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Transkript: Ascension Training with Sananda, 1 June 2014

Sananda, gechannelt von Kathryn May, 01.06.2014
zum Teil neu transkribiert von G. Hübgen

Sananda gibt in dieser Sendung einen Überblick über Heilung und wie sie es in dieser Sendung machen und geht auch auf 2 spezielle Produkte aus dem Nahrungsergänzungssektor ein.

Kathryn May’s Call 1-June-2014 – Ascension Training with Sananda

This is the weekly call with Jesus/Sananda through Dr. Kathryn May. Anne DeHart did the usual introduction. Kathryn May’s website is www.whoneedslight.org, where you can order her book of the same name. Kathryn is in Montreal today, where she is holding a workshop.

Kathryn: We’ve had an amazing weekend. People came from all over for the workshops, and our friend Michael M did a fabulous job of organizing it, with a lovely place to stay and a fridge full of vegan food. It was so easy and comfortable, and we hit the ground running. We’ve had one session after another until half an hour ago. I’m now back at Michael’s place. Although I spent the morning with Sananda, I don’t know what the call will be about today. I’ll leave it up to him.

After the show today we will go up to the cabin on the lake; the weather is beautiful, and I am so happy and honored to do this work. There is nothing in the world that I would rather do, or any place that I would rather be.

Welcome, everybody! We are all ready to go…

Anne: People will now have an option to listen online or on the phone line. If you don’t have a computer, you can call in and listen to the call playback. Today’s reference number is 28; it goes up with each replay of the various shows that we record. The number is posted in the newsletter and under Breaking News on www.hollowearthnetwork.com. The playback number is 1-209-255-1099, access code 439724#. Then they will ask for the reference number; today’s is 28.

Kathryn: We’ll post that on Facebook and make it available to others as well. We’ll be back in New York by Wednesday or so. All the announcements will be on the Healing for Ascension Tour page; I believe we will visit Toronto soon, and I hope we’ll be coming back to Montreal.

Anne: We will not take questions after Sananda’s talk; we wish to stay in the energy space he takes us to. Are you here, Sananda.

Sananda: I am here, beloved ones. It’s a beautiful day and I am so happy to be here. Usually we have a healing call on Sundays, and lately we’ve been combining healing with ascension training. We have many new people calling in, so I’d like to give an overview of healing and how we do it here, and a view of what’s happening on the earth and your countries across the world. Then we will do some healing pulses and address some specific things today that will interest everyone. It was fun when we went to the retreat centers; we may do more of that in time. WE like to present things as they are needed.

This is an overview of how I see healing and how Kathryn and I work together, because she is in agreement, and a bit of philosophy behind what we do. It’s different from what your doctors do, because we have access to all possible techniques, and we can choose the most helpful and effective.

Let’s talk about energy first. All the universe is energy; our bodies are energy. In higher dimensions, our light bodies are energy. When we descend to lower dimensions, our bodies are more dense, but still energy. The feelings that are produced by your bodies, hearts, ideas in the mind, and responses to those ideas, all are energy. That’s a very good thing because techniques that affect the flow of energy are effective for healing. You might wonder if those that practice allopathic medicine, which is the version you are familiar with these days – how does it work at all if it doesn’t address energy? It works to some degree, with medications that work sometimes, because mediciens designed to treat a particular disease are very pointed to approach that specific problem, which we think of as a symptom. We call a disease a symptom because we approach from the perspective of the entire body. You cannot have a disease if you body is in a high energy state. In the higher dimensions, we don’t get sick because the viruses and bacteria that affect human bodies operate on low energy frequencies. So the medicines are designed to treat low frequency problems.

We see disease as a low frequency problem. That is, your frequencies have dropped and make you vulnerable to disease. Other factors like chemtrails and toxic chemicals in the skies were designed to sicken people and crops, to pollute the water and earth. Why would anyone want to do that? Someone who owns a big share of a drug company might find it useful to have lots of people sickened by something. It’s enormously profitable.

