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Wednesday, January 13, 2016 Edition #46Subscription: FREE or by Donation

Andromedan Commander Mandr'l: Our Extended Mission to Earth - Part 2

by Commander Mandr'l

Kathryn: I would like to speak with you, Mandr'l, if you would like to continue our message. Your first part was very gratefully received, and many of the things you said struck a chord for people. What surprises do you have for us today? :)

We Welcome You Aboard Our Beautiful Ship

Mandr'l: Yes, we are delighted with the response to our first message. I promised to talk about what it is like on our ship. I think it will give you a good idea of who we are and what we enjoy. We know of your many visits to the Arcturian Mothership, and your close relationships with our Arcturian friends, so I will take their lead and introduce you to our ship in the way they have introduced you to their environment and their characteristic ways.

So, come with me, all, and I will give you the images and descriptions of how we live and who we are. Just relax and let the images form in your mind as I describe our beautiful ship and its inhabitants.

Our great Mothership is a conscious being, a partner, you might call her, in our adventures across space/time which brought us to your planet. Our ship is very large by your standard of what constitutes a space ship. It measures about 3,000 miles in diameter. It is therefore somewhat larger than the landmass of the United States. We would never be able to land our great ship on your planet without great disruption, of course. We have scout ships docked within the Mothership for excursions to the surface of the planet whenever the opportunity arises, and so we will be able to land among you when the conditions are right.

We are currently "parked" in your solar system, just beyond your planet Jupiter. This provides an adequate screen for the moment. We do not wish to alarm any of your astronomers by appearing in any way threatening, although it is difficult sometimes to anticipate what dramatic and frightening scenarios they might imagine if they should catch a glimpse of us. So, we are doing what you call "laying low" for the time being, except for an occasional small glimpse we might allow to a passing camera-bearing space probe.

It is unfortunate how little of the real information you are allowed, in spite of the extensive experience with space exploration and experimentation that has been performed by your secret cabal-sponsored space programs. Your world leaders have long been very familiar with our presence, and with the amusingly labeled "UFO" phenomena. All will soon be revealed, by mutual consent of the world leaders who have kept the secret only under threat of death and mayhem for their countries. All that is changing. Our scout ships will deliver many loving and knowledgable mentors to help reveal the truth of your history, your remarkable discoveries, and the story of your relentless oppression.

Now, let me give you an idea of the atmosphere aboard our Mothership. There are several levels within the great ship, as follows:

The lowest level, where the landing docks interface with and give entrance to the twelve larger levels of living, navigation, storage and other activities. There are also docking stations for our ten scout ships and storage areas for cargo. On this trip, since we knew we were coming to a 3-dimensional planet, we have brought many things from our artisans to give to Earth's people as gifts from several of our Andromedan planets to you.

The second level holds our large deck where my flight crew and I can generally be found when we are traveling throughout the cosmos. Now, we are in a holding pattern, so there is little to attend to but keeping everything shipshape and ready for when the time comes for us to uncloak and show ourselves. We will not come closer to your planet than just in front of Mars, from your scientists' point of view. We will use our scout ships to enter your atmosphere. We do not wish to frighten those who are unfamiliar with a ship our size. We will not disrupt the gravitational balance of your solar system, as an asteroid or small planet might.

Our Ship Is Alive... And We Love Her

Our ship is a living being, conscious and able to manage her energy output. There is no need for engines or fuel, or any mechanical parts as you know them, since she moves in synchrony with the intentions of her Commander and the mutual agreement of all her passengers. All must be in harmony with the mission and at peace with the group in order for the ship to continue on its travels. Otherwise, if agreement could not be reached through mediation in the Councils, we would have to turn back to leave the objectors on their home planet. Fortunately, this has been an extremely rare occurrence in the past, and unheard of in recent millennia. Our people are of one heart and one mind when it comes to our mission to Earth.

The second level also contains dining and lounge areas where the crew and their families can meet and play during their off-duty times. There are recreation areas throughout the great ship which tend to serve as something like your village square, where our inhabitants establish "neighborhood" activities with their friends and families. Our food supply is provided on demand by replicators that produce anything the diner might want. All food is perfectly nutritious for the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of the person requesting it.

We have no illness as you know it, unless we should encounter something in our travels that could be toxic to us. We do have healing chambers and a large healing arena that we can offer to others, and like the Arcturians, we enjoy offering our healing expertise if it should be needed to anyone who requests it. This is one of the major services we provide on our great ship, and we expect it will be used extensively during our visit to the surface of your planet. The largest healing arenas are grouped on the third level, with other smaller, specialized satellite "clinics" throughout the ship.

You see, the ship is not divided strictly by levels, except for the nature preserve on the fourth level where the animals and elementals gathered from many different planets have their own area. It covers a large expanse - nearly 2,000 miles across, dotted with lakes, forests, meadows and mountain ranges somewhat like your smaller mountainous formations along your Eastern coast in the United States. It provides a comfortable and unspoiled environment for our animal friends and a beautiful recreation area for our citizens. Hiking, swimming, picnicking and sight-seeing are some of our favorite activities, along with visiting the animals. Many of us have special relationships with the animal species, although we do not keep "pets" as you do.

