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Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Edition #34Subscription: FREE or by Donation

Massive Galactic Contingent Joins with Earth Lightworkers to Bring Peace on Earth

by Archangel Michael, transcribed by Kathryn May and Christine Burk, 06.10.2015

A hearty hello to all our partners on Earth. I am thrilled to bring you information and developments that affect us all. I am speaking to you on behalf of your loving and devoted Company of Heaven including our Mother and Father God.

Here in the higher realms we are spilling over with excitement. It is working! Thanks to you we come within a whisper of fulfilling our shared destiny. That destiny can only be everlasting peace on Earth, accompanied by prosperity, abundance, harmony, unity and joy.

I want to illuminate what has been happening recently. Whether alone or in groups, Lightworkers across the Earth have been pouring themselves into their personal ascension, their ascension projects and missions like never before. Many of these Lightworkers are quite aware of their role, yet some Lightworkers may be fully succeeding at their projects and assignments even without comprehending exactly what those are. Know this - if you are reading this, you are a Lightworker. We, your Ascended Family, thank you for your dedicated service.

The result of what everyone is doing is forming a massive cumulative project. That project is gaining such momentum that it is turning the tide in this moment. I will give you an example. One of the Boots on the Ground Lightworker teams is the Transmuting Team. Transmuting is a crucial aspect of the current momentum. A large team of incarnated Lightworkers who have all trained for thousands of years, are currently functioning as one transmuting network. Team members can be found in every corner of the world. Some are aware of the details while other members are simply intuitively responding to their heart call.

Let's explain what transmuting really is. Since Christine heads up this Transmutation Team on Earth, I will ask her to describe how she does it.


Thank you, dear Michael. Transmuting is something that comes naturally to me and is something I am devoted to and work at constantly. For instance, I feel severe residual pain in my kidneys from the scalar attack I survived last November. I feel heavy-hearted that I am still going through this experience. Then, instantly what kicks in for me is that I know I have a choice. It is like a flare-gun that goes off for me. I always have a choice. Uncomfortable physical or emotional experiences are the trigger for a reflex I have installed for myself. I can override all programing with "I have a choice about my response to the pain." I can go into upset, or I can use it as an opportunity. This is my baseline.

I never believe I am a slave to an experience. For example, I can choose to be calm, to breathe deeply, to intensify my Pillar of Light reaching from the core of the Earth to Mother and Father. I can call upon Ascended help. In my case, I call on Mother and Father God, Sananda, Archangel Michael, Ashtar and Serapis Bey. No matter what dimension I am operating in, I always call on Kathryn too. I always use the Violet Flame. It is a core tool and a gift from St. Germain for intensely transmuting on Earth at this time.

The next portion is where it gets exciting. I can widen my attention, feeling and noticing others on the planet who are experiencing the same thing I am - in this case, high level pain. What I see is an energetic storehouse of dense energy that cannot only be transformed, but can then be used for a greater cause. I insist, between me and myself, that I be filled with compassion, humor and love as I identify with others who have experienced what I feel. I allow myself to feel the unpleasant feeling fully, and then I bring the experience into my heart, where it is transformed by the Love and promise of our Mother and Father God.

There are an infinite number of creative ways to transmute dense energies if we are willing to face and feel the uncomfortableness and unpleasantness these trapped and stagnant energies emit. Transmutation occurs when, in spite of what you are feeling, and in the midst of what you are feeling, you choose Love. If you can do this on a personal scale, you can do it on a global scale.

Note from Kathryn:

Christine is describing her deepest abilities to transmute. I am asking her now to give us a full description of the steps she uses and the energies she sees as she works her way through the process of transmuting dense energies into Light. We will follow today's discussion with a more detailed account in a later message. For now, we will try to keep it simple. Now we return to Michael's message.


Transmutation is the alchemy of making diamonds out of coal.

Transmuters are energy cleaners. It involves cleaning the energies by literally processing them through their being, including their physical and emotional body within their Pillar of Light, always under the direction of Mother and Father. Recently, our world-wide transmuting team has been working in a coordinated effort to transmute the dense layer of human suffering and waste that still envelops Earth. This team has been working at capacity far beyond what their long and intensive training prepared them for.

