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Monday, September 7, 2015 Edition #30Subscription: FREE or by Donation


by Father God, channeled by Kathryn May, 07.09.2015

Dearest Children of Earth, it is I, Father God. I am watching over your progress carefully, as we have told you many times recently. It may seem difficult for you to understand why Mother and I would be so involved and interested in the goings on your small planet, but for us it is completely absorbing. Your progress, your efforts to ascend, and your everyday actions as you go about your lives are of utmost important to us. We have told you how unusual your efforts to ascend from the 3rd to the 5th dimension are - something no planet has achieved before. We have also explained to you that the reason you find yourself in this position, "behind the 8-ball" in terms of wanting to make this leap at this time to catch up with the Multiverse is a very complex and fascinating story. The history of Planet Earth involves great acts of kindness and terrible darkness as well.

We give you these messages with great care, including much but not all the information that would reveal the whole story, because it would be impossible for you to understand without more background, and more understanding of the Multiverse itself. Of course, that is impossible for you to accomplish at this moment, so we have begun by giving you parts of the story, which we hope you will absorb, digest and build upon. Compare it to learning a new language. You cannot expect to speak fluently in the first week; you must learn the basics, get the feel of the language, and understand the nuances that come from understanding the culture from which the language grew.

This is the way we think about the messages we are giving you now, through many of our scribes. We wish for you to absorb our teachings in an open-minded way, as if you are reading the articles in daily newspapers from across the globe. Each point of view might be a bit different, but the background story is being revealed in each case. We are working with our Lightworkers now to encourage them to join forces in Love and cooperation, rather than seeing themselves as separate and alone in their mission to bring different messages from "different" Masters. Of course there has never been such a thing, since we all know what everyone is saying and who they are saying it to.

You live in a world in which there are many religions, but they are all ultimately talking about Mother and me and our Company of Heaven, and trying to understand who we are and how we feel about all of you. We are encouraging you now to see beyond the discrepancies or differences and look instead for the harmonizing elements in your own life and around the globe and the Universe, for we are truly One. It has just taken a bit of work for humankind to learn to see this way.

You are recovering now, Beloved Children. Every time you walk out into the sunshine, turn yourself to the sky and call to us in gratitude and joy for the Life you were given to experience in this historic time, we are with you, and we are able to respond by sending you more of our Love and Light. This is not because you deserve it more or have earned it. No, it is much simpler than that. Gratitude and joy lift your inner vibration, within the cells of your body and brain. You are then able to absorb and use more of the high frequency waves of Love and Light we are sending you.

This brings us to the moment, today, in September of your year 2015. I am here on this special day, which is right in the middle of an especially celebratory time in the U.S. Many other countries have a similar holiday, but here in the U.S. it is especially savored as a time for everyone to lay down their work and turn to having fun with their family and friends. All across the country, people are gathering to share food cooked on a barbecue or they are bringing their "pot-luck" creations together to share the variety and celebration of a day of freedom from hard work "in the trenches" as it has been called. It is a day of sunshine, swimming, a celebration of summer, and a time to look forward to the coming fall.

I ask you now, Dear Children, all across the globe, join us in marking this gloriously beautiful time in either hemisphere, north or south, east or west, and allow us to touch your hearts with the warmth and comfort we long to offer you. We are sending you ever greater waves of healing energy and uplifting Light, and we will continue to do so from now on. Your beloved planet, like you, is growing and expanding according to her destiny. It is the destiny you all share. Every single one of you volunteered to come here at this time to be of service and to take part in the most exciting events any soul can experience.

This Ascension of Planet Earth is especially poignant because it is the glorious return to higher dimensions after a long period of darkness and suffering for her inhabitants. Terra has longed to return to the higher dimensions she knew in her youth. You know the feeling, don't you? She has waited long eons for the ones she thinks of as her children, humankind, to awaken from the dark dreams they descended into, and to elevate themselves enough to begin the climb back to the Light and Love you all remember in the back of your minds. And so, this glorious month of September shall be a time of great change for all of you.

I know that the words I am speaking may not sound like a revelation, or a brand new announcement to your ears, but I am speaking to your hearts, Dear Ones. These words are just the medium that carries the secret message of Love that I bring, like a bouquet left on your doorstep. You will discover it when you awaken, and we will laugh and celebrate together, when Mother and I will hold you in our arms and welcome you once again to the realms where Love is all that matters, and all ascend together in joy and harmony.

It is a wonderful time, Beloved Children, a time of anticipation. We too are feeling excitement and wonder. All of Creation trembles with expectation, for it is a time when all can be made new, and we stand together now on the edge of Creation, holding our breath and holding one another, knowing that something more wonderful than words can describe is now possible.

I am your Father God, and I hold you close to my heart as we breathe the Light of hope, as we look together into the great possibility that we - you and I and the Company of all the Heavens - have just now created in our hearts and minds the beginning of something so wondrous that none of us could have done it alone, and none could have created it before this moment.

I am your Father God, and I join with Mother and all the Heavenly Host to embrace and honor you in your most auspicious and providential time of all, now.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, September 6, 2015

Quote of the Day

Excerpt from Connecting with the Arcturians

Arcturian TeamLeader Juliano through David K. Miller


Building a Bridge to the Fifth Dimension

Our actual planetary mission is to assist in the stabilization of the Earth into the next level. Your mission is to fulfill your role as a star being on the planet. Some of you acknowledge that you have within you the consciousness of having previously been a star being. We are depending on you to help build the bridge to the fifth dimension.