There are other ways you are beginning to understand, that in the past were considered conspiracy theories because after all the FDA allowed it, or in other countries they were allowed to slip through. One is the use of fluoride in the water; yes it does help to reduce tooth decay, but that could be helped much more by reducing the sugar in food your eat. Nevertheless, fluoride was pushed and made profitable, and fluoride is carcinogenic. Why would people want to prevent tooth decay and encourage cancer? There was a lot of reassurance, propaganda and such until people were cowed into accepting fluoride in their drinking water.

The same is true of vaccinations; they are supposed to prevent disease, but probably cause more diseases than they prevent. In many parts of the USA, children are not allowed to attend school unless they are vaccinated, despite the evidence of illness and brain damage. Things like fracking are encouraged because we supposedly need the gas for transport, although very few actually use gas to run their cars. This is all distraction, designed to prevent you from seeing the obvious. The medical establishment is really hand-in-glove with producing disease. Very few doctors signed on to create illness and death in their patients, but how many older people do you know that are taking 8-10 medications, all dangerous and without knowledge of which shouldn’t be given together. There is a great deal of advertising, and you have been encouraged to turn yourself over to doctors or else you are considered neglectful. There is great social pressure to encourage people to believe that ‘modern medicine’ is progress.

I am here to teach you a different perspective. When I come into Kathryn’s body, she sometimes sneezes; it tickles her a bit when we come through. There is something else I want to talk to you about. You have been encouraged to take the laminine and Soul supplements. We have come to understand recently that there are some things about these medications that we find are not as helpful as we thought they were. So we are withdrawing our support from these supplements. There are certain qualities in these supplements that we believe might be harmful, especially to those in vulnerable states. Some ingredients are very health-giving, but we are now understanding that there are trace elements that are similar to those in vaccinations, in very small amounts. You would have to take large amounts of these supplements to be adversely affected, but we are concerned and we would rather you be safe than be exposed to anything detrimental. So we are suggesting to Kathryn and Anne that they take down the information and cease encouraging these supplements. We believe you will all be fine, but we believe that they will not be helpful for someone seriously ill. I cannot give you scientific information about this, but we are lloolking into it. It was something we hoped would help a lot of you, because we very much encourage the kind of supplements that are made of natural compounds, to enrich the food that you eat, because the food you eat now is inferior to foods 100 years ago. Then there was not factory farming or depletion of the soil through inorganic fertilizers. Now the fruits and vegetables cannot absorb all that your bodies need; you really cannot get enough of the good elements in the food, and that is why you have such short lifetimes. Human bodies are designed to live much longer; a few live to nearly 120, and that would be more common if it were not for the toxins in the environment. You have been told your Galactic brothers and sisters have been working on these matters, and that is how we came to find out that these supplements are not what we would encourage.

Do not worry; it is not our intention to create fear. If you take care of your bodies, you will not have problems. Kathryn had quite a good effect from these supplements because she has a high vibration. So raise your vibration, live in your heart, and be at peace. These qualities will heal you, no matter what the problem. The energies are rising; you are getting tremendous help. When they see the pictures, people say Kathryn and Gabriella look so young, in their 30s and 40s. You are all changing, raising your vibrations. People say “Anne is young woman, right?” She sounds young and she works long days with the energy 40-year-olds would have trouble mustering. You see, it is working. All those you know as masters who are helping you on these programs, most are far over their 40th year, or their 60th year, and they continue with great energy and purpose. It’s becoming more possible for all of you.

I encourage you to talk a clear and definitive view: there is no need to suffer with dieases and illness. You have lived with the idea that disease is inevitable and many die young. It is not inevitable; those who raise their vibration will eliminate many ills of the past. You are not yet at the point of regrowing limbs, but so far as viral or bacterial disease, you will be able to eliminate those completely. It is a matter of determination and focus.

Let’s take the idea of someone who develops an infection from, say, a cut on the hand. The person discovers it is turning red and swelling; that is caused by bacteria in the wound. Those who have been in hospitals lately know that this is a big problem. Because they use cleansers and anti-bacterial treatments on everything, they have now produced resistant strains.