Like every other Lightworker network, the Transmuter Team is connected through the heartlines that bond the team together with each other and us.

The team is exceeding all expectations and they are showing tremendous heart and stamina as they steadfastly remain at their posts. Of course, each member has a full support team in the Company of Heaven, but we in the Company of Heaven can only contribute our assistance as a direct response to what the team accomplishes. Some of what they have transmuted includes the dark and destructive energies of slavery, injustice, mental and physical torture, shame, lack, fear, illness, worry and war.

Everyone transmutes. For our own ascension, we transmute the dense energies in our being, and as we do, we literally ascend. It is actual; we literally become lighter. This new Galactic/human cooperation now makes it even more possible for everyone to contribute consciously to this elegant and exciting group project. We now have the combination of individuals, Galactic and incarnated teams working together at a new level, under increasing dispensations from Mother and Father. The more we transmute, the more dispensations from Mother and Father, and the more Galactic help is allowed. This creates a tremendous momentum - a crescendo that will quickly outpace the momentum of the dark energies still being created on Earth.

A Magnificent Breakthrough

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, we are now in that state you might think of as having "a full head of steam" and this train is bound for glory!

Just today, October 5th, there has been a magnificent breakthrough. After weeks of transmuting at a level never before accomplished, we found ourselves at the precipice of a new Co-creation. Here's how it unfolded:

With the team gathered in Unity consciousness, Christine and Kathryn were reminded of something Ashtar had recently told them: "If all the Galactic ships in your skies decloaked at once, you would see no sky." Feeling their presence, they asked me, "Michael, how many ascended souls are currently in orbit around Earth?" I told them there are billions - billions of Galactic 5th dimensional and above beings here focusing love and Light on Earth in this moment. Kathryn asked if we could do an action together all at once to focus on bringing the energies of Peace. As a result, we created an action, with Mother and Father's permission, to ask all these Galactic souls to simultaneously send a focused transmission of Peace to Earth.

The billions of Galactic friends were so filled with joy to be newly coordinating our efforts that they began to release songs and prayers of peace from their indigenous home worlds. The harmony of intergalactic peace now fills the airwaves in higher dimensions, but those of you who are willing, can tune yourselves to feel the sound of their heart music.

But this isn't even the best news. This action has been so successful that it inspired the Council to extend an invitation to every member on Earth. You and everyone incarnated being on Earth can engage this mighty Galactic focus - the combined energies of humankind and their billions of Galactic Brothers and Sisters - to help fulfill our shared goal of Ascension of humankind and the New Golden Age on Earth.

Every Lightworker is fulfilling a vital role at this time. You are doing your missions of being healers, joyholders and NESARA implementation teams. Some of you are Lighthouses (bright sources of Light in isolated communities), some of you are channels, whistleblowers, grassroots organizers, teachers, brave political activists and quiet energy scrubbers, family members and loyal friends. You may ask that this Light of Peace be focused into your area of service by channeling it through your Pillar of Light. Your wish will be instantly received and granted. You may send this energy to your network, your community, and your mission. Going forward, your efforts will be supported by everyone else on the surface who is doing the same, along with the entire Galactic community.

This is how we operate naturally in the higher dimensions. By participating, you will also be augmenting the entire project and building the Rainbow Bridge across the dimensions and changing the face of Planet Earth. This is surely what John Lennon meant when he said, "Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me."

Mother and Father have warmly approved of this uplifting project, and the Council is happy to coordinate the communications between Heaven and Earth and is excited about the measurable results we are already seeing.

We want everyone to understand the practical working relationship we have with you, and how your participation opens every door. The more you do, the more we can do; the more you ask of us, the more we can accomplish together.

You are in the driver's seat, so hit the gas! There is no reason to hold back. Together we are creating the tsunami of Love that displaces all negativity instantly.

Beloved Family, I wrap my arms around you. Every time you call my name, or talk with your Twin Flame, or allow Mother to pour her HoneyLove on you, or reach out to the Company of Heaven, or express gratitude, or invite the mighty Galactic team to focus their heavenly songs of Peace through your Ascension Pillar, you create a slip-stream of energy that carries us all forward.