The connection to the fifth dimension that the Earth has now is so powerful that beings who are on other planets are now attracted to the Earth. This means that other planets exist in the third dimension that are solely devoted to spiritual growth, but the souls there still need the dimensional experience on Earth to complete their tasks. Many need to provide a service through the Earth experience that will help them to generate the necessary spiritual energy for ascension. This is what each of you are trying to do now. You are seeking to raise your spiritual energy so that you can ascend into the next realm.

How are you going to build and stabilize this bridge to the fifth dimension? The first answer is that you need to build a bridge for yourself. We are offering you a personal bridge to our consciousness through our work with you and through our corridors. As you cross over this bridge, you must ask yourself: How am I going to provide a bridge for others? How am I going to provide a bridge for my daughter, my son, my husband, or my friend? They may not be open to this bridge. You must learn to provide information and ways to this bridge in a manner that they can comprehend.

We have toned down, or stepped down, our explanations to you about the Arcturian work so that you can more easily understand and accept these concepts. Now, you must step down the information to others so that they can understand it. We are not talking about going out into the streets and trying to convert people. Connecting with others in a group provides a powerful access to this bridge. Certainly you need reminders that the fifth-dimensional energy is slowly beginning to seep into your lives. It is wonderful to see this occur now. Be aware that this fifth-dimensional light is coming down to you and can be received through your crown chakra.

Discharges through the Corridors

Many of you will be contributing to the discharge of negative energy. This is very important. Because many of you are capable of activating different places, you also have the opportunity to discharge powerful energies. Understand that when you work with this energy, it is an opportunity to provide a healing for your planet. We can handle the negative forces on the Earth, and we continuously assist in the dissipating of negative energy. The more corridors we have open, the more connections we have with the Earth, and the more we can allow for discharges of negative energy. When this energy is discharged, the likelihood of catastrophic Earth changes lessens. This is what lightworkers are about, notably to provide models, but also to provide assistance in the planetary transformation. This can be seen in the work of Dr. Norma Milanovich, (author of We, the Arcturians), who has traveled to different countries all over the world to activate corridors. Once these corridors are activated, there can be continuous discharges of negative energy.

If the energies of Earth come more into balance, then the Earth can hold and absorb more energy so that violent reactions do not occur. These energy releases, however, can be established only in areas where there has been a receiving of higher energy. You must have a vortex and an activation first, and then the discharge will follow. Other energies in the Earth along the electromagnetic grid lines can also be brought to this place of discharge and released.

Remember that the Earth is receiving higher light and energy from your work. The more corridors that exist along the grid lines, the more opportunities there are for releases. To activate the planetary grid lines, so that the galactic energy can come through is very powerful and very healing for the Earth, and for you. You can do this!

Galactic and Gaia Spiritual Energy

This is Tomar. A special temple is being prepared for you on our ship. We are brining you to a temple in one of our larger, more powerful mother ships. We are all sitting together in this beautiful temple on our mother ship located in the dimensional corridor between Jupiter and the other outer planets. Look around, and see see the Earth from the perspective of Jupiter. It looks like a star - a bluish star planet. Come into our temple.

We have prepared a golden garden for you. One of our special crystals is in this garden. It is a bluish-green crystal that mimics the power and energy of Earth. It has the bluish glow of Earth. As you see the Earth from outer space, you see her blueness. This crystal is emitting the blue light from replicating the pure energy of the Earth spirit. As we are sitting in the circle, place your hands over this crystal and absorb the perfect blue light energy from this crystal. Because this is the pure light of Earth, you will be returning with this pure light within your body, and you will implant this light back into the Earth. This is what you love, and why you chose to come to the Earth. This energy is of your highest nature. We are helping to stabilize this pure light from the Earth.

Come to another part of the temple, and we will sit in a circle. There is another beautiful crystal in the center of the circle that represents the spirit of the Galaxy. This crystal has never been shown before to Earth beings like yourself. Put your hands over the crystal. This crystal can only be described as a powerful shade of white that has never been seen by humans. It is not the pure white that you are used to seeing. This is a special galactic white. This crystal represents the heart and spirit of the galaxy.

My dear Earth friends, I am very pleased that you come to connect with the spirit of the galaxy. She is our mother. Just like the Native Americans view Earth as their mother, you will learn that it is the galaxy that is the great mother of us all. Your souls were born in this galactic structure called the Milky Way. Perceiving the Milky Way as your mother enables you to connect to the light of the galactic Central Sun. You can immediately be in contact with many higher beings in this galaxy.

As you held your hands over the crystals in the temple, you were receiving the coded vibrations to take back to Earth. I ask you again - hold your hands over the crystal of the galactic spirit, and draw the energy in. I am going to switch you now to the crystal of the Earth. Take that vibration in. You have the pure energy of the Gaia spirit coming into you. You will carry this frequency back with you to Earth.

Once again, lightworkers, you are serving a powerful service, a powerful mission. The corridors are very important in all aspects, for the corridors we are working with now, the Arcturian corridors, are serving several functions. First, you can come into the corridors; you can be pure in thought, and fifth dimensional in experience. Second, we can send down special energy that will help to stabilize the third dimension.

We love your third dimension. It is a wonderful teaching facility. Please spread this message, how wonderful is the school of the third dimension. We now return to the Earth, and we remain overhead.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From the Book: Connecting with the Arcturians pp. 160-163

Channeled by David K. Miller

Light Technology Publishing

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD. Permission is given to copy and share these messages freely, provided they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel(s) and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org. Artificial voice recordings are not permitted. Translations and transcriptions must be approved case by case by the author and the scribe.

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