We have designed this Earth project based on the idea that if a human is presented with great opposition or resistence to their growth, the humans will actually flourish, grow, raise themselves up and will not be defeated. The bacteria feel the same way. This is what’s wrong with allopathic medicine. It is against universal law. It is a part of all consciousness and beings to want to expand and grow. If you try to stamp out that being or consciousness, it will fight back and grow. Yes, a few species were wiped out, but this is not the case with bacteria, viruses, etc., and it’s not the case with most consciousness. If you suppress it over here, it pops up over there. If you attack weeds with toxic chemicals, they will simply grow stronger. This is the problem with Roundup, which works hand-in-hand with plants that are resistant to roundup. Of course it has caused mutations and resistant weeds that are much more of a menace to crops than the original weeds. These experiments have not brought the promised success apart from growing enormous amounts of inferior foods, most processed in such a way to create illnesses. Over the last few decades, products have been created that last forever, but they are filled with sugar and toxic chemicals that will not allow molds or natural forms to grow. What do you think it does to the human body to eat these toxins? Is it any wonder your have heart disease, cancer, liver problems, diabetes? They are all the result of toxins in your air, water, earth and additives in the foods… almost inevitably if food is prepared other than in your own kitchen. As women go out to work, and we all have more to do, we have become more dependent and vulnerable on these processed foods, and we see there effects.

This is a healing show, and most of you have heard this before: it is not safe for you to eat things that come in boxes. When I walk the earth here, we add fresh vegetables and fruits. My apostles and I did not eat flesh; we preferred the taste of vegetables and fruits grown with love. We were able to grow beautiful crops. Across the globe, many cultures have been forced to lay low because corporations have taken over their land, but those cultures knew how to live with the land, eating wild things that are far more healthy than those grown on a factory farm. You are coming full circle now; after several hundred years of being led astray by ‘progress’, you can now see that you should go back to the older ways. There has been some progress: your doctors set bones beautifully and they can repair some congenital conditions, such are replacing worn-out heart valves. But many of those problems are created by your way of life.

We are looking for a state of being where you will live without stress or disease. Yes, we want to bring the healing chambers tohelp you, as quickly as possible, but many of you are taking it into your own hands until we are able to land the ships safely. You need to take it into your own hands and lean you are not victims of disease or illness. You are powerful healers, depending on how you use the energy. If you use your energy to raise your vibrations, you will not need the healing ships, although you will look forward to them as a matter of ease and pleasure. How fun to hve bodies to move easily through dimensions!

We want to come be with you, walk the earth, to touch and embrace you. It is a matter of allowing the energy to reach certain specially calibrated levels to create transition for you to move comfortably into the higher levels. Many thought ascension meant one day you would be dragged into a higher place. That’s how you look at death, for instance, or transition where you went home to your families. Before, you could not get the 5th dimension without going through death. You know now that in order to raise yourself into higher dimensions, you must be healthy, in the sense that you do not allow illness to take hold of you. You don’t harbor disease. Missing limbs cannot be replaced at your own will at this moment, but you do have the information to prevent disease from spreading and to allow yourself to live 5-D. Are you expert enough to keep your vibrations high enough so that you have not succumbed to any illness in the last year? Have you kept them so high that you are truly growing younger? Can you imagine anything more practical or fun? It is possible and it will be done.

I have worked this morning with a large group of beautiful light beings in Montreal. We gathered in a room and one by one I spoke to them. Most were in good health, although some complained of diseases. Most were doing very well, staying healthy in their lives. It has become part of spiritual growth to understand that is it is important what you eat. Taking part in this project with Sananda brings with it the understanding that you will take care of yourself, honoring your brothers and sisters of the animal kingdom, and respecting the earth. There cannot be true spiritual uplifting without respecting Mother Terra. How can you do God’s work and pretend God doesn’t care about protecting his beloved planet. How can you be a spiritual being and take part in things like drilling for oil, crop-dusting, and so on? Your human minds can dream up all sorts of things, but are they practical or kind to the earth? You have come through a dark time when anyone who objected to these practices after the Industrial Revolution were vilified for saying these things might not be a good thing, such as Rachel Carson, who objected to toxic chemicals and herself died of cancer. So many tried, and they fell on deaf ears… and many of those deaf ears went to church and preached on Sundays, and then went to lunch with their brother the crop duster, and never say “this is a bad idea”. Farmers would get together and talk about the latest poison to put on their land. Those were ‘God-fearing’ people, but anyone who thinks that poisoning Mother Earth is in any way acceptable to God or to me, Sananda, doesn’t understand God and it very wrong.