Please know that it is deeply meaningful to the many Galactic Masters gathered here to become directly involved with the Earth project at this time, and it can only happen through your invitation. They are excited!

I adore you, I stand by you, I love you.

I am your brother Michael.


After we finished this message, we were contacted in our home by a Galactic family - a very tall and slender male being, a woman and two children, who communicated with us very quietly and modestly, through a pleasant energy exchange and a few hand signals. Their demeanor was stately but warm, and they greeted us initially with a kind of salute. They told us through pictures and a few words that they had come in a mothership from a far away galaxy at the edge of our Universe. They were very pleased that we had chosen to do our special action with them in the name of Peace. It was apparently something very dear to their hearts, and they showed much respect and pleasure at meeting with us. The two children were hanging back behind the mother, but smiled and laughed when I waved and peeked at them. They all bowed graciously and left with smiles all around.

....And then, we felt strange energies. The dog was barking hysterically, and the cat started yowling at the top of her voice. Christine found her in the bathroom, hiding behind the toilet, her eyes filled with terror, crying the alarm. As we comforted the animals, we demanded that whoever was lurking in our house must come forward, because we know that anyone who comes to contact us is doing so for one reason only: they want to come Home to the Light.

A sheepish young man came forward, saying, "I'm so sorry." He told us he had been on the team working underground, and he was one who had been responsible for sending the painful frequencies that were designed to torture us by causing us unremitting pain. He knew how painful it had been for Christine especially, and wanted to tell us how sorry he was.

The young man told us that he was one of the workers we talked to when we addressed them directly, told them to come to the Light and be welcomed back by Mother and Father. He said he could not believe what we were saying at first, but after weeks of listening to us talk to them and to each other with so much kindness and compassion, he decided to ask for asylum, but he wanted to take the risk of coming to thank us first and to apologize for the harm he had inflicted.

Ashtar came forward to tell us he had been aware of the interlopers but wanted us to know first-hand that our weeks of feeling the frequencies and talking to the teams that were sending them actually had an effect. He pledged to take them to a safe house where they would be protected, and they would never have to go back.

The young man said he was Gary, that he had been taken as a child and raised to do the underground work of managing the frequency attacks, and he had friends who also wanted to defect - fifteen who were with him, and more who would come if he got word to them through the network that he was safe. He was speaking to us by using the cabal-trained skill similar to bi-location, and he had been hiding in the bathroom with Pebbles until the Galactic family left.

As the group was shepherded away by Ashtar, whom they agreed was "a really cool guy," we shook our heads in gratitude, laughed with each other and said yet again, "You couldn't make this stuff up."

Further Historic Developments

...And today, October 6, we are continuing to receive messages sent in the form of songs like Michael Jackson's "The Man in the Mirror" who declares that he will "CHANGE", and the Earth Song crying out "What about sunlight, what about rain....what about us..." This has become the code to alert us that we are being contacted by someone needing safe passage to leave their lives of slavery to the cabal, to return Home to Mother and Father God. We have been presented almost hourly with pleas for amnesty and protection from hundreds, and now thousands of humans who have been enslaved in unspeakable conditions. They are often represented by a courageous spokesperson who has been telepathically-trained and therefore able to ask for our assistance. Ashtar and teams of angels guide them to Lightworkers who have formed an underground railroad to protect them. Babies, children, teenagers, women who have been sex slaves, frequency operators, and most heart-breaking, Native American elders who had been kidnapped and imprisoned in dark caves underground. The Elders were escorted to safety at last, exhibiting luminescent dignity and strength in spite of their frailty. Drums beat with the news of freedom, resonating around the world. We are overcome with the heartbreak and suffering that has been life on Earth.

Today we ask of Mother and Father and the Council of Heaven, speaking for all who have suffered gratuitous persecution, including all the Lightworkers who have been viciously tormented because of their Light and their service - we ask that all Beings, all species, Galactic, human, and all other Kingdoms, come forward to join with us in declaring true peace and justice on Earth, and that all deliberately inflicted pain, illness and suffering be ended now, in the name of Peace, Love and true Justice which is the foundation of the New Golden Age.


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