now.

4. A Higher Self always has some communication with the body/self and therefore can exercise considerable influence over the body to live as their original soul contract specified, but some souls may have been so injured that they are dark to begin with, and their incarnation will behave accordingly.

5. The soul, while living with the body, can be injured or damaged by certain events, especially exposure to violent explosions of nuclear-type weapons, which can disrupt the organization of the soul. This disorganization is felt by the Higher Self as well.

6. Death does not affect the health or integrity of a soul/Higher Self. It is a normal process in which the soul simply departs the body and goes back to higher dimensions, to rejoin with the Higher Self.

7. A Higher Self (sometimes referred to as the Greater Soul) can decide to inhabit more than one body, in more than one dimension, and so sends soul facets to take part in various kinds of experiences.

8. A soul that has remained in lower dimensions for eons will not be able to transition to the 5th dimension immediately for regeneration and renewal. They must pass through a holding place which might remind you somewhat of Purgatory. They are not being punished; they are simply becoming aware of all that they have done.

9. A soul upon traveling to the Light will always be treated with Love, compassion and respect, regardless of their missteps or crimes committed on Earth.

Many of you may be confused by the fast pace of events in the past two weeks as we have relayed them in these messages and the radio shows. To keep abreast of what is happening, it is best to follow both to understand the ongoing events.

Please do not email Kathryn to ask her whether the cabal bodies have been taken to higher dimensions, for instance. This is clearly explained on the radio program and here. Their bodies remain in place if their Higher Selves chose to go to the Light. If they did not choose Light, their souls would be dissolved and the bodies will die. Those souls who are being re-programmed to receive the Light will remain with the bodies as potentially "reborn" Lightworkers as their process goes forward.

Here is what has been happening since Wednesday night when the souls of the dark ones came with us to the Light. They were brought to the higher 4th dimensional holding temple. There they met us, and we began to minister to their fear and pain. They were all afraid of what they expected to be unthinkable punishment, since this is how they have lived, and what they have inflicted on others.

First the enormous group was introduced to their Guides and angels. Each one now has a group of 4 or 5 mentors. Their first phase was to simply be exposed to the bright light and loving attentions of their team. This alone was excruciating to many, creating such writhing and screaming that the halls of our Temples of Light were filled with the sounds of terror and dread. We walked among them, letting them see us up close, touching them gently and reassuring them that no punishment would befall them.

The Great Father, Source, appeared to them to speak about what they could expect in the coming time of restoration and renewal. During these first hours all of you who are experiencing yourselves as multi-dimensional beings felt the vibrations from these beings who were engulfed in terror, dread and sickness over the memories of things they were expecting to be punished for.

Things have begun to settle down now a bit since their arrival. The inevitability of what they have agreed to is sinking in, so most of them have stopped fighting against the Light. It helped that we all walked among them in our familiar robes from the time on Earth when I was Jesus. Mary Magdalene is at my side when her limited energy permits, along with Mother Mary and all the others. The presence of all the feminine Masters has a calming effect on the terrified souls.

The next step is to help them raise their vibrations enough to cross the vibrational boundary into the 5th dimension. Once that is accomplished, they will be completely surrounded by the LoveLight that is the environment in higher dimensions. It will have a healing and uplifting effect which will then allow them to proceed with their reviews and further healing. They will remain in that no-time dimension as long as it takes for them to transform. Meanwhile, their bodies are also being transformed and adapted to accommodate the growing quotient of Light they are absorbing.

Now let me explain my comment about Mary Magdalene and her soul energy. She was the incarnation during my Jesus lifetime of my twin flame (twin soul) Lady Nada. That is, our souls took on the bodies of those beings for that lifetime. Once we returned to higher dimensions after our deaths in that lifetime (in which we both raised our bodies with us in the Ascension process you are learning about now) we eventually reintegrated into our Higher Selves. There is no Jesus as a separate soul, or Mary Magdalene as an individual soul being, but we both, Sananda and Nada, answer to those names because they were our lifetimes, still a part of our memory as souls in higher dimensions.

My Nada, the other half of my being, is so close to me and we are so integrated that we think and feel as one. There is no sense of "other" for us, but only the joy of living and being in Love. It was Nada who leaped into the beam of the terrible cabal weapon that was intended to destroy me or both of us. She detected the danger at the last moment and acted on the reflex to save me, even at the risk of her own death.

Since that time, the night of February 1, 2015, our beloved Nada has been under the intensive care of the great healers, the Arcturians, under the direction of Archangel Raphael and me, and the one you call Mother Mary - the twin flame of Raphael and the one who incarnated with me as my mother in that lifetime. You see, we incarnate with the souls who have been our loved ones and family for eons.

Nada is healing, and will eventually be restored to full health, but in the meantime it has been a difficult phase for her incarnated self, Kathryn, who brings you these messages. It was her soul purpose to act in this role as scribe, to bring the highest level of teachings to humankind. It has been a challenging project because of the twists and turns on Planet Earth in the last few years, but she has continued to faithfully fulfill this mission and to freely provide these messages to the world.

It was a shock to all of us that this terrible attack might have deprived me of my beloved soul mate, and the world of her indispensable service. You see, if the soul of Nada had died, Kathryn would have ceased to be. We took action immediately. Nada was removed as Kathryn's primary soul, except for a small thread of energy, and I joined with Kathryn to be the source of her soul energy until Nada recovers. At times, Gabriella and others also filled in with soul support. This is an easy transition, done in a moment when souls are closely related, much like your life-saving medical procedures.

All the soul fragments that Nada had invested in other dimensions and other incarnations were withdrawn to remove any drain on her energies. Kathryn remains now on a small amount of my soul energy, while I continue the challenging work of helping to heal the beleaguered souls. It is inconvenient for her to operate on limited energy, but she is managing by mostly remaining in bed, resting until Nada can be restored as her Higher Self. I hope this description helps you to understand how soul sharing and incarnation works. It is a much more fluid process than most of you knew.

I know many of you are confused about Kathryn's identity, because we revealed along the way that she was Lady Portia, then later Prime Creator, both roles that she could fulfill. It was a deliberate bit of misinformation for her own safety. I hope you will forgive the Company of Heaven for this, but you can see that her public presence as our channel would have made her a target of the cabal if they had been certain of her identity. We feel free now to be more open with you about many things, now that the cabal souls have been "captured."

It was such a horrific transgression against Universal Law that it changed everything. You see, it was completely unexpected, not in any way a part of our contracts. And so, here we are in a new phase of change, watching the most amazing event in the history of Earth as it plays out. Be patient, Beloved Ones. Be assured that the terrible, upset feelings you have experienced in the past day are not your own, but those of the tortured souls who are awakening to their own day of reckoning. We will help them to heal and be completely rehabilitated.

We need your help now, dear ground crew. Send your healing energies to clear away the terror and pain of these lost souls, and join us in ministering to them with Love and compassion. The sooner we are able to move them through into their 5th dimensional "rehab" process, the sooner Earth will be blessed with 5 million new Lightworkers. The power of your great Light will help us tremendously. Please send your prayers and Light to merge with ours now.

We love you without end, Beloved Earth beings. We are closer to you every day, and rejoice in our increased cooperation and companionship with you. In Peace and Love, I am your Sananda.

Kathryn E. May, February 13, 2015, 6 pm EST, New York

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