Every Being Lives Respected and Free

There is no ownership of animals, and we would never eat our friends. They roam and fly freely across the nature area, where people are the visitors. We do not build any structures or housing there; it would be considered an unthinkable intrusion, although sometimes our young people enjoy resting there for extended periods, forming close relationships with various species. It is a truly idyllic place, comparable only to some of your most remote national parks. The remaining areas on the fourth level are dedicated to our extensive and carefully cultivated gardens, where we grow thousands of species of flowers and edible plants. You will be fascinated to see the exotic varieties we have gathered from throughout the cosmos. This level alone could occupy a student for a lifetime.

Most of our other educational or study areas are grouped around the fifth level, although some science areas like astronomy and related studies can be found on the twelfth, uppermost level, under our great astrodome. We also have large areas you might call gymnasiums, classrooms with our most advanced technologies, libraries and holo-decks where our students of all ages might experience the history and experiences of planets and stars across the Multiverse.

The study of Earth and her history has been an intensive endeavor during our stay here in your solar system. As a result, our people are far more knowledgable about the true story of your planet than you on the surface have been allowed to learn. It will be a very important part of our contribution to your awakening when millions of our citizens come to the surface as mentors to help you with your preparation for Ascension. All will need to be prepared, to be free of the programming and false teachings you have endured during thousands of years under Anunnaki control. We are also working with some of those very overlords and some of the Reptilians who were their minions, all of whom have come to the Light and are very eager to help repair the damage they created on Earth.

We have several "floors" of spacious and comfortable residences where families gather according to their custom, and meeting rooms large enough to accommodate our entire population, which numbers about 100 million beings at this time. Our technologies and our telepathic abilities allow us to communicate with all our citizens simultaneously when the occasion calls for it, and we enjoy this interaction greatly. We also use these large areas for planned events, like parties and festivals in celebration of our own histories and cultural achievements, much like you celebrate Mardi Gras, or the Fourth of July, or New Year's Eve. There are those among us who are very talented party planners, and find joy in creating festive activities for us. You see, there are never dull moments in our lives.

Although some of us can exist in higher dimensions as pure Light bodies, when we are together on the ship we tend to accommodate others by appearing in a fifth dimensional body, dressed in our flight suits, as you might call them. They are comfortable, accommodate free movement, and can be decorated with emblems or created in various color combinations for easy identification of our planetary or family origins, our interests or responsibilities, just as you devise "uniforms" to show your individual activities or group pursuits.

We Are Relaxed, Peaceful and Collaborative

We have reached a level of peace and cooperation in our society that allows us great freedom and pleasure. Crime is unknown, and there is no concept "poverty" or want, since all our great cultural and physical resources are shared equally among our citizens. Since there is no competition for any resources, there is no anxiety or stress in our lives. This does not mean we do not have feelings of drive, or what you might call ambition. We each strive for excellence in all areas of our lives, whether it be our personal relationships or our professional endeavors. We do take life seriously, you might say, but we could never be depressed or despairing, because there is so much to live for, and our lives are filled with joy.

Unlike your lives behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, we are in direct and constant contact with our Creators and with our Masters and Angels. We live across dimensions, you might say. We can move "downward" into lower dimensions if we wish to, with some preparation and effort, and we work always to reach for our highest level of dimensional experience. Like your levels of educational achievement, we are striving always for advancement to higher dimensions, as we move closer to our Creator. We honor and learn from our benevolent Masters and Teachers, and find this way of striving for ever higher levels of experience to be the most natural and fulfilling life path possible. It is what Mother and Father God call The True Way.

It would be nearly as difficult for me to paint a complete picture of our way of life on the ship as it would be for you to describe life on Planet Earth in all its variety. I hope I have given you a small glimpse into our way of life. We look forward eagerly to the time when we can meet with you, Earth Humankind, and share deeply with you, to exchange knowledge and create the close friendships with you that we imagine in our hearts.

We Love You

You see, we are in love with you, dear Humankind. We admire your great courage and determination, and we are in admiration of your legendary capacity for Love, no matter what the external conditions. We have seen your struggles, and we know of your indomitable resilience. You are great Lightbearers and brave warriors, in spite of the intense programming and blindness you have labored under. Most of you continue to return to Mother and Father's arms for soul healing and renewal, and you then plunge again into the fray, incarnating always with the intention of creating Paradise on your beautiful blue planet.

We are in awe of this heroic endeavor, and like the other millions of ships in your skies, we are here to observe and celebrate with you as you raise the vibration on your planet. You are succeeding, to our wonder and admiration, against enormous odds. Of course you have the help of greater and greater dispensations that allow Mother and Father and the rest of us to extend progressively more assistance. It is a truly thrilling enterprise, this challenge you have presented yourselves with, and we stand ready to jump in with you as soon as we are given safety clearance from Mother and Father and the Ashtar Command.

We are here at your service, and in the service of Mother and Father God and the great Company of Heaven. We are so excited we can barely contain our enthusiasm and joy at the coming adventures we look forward to as we join you on your planet to participate in the historic and monumental event to come - the Ascension of Mother Terra, the soul of your planet Gaia, and all those upon her.

As spokesperson for my great ship and all upon her, I offer my greetings and Love to all Earth's inhabitants, and especially to you, Humankind, the leaders and shepherds of your beautiful planet.

I am Mandr'l, Andromedan Commander, at your service.

Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, January 13, 2016

© Kathryn E. May, PsyD. Permission is given to copy and share these messages freely, provided they are presented in their entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel(s) and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org. Artificial voice recordings are not permitted. Translations and transcriptions must be approved case by case by the author and the scribe.

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