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Your human form of justice leaves little room for love

07/11/2010 by John Smallman

Full consciousness — your true state of eternal existence in the Presence of God, our loving Father — will not remain hidden from you for very much longer.  Your lengthy series of lives in the illusion have been a training-course to show you how, and to assist you to release, all the attitudes and beliefs you hold that prevent you from accepting the fullness of your Father’s Love for you.

Your human form of justice — embracing judgment, apportionment of blame, condemnation, and punishment — which appears so ethically correct and appropriate in the illusion where it seems you always have to be on guard to defend yourselves from attacks of all kinds, leaves far too little space for love.  Without personal experience of your Father’s Love for you, existence remains an unhappy and fearful state because that Love is what you long for — and it appears to be unavailable.  The reason for this is that you continuously focus your attention on how you think others see you and on how effective your mask is — the persona you present to others to hide from them your gnawing sense of inadequacy and worthlessness.

The ever-present fear that this sense causes is energetically draining as you constantly judge yourselves as unsatisfactory beings and attempt to deny it to yourselves by always looking for the inadequacies in others.  You need to understand that God created each one of you as perfect beings whom He dearly loves, and nothing can change that.  However, in the illusion, where you are experiencing human existence, you have constructed an environment without God, and therefore without Love, and the totally unsatisfactory and threatening nature of that state constantly demands your fearful attention.

Forgiveness of yourselves and others is the essential first step you must take to open your minds, and this enables you to recognize the illusion for what it is so that you can withdraw your support from it and start to move away from it.  Once you start the process of forgiving, the weight of anxiety and helplessness that you have been carrying for so long eases.  You find yourselves less driven to judge and attack those who have offended you, because their seeming attacks offend you less and you realize that, like you, they are also carrying heavy burdens of suffering and anxiety.  Then you experience compassion for them, and the intensity of your need to attack them or defend yourselves from them diminishes even further.

As the forgiveness process in which you are engaged continues, you find love seeping in to fill the spaces within you that fear and anxiety have vacated.  As a result you will find your lives flowing far more smoothly as instances of confrontation and attack in your daily living become much less frequent.  Your need to plan strategies of survival in case of sudden atttack fades away as your life experience becomes more relaxed and peaceful.

This is how it is meant to be.  You are all beloved children of God.  You are all One, with each other and with Him, and your natural state is one of mutual love and acceptance of one another, and a desire to cooperate harmoniously together.  In that state no one feels threatened, no one feels a need to defend himself, and the diversity of skills and talents that you possess makes sharing and cooperating a joy for all.  You see this very ably and beautifully demonstrated in musical events, such as performances by choirs, orchestras, and dance groups; and of course there are many other areas of life where willing acceptance of and cooperation with one another produce the most wonderful results.

So focus on forgiving and accepting yourselves and others, and enjoy the sense of peace, love, and freedom that doing so brings into your lives more and more, as you prepare to awaken into the brilliance of your Father’s loving Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.

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