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Transcript: December 21, 2012 – What will happen?

Transcript of a Tolec Interview, 2012-11-11
transcribed by Gerhard Hübgen

Tolec: What will happen in our solar system to our planet during the time of planetary alignment on december 21, 2012?

Well, okay, here we go...

The supercharged electromagnetic particles that will be flowing and interchanging between the planets during the 2012 alignments, they will be highly magnified, supercharged, if you will when they reach Earth and they will penetrate across down to the core the Earth and at the actual moment of alignment they will cause the Earth to pass.

Now, please keep in mind, the current core of the Earth – at least according to the astrophysicists that I have spoken with on the Andromeda Council – they say, the current core of the Earth is actually plasma. It’s lightblue in color and it continually releases waves of energy outward to Earth’s surface. It is not red, hot, molten iron as most scientists on Earth believe, at least what they theorize.

In any case... As these supercharged electromagnetic particles reach the core of the Earth they will increase the core’s vibration and elevate to way beyond everything that has ever been before. And these particles will manifest a complete change, a complete transformation in nature of this plasma core.

At the peak of the transformation of the Earth core there will be a beautiful brillant sparkling white light explosion and a new energy source, a new energy form will be created at the Earth core. And the particles from this new energy source, they will expand from the center of the Earth through the planet and into space.

And the people watching, or visitors in space, they will be able to see this event, our planet emanating these new energy particles.

So, we now have a transformed core of the Earth. It’s no longer plasma and keep in mind, this is unique. Moreover this is an extremely rare event and has not happened this way before to a planet.

According to the Andromedan Council records this kind of event has happened to stars many times before, but never to a planet. And in Andromedan constellation language specifically the language of the Mirach star system, Andromedan Council scientists call this reborn transformed core, this new energy source from the center of the Earth, the “kott saar”*, and will no longer have waves of energy posing outward from a plasma core but rather a continuous release of these new “saar” energy particles that will emanate out into space.

Therefore, in order to bring back to center this question of time that we are discussing, given the inherent nature and relative lower vibration of the plasma core that created the condition of time on this planet, this vibration of time will begin to go away.

What Earth scientists try to do and they will try, but they won’t be able to institute a fault[?] or fake time program to keep society working and in sync. They just won’t be successful.

So, from december 21, 2012 time as we know will perpetually diminish and continue to go away throughout all of 2013 until the complete transformation of Earth into a 4D planet which will happen in january 2014.

And december 21, 2012 will actually be the beginning of the end of an opaque 3D organicer with a year long transformation period throughout all 2013 to becoming a translucent 4D spear[?] essence, higher vibrational, fine matter Earth.

What will reborn, higher vibrational 4D Earth look like in it’s future?

Well, as an eyample, if we have let’s say 3D people travelling through space in the year 2017 and they are approaching a newly reborn 4D Earth. They would see much like a crystal clear, sparkling, beautiful orb, crystal clear with a blue hue to it, a blue glow. Now, keep in mind, it will be completely translucent, completely clear, but sparkling. This is all they would see.

Now, comparatively, let’s say that we have a group of 4D people, higher dimensional 4D people travelling through space heading toward to visit our unapproached Earth, they would see a brilliantly lighted planet, sparkling, covered with a bright glowing light, and this bright glowing light would actually be sort of deep layer of bright light. They would enter in this layer of light, they would come through it and then what they would see is much more like a high definition HD, very sharp, very clear, beautiful, beautiful planet with vibrant colors and revealing oceans, landmasses, mountains, streams, hills and the bright lights of the new communities that will be established on this reborn Earth.


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