There is no place or reason for punishment in the higher dimensions. You go to the higher dimensions between lifetimes to learn, then come back behind the veil, once more subject ot propaganda and brain washing. It’s a huge challenge to stand up to the ridicule and propaganda that are designed to destroy the link between you and your heart, the connection that would make you believe that killing all the insects and weeds in your garden could possibly be a good thing. Your idea of beauty shouldn’t be inflicted upon the Earth, and if your idea of beauty is to have a lawn without a weed in it… well, that is not what Mother Earth had in mind. To have a stretch of soil with only one plant type on it is deeply unnatural. Biodiversity is integral to the survival and ability to thrive of every single creature, insect and sentient being on the planet. Every being must have variety and diversity one another. We all need plants, animals and people that complement one another. Insects have families, just like peopke, and they have variety of shpes and colors. There is no one species set over all others, despite what it says in your Bible. That was never our intention nor the understanding of those who helped create the human race. It was never the intention to own or subdue all other beings. The idea was to work with, align with, cooperate with every other species and sentient being, no matter how large or small.

In the process of evolution, growth and creation, some of your plants have given themselves to be the food source for humankind. They can regrow; that was part of the plan. So you see, it is all here for you, everything you need. Every disease the cabal has been able to invent has its cure on the planet, growing naturally. The more they try, the less successful they are, because it is natural law that one who has been pushed and prodded and made to suffer will change what they are feeling. Many who first started reading my messages thought “This cannot be Sananda because He doesn’t talk about politics; Sananda is about love.” But I AM talking about love for Mother Earth, all the other creatures, and love for yourself. When you love yourself, you will heal. When you pour love over yourself and let us joion you, you will heal from physical illness, sadness, depression, suffering – all can be healed if you will only open your hearts to let us pour over you the high-vibrational love that will flow through you and create perfect health and happiness.

You say, “I don’t know how to do that” or “I’ve tried but I can’t remember how to do that”. Of course you can remember if that is important to you. Open your heart and your crown chakra and allow that love to pour through you. Open the crown chakra on the top of your heads – it allows you to absorb light, and the light can easily be seen to shine down on the top of your head. So it’s easy to open your crown chakra to open and flow down into every cell, and from there into the earth. You are not depleted or giving of your energy; you are simply allowing the love of spirit to flow THROUGH you.

When we describe love flowing through your body, it does not damage you in any way; it cleanses, energizes and excites every cell in your body, and every cell starts to sing in a higher vibration. This is ascension. The more you do it, the more your vibration rises up. Many among you are working very hard to raise your vibration high enough to ascend. You’ve been told about the 5.6 measurement that will allow you to drift happily from one dimension into another, a higher. It is possible. There have been great preparations going on. Just as your earth is being cleansed, just as the circumstances need to be changed on the surface of the Earth, so it is in the higher fifth dimension. The difficulties put in place during the long fall and recovery of planet earth, the grid which we have told you about, the grid that supported the cabal, is now gone. Think of it. It would be as if the grid supporting all the dogs and cats suddenly disappeared. Well, I don't want to think about wipe out all the dogs and cats of the earth, but for a moment - they'll forgive us - if we use them as an example, if you were to turn off the grid, say, for all the dogs, you would see them begin to fade. They would not all simply evaporate – poof! They would not all keel over and cease to exist; they would begin to weaken. They do have life force, they have souls within them, but they would not be able to continue. Slowly they would weaken and die.

