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Saul & John Smallman

Your ‘normal’ reality is so far from Reality that it is beyond belief!

The time of waiting for full consciousness to envelop humanity is almost at an end. The awakening into that state – your natural state – will be blissful and exhilarating because you will find yourselves filled with boundless energy and the overwhelming relief of finally remembering who you truly are – beloved children of God.

All doubt will be removed. You will know who you are. Yes, you already know this, and have always known it deep within yourselves, but you have chosen to deny yourselves this knowledge. You have convinced yourselves that you are sinners, unworthy of God’s love. Nothing could be further from the truth than this mad thought.

When you awaken you will have no doubts, no anxieties, and no fears, because in your normal fully awakened and fully conscious state you experience your oneness with each other and with God constantly, eternally – that is Reality, Divine Reality, the only Reality.

What you are presently experiencing and have been experiencing for eons as ‘normal’ reality is so far from Reality that it is beyond belief! It is a non-existent place of strife, conflict, separation, and suffering that you have built in your collective imaginations. You have added seemingly attractive parts to relieve the drab, depressing melancholy of this unreal place, but as it all ages, collapses, and decays while you watch, your fear and anxiety about survival only intensify.

When you spend quiet time reflecting or meditating, remind yourselves that God is perfect unconditional love, and that He created you perfect because everything He creates is perfect, and the Reality in which you have your existence – God’s Reality, not yours – is also perfect.

All that He creates is eternal, without beginning or end, and in complete harmony with and delighting in Itself. He could not create in any other way, and nor would He want to. He wants only bliss and total fulfillment for His creation, and every one of you is an essential and inseparable part of that creation, the Divine Reality, All That Is.

What you are experiencing is an illusion, a nightmare with an ongoing stream of terrifying events, interrupted occasionally for short periods by moments of fleeting happiness which are reminders from deep within you that something wonderful exists – somewhere. You know there has to be something better, otherwise existence is pointless, meaningless.

These moments of ‘happiness’ are signs that you are at last stirring in your sleep. You will awaken; it is impossible for you not to, because it is your will and God’s, which will not be denied. And the exhilaration you experience upon awakening to full consciousness will be stupendous!

With so very much love, Saul.

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