Well, when the energy grid that supported the cabal was removed this past week, what was removed was complex. You have heard some of the leaders were removed from the planet and replaced with clones; those clones were running on the energy grid, and they will fade even faster than the regular beings supported by it. It will not any longer support the thoughtforms that were propagandate to and which had been given light by the fact so many believed, the principles that were taught: 'love is weakness or love will make you weak; light is not important; the earth is a dead bowl beneath your feet, there for us to take advantage for our own devices and our own profits; hard work is an honorable and good thing, the more you do of it, the better you are, the better person you are.' That has created slavery across the planet. And those who are committed to slavery by their own volition or by having entrapped into these circumstances, if they have bought the propaganda, they will feel proud. They maybe becoming ill, they miss their families, they may be given their lives to a corporation, a nameless, heartless entity that controls them. It’s down right creepy, isn't it! That is what has been promoted and that is what has been kept going by those dark thought forms.

Now, I'm trying to give you a picture, it will help you to understand. A thought form is not an entity, and it is certainly not a thing to be afraid of. Fear itself is a thought form. Remember, when Churchill said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” It is true. Thought forms have no power; the only time they can cause destruction is if a human or an animal or some other creature adopts the thinking that is in the thought form, that will guide them to do destructive, poisonous things. A thought form has no life of its own, yet they linger like a shadow cast by a cloud. It’s a shadow only, but one who believes in shadows and lives to talk about and think about and admire shadows will keep the idea alive that humans are victims of the shadows around them. Why else would children learn to be afraid of the dark? Because their parents are afraid of the dark, because it is under the cover of darkness that so many evil things have been done. And that connection has helped to keep alive the idea that thought forms have real influence in power… they do not! Only if you instill them with meaning in power, only then will they have any influence to cause destruction, and so you, beloved ones, must inhabit these thoughtforms in order for them to continue.

Look to what you say and look to what you think. If you find yourself saying “I am so stressed out”, you are generating and imbuing a thought form with power. There is no such thing as stress, there is only the agreement that you will pretend that you are controlled by something outside yourself. That is a thoughtform. Now why am I talking about this? You see the connection?

Disease is also a thought form. The idea that you can be defeated, killed by a disease is a thought form. There is no inherent truth in it. There is no inherent reason, why someone who has a cancer cell in their body, should die. It is only a thought form. And when you put your foot down and decide that you no longer can be controlled by the idea that a thoughtform can control you, you will have no more illness, you will have no more slavery. You will have no more darkness.

Now, what I just described to you, is like a house with mirrors, isn’t it? It’s an idea that an idea can have power. And so on: there are infinite permutations and humans are infinitely creator. There are thousand ways you can think of how to scare yourself into believing that a thought form is real. No amount of repeating can make it true. A thought form is nothing more than a shadow of a belief from those who came before you. You must outgrow them, dear ones, you must, if you are going to ascend. You must leave them behind, along with the toyboxes full of plastic toys. Those are not real toys, they are just plastic, worthless and meaningless objects. They are thought forms given shape and form, but still, just a thought form.

This is a truck, made of plastic, it has no energy and it doesn’t really look like a truck. This is a tought form. A thought with no substance is a lie. A thought with no foundation in the true nature of reality is just a lie. You are discovering this type of lie all around you, and you will find many more in the next few weeks. Do not indulge in revenge; that itself is a tought form. The idea that hurting another person will help someone hwo had been hurt earlier is nothing short of ridiculous. Creating havoc and pain doesn’t make anything better; it is an abomination, but still just a thought form.

Prepare yourselves with love. LOVE is the salve, the treatment, the expression that brings health, joy and happiness. Wihtout those things in your life, you cannot ascend! Fill your hearts with the joy that I send to you today, as we did this morning in this healing session. Each must allow that love. If you don’t open your crown chakras and hearts to accept this flood of love, you will feel nothing and you will insist that there is no one here helping you.

Now if the timei for us to all come together. You will be getting more information, some details and more encouragement, but for now, you must understand deeply the concept, the truth: there is no information that can save you. There is no knowledge that can change your world. There are tools that we can offer you. There are technologies we have developed, but all are based on universal law, the understanding that we cannot destroy and expect to create something out of it. We cannot destroy a sentient being and expect to create beauty out of that process. We don’t think like that and our technologies do not do that.

You must understand, and it is my responsibility to help you understand that universial law is an operation or expression of the heart. Love is the healing antidote, not medicine. Love is the guide that will never let you down. If something is done out of love, it will never destroy a being. War is not inevitable; it is a thought form based on a lie that people must murder one another in order to survive. That is nonsense. People must love one another in order to survive. I am trying to help you to wash away those thought forms. All disease must be eliminated because all dark forms must be eliminated. War is a dark thought form that keeps you in a lower place of competition and destruction. There is no place for the kind of thinking that is separated from the heart. That creates nothing but dark thought forms.

An idea that is not anchored in the truth of the heart is a dark thought form. It is very simple. Do not be caught up in thought, or in conversation, that is separate from the heart. Do not be pulled aside into a discussion that justifies any kind of destruction of any being. Do be caught up in any discussion/conversation/knowledge that leads you to feel competitive with another being, or that leads you to feel superioer or inferior; it is a dark thought form. Are you learning to make a distinction everywhere? Where there is dark, there is light, and any form of light will be an expression of love. Any form of dark now that the reptilians have been eliminated from the planet will simply be a thought form. So don’t find yourself boxing with shadows, or any activity that allows dark thought forms to be recreated or given life.

This is what we mean by clearing. We will clear away all dark thought forms by refusing to inhabit them. If you find yourself in your head, then you are in the thought forms. You are not designed to live in your head, but in your heart. It must be your heart that commands, because it is universal law that love is the key. If you want to ascend into higher dimensions, you must leave behind all dark thought forms.

I hope this lesson helps you distinguish simply and clearly those activities designed to give new life to thought forms, and those that express love. Open your hearts and minds; absorb only love. You will be completely protected and nourished, supported, and you will feel love, comfort, relief and (above all) our companionship. Beloved Ones, we ARE One, and we ARE the Light. I send you all my love; absorb and feel it now, and keep it in your heart. I am your Sananda. Namaste.

Anne: Namaste, Sananda. Are you here, Kathryn? Lots of new information here. Personally, I like to employ our usual formula: How do you feel? Do you feel uplifted and empowered? If it doesn’t make you feel good, you might need to think about it. I’m going to get grounded, talk to tree, and let my discernment sit with it. There were a lot of good words there, but it didn’t leave me with a good feeling. Sananda doesn’t usually put dark pictures in our minds.

Kathryn: I feel great! I felt Sananda feeling his way to separate things for us. I was aware of him making groupings and creating various visions of things together. Little by little, I saw him teasing out expressions of darkness and expressions of light. He would hold them up next to each other, then go on to the next comparison. He was trying to get us to feel the experience of something dark, and then to feel the experience of something light. This was designed to show you darkness, not to bring down your vibration but to show you want you have to eliminate in order to raise our vibration. I saw him working with plants and animals and people, and bacteria and humans, that life means that if you try to suppress something it will grow.

The time has come for us to understand what we are leaving behind. He wants us to see that there are things we must simply turn our backs on and turn towards the light. How will we know how to do that if we don’t know what they are? I felt him leading us around things that are dark, walking us along the path and saying “over here is something dark and familiar… and over here is what we do, and where we are going…” I don’t think that going to the light means that you ignore the darkness or pretend it isn’t there. You must be aware of it, and turn away. That is what Sananda was showing us. I saw a crop dusting airplane, then a verdant green farm; I saw animals being captured, and then animals running free. I saw people in slavery, and then people reaching for freedom. Sananda was helping us see what we need to leave behind. I think some people were inadvertently aligning with darkness because they didn’t see it. He was walking us through the years of darkness, so that we can see what we need to let go of. In this morning’s healing session, Sananda addressed how people stay sick when they identify with being sick. You cannot discuss what to turn away from if you refuse to look at the difference between light and dark. You have to know the darkness you came out of so that you don’t go back to it. It’s about more than just feeling good, it’s about knowing the difference so that we can move out of darkness. [I stopped taking notes here because Anne’s inability to grasp what Sananda said was lowering my vibrations.]

Audio: Ascension Training With Sananda, June 1, 